Similarities in Thinking

I have been reading a bit on Holocaust denial recently at this site, and I find the thinking of the deniers to be fascinating, because it is the study of disease. An article there sums up how Holocaust deniers think – first they determine the answer, and then they arrange the evidence to fit, discarding what does not fit or playing it down. In short, they are intellectually dishonest. Their aim is to cast FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) on a historical fact, because they want to make the kind of thinking that precipitated it acceptable again. It has been a long time since mass-murder and anti-semitism have been acceptable, but the insecure and the fearful are working overtime to bring back the ovens.

What proves inescapable in this current political climate are the similarities in thinking between Trump supporters and the Holocaust deniers. Both establish the narrative first, and then ignore or downplay inconvenient facts. Both distort and lie to make their cases. Both use FUD to muddy the waters. Both intimidate others to make their cases. Both are anti-semitic. Both are intellectually dishonest.

Although I am not Jewish, I am concerned to see such similarities in thinking cropping up. I am concerned to see people pushing big lies in order to get power, and having no constancy or moral core, and no rationale but power. Sure, all those who run in a political race desire to win (at least those who are honestly trying to win), but those who will sacrifice honor, principle, and truth to get there and think like Holocaust deniers will stop at nothing to obtain power, and if they ever get it, they will have to be faced down with arms. That is what history has taught us, and I look with deep skepticism at those who blithely proclaim that nothing is wrong and that there is nothing to see here. Years of exposure to dishonest journalism has inculcated in me a distrust of such blandishments. Those who failed to understand Nazi Germany also failed to understand and even excused Lenin, Stalin, Mao, and Pol Pot.

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