The Worst Has Arrived

I was genuinely surprised by the election results, because I thought that distaste for Trump was high. It was, but not in the way I expected. The man got less votes overall than McCain in 2008 and Romney in 2012; fewer people cast a vote for the Republican candidate. However, much fewer turned out for Hillary, which I guess in hindsight was obvious. Even Democrats don’t care much for Clinton. The defeat of Clinton does not bring me any joy, because this means that the stain of Trump will now take a generation to wipe clean. Trump is truly a disaster for the GOP, for they have elected an populist nationalist authoritarian. They have elected someone who has little regard for the Constitution and they celebrate it.

There is officially no room for conservatives in the GOP any longer. I say this because elevating Trump to power from 12,000 feet up looks like the best of two bad choices. However, a much closer view reveals that the RNC scumbags who have been screwing us over for years have now been rewarded, and this election cements their hold on power. The heroes of the day – Cuccinelli, Lee, Cruz, and the House Freedom Caucus are all going to be held out to dry, and Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan are going to push the same tired old big-government statist nonsense that they’ve been pushing for years.

So the GOP has control of both the executive and the legislative branch? So what. My guess as to what happens next: nothing big. Sure, there will be show votes, and there will be big speeches (paging Trey Gowdy), but government will not shrink, freedom will not be expanded, no conservatives will be elected to the Supreme Court, and conservatives will be run out of both chambers by the new crypto-fascist Trump gang.

I can say this with confidence because Ryan has sold us down the river over and over. Remember the Cromnibus bill, anyone?

I can say this with confidence because Mitch McConnell has done the same. Remember Mississippi anyone? Chris McDaniels does. Ted Cruz does.

I can say this because Reince Priebus, Hayley Barbor, Sean Spicer (“The GOP is the party of Trump now”) have been instrumental in pushing Trump on us and punishing conservative candidates whenever they had a chance.

I am a few millimeters away from leaving the GOP and joining the Constitution party.

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