The End of the Line: Farewell Marvel Movies

It took Disney many years before they were willing to release movies featuring filth (Splash, 1981). How long has it taken Marvel Studios to descend into an even worse pit? Much less time. The rate of cultural decay is increasing.

Although I have known that some Marvel movies (Civil Wars) featured using the name of God or Christ in vain, I thought that I could be careful in screening them. However, I am married to someone who is not careful about such things. In Christianity, to refuse to fund things that directly assault Christ is a rare and lonely vigil. I cannot persuade my own wife of the importance of this. Nevertheless, I will not give up; I will not give in; I will not recant.

I will never bow…

Father, carry me high
Lift me to the skies
Let me be where You are…

Tonight I saw Ant-Man and the Wasp, which featured three different utterences that directly assaulted my faith. The feeling is not unlike having your knee bent before Molech. It is forced worship. It is a horrible, wrenching feeling, and make no mistake — it is intentional.

Hollywood has always been the American Babylon, the west-coast godless spectacle that is larger than life and competes with Christianity for the attention, money, and worship of men. That is why they have their own immortal enshrinement — stars in pavement; they have gods and goddesses everyone is supposed to lust after, and they change out the pantheon every so often.

Movies, like all created art, are not done by accident. Neither are they done with
minimal effort. They must be written, directed, produced, post-produced. The writers are paid. The actors are paid. The scenes are lit, the sets are created, the scenes are shot, and re-shot until they are right. The complicity in creating a movie is five miles deep. So many people had a chance to say, “Hey, uhm, ya know we don’t really need to have the heroes talking like that, do we?” No-one spoke. No-one quit. Literally hundreds are to blame. This is why the movie industry is much like the federal government — if you pay them, then you become complicit, immobile, and bought. Your purchase steals your vote. You are made a cuckold.

The right thing to do would be to walk out of the theater and demand my money back. I did not. I stayed. I chose to not risk a fight. The dread of forced worship remains heavy upon me, and I feel the horror like those who recanted their faith before the Romans and writhed in the agony of the damned.

Ant Man and the Wasp was the first movie I’m aware of that was distributed by Disney. It fits — Marvel and Disney are both peas in the same pod. Both once stood for and once delivered something great. Both purged themselves of what made them great (in Disney’s case the animators, in Marvel’s case, writers and artists), and now they have become ghosts of what they once were. In this destroyed and ruined cultural landscape, Disney and Marvel blaspheme Christ. I walk away from the smoldering ruins.

Marvel had sold me out years ago with the increase of filth with Epic, cemented my disenchantment with purging its authors and artists, and finally, buried it in the sea with the PC nonsense of Civil Wars. What I loved will never die, but that is sealed away where no stripmining rape can take it away.

And still some make excuses. “People at work talk like that.” “It’s not the main character saying that.” “It’s only for a short time.” “It’s your stand.” None of that washes away the fact that I paid someone to blaspheme. My actions are the ones before God.

What would Luther have done?

This is the end of the line for me.

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What Reagan Would Have Done: More Trump Cult Nonsense

The idiocy of the Trumpcult never ceases to amaze me. Just when you think you have found the bottom of the alt-reich white trash nonsense, you’ve found another neanderthal who digs down a few feet more.

Today, I learned that apparently Reagan would have approved of Trump.

Let’s analyze this, shall we?

First, we don’t know 100% for sure what any person of the past would have done, because they’re not around to speak for themselves. Second, what we do know suggests that it’s unlikely that Reagan would have approved of Trump’s tactics.

Obviously, we know that Reagan had no place in the GOP for race-baiting nonsense. He kicked people off his team that tried it in SC. He spoke against it on several occasions. So his tactics differ from Trump’s from the word go.

We also know that Reagan was no friend of lying for political gain, and we also know what he thought of slandering fellows. He created the famous 11th commandment, which said to not speak ill of a fellow Republican. So again, his tactics, and those of Trump, differ significantly.

Other comparisons fall even flatter. It was a big deal in 1980, because Reagan was divorced. Trump was not only divorced once, but twice, and also bragged about cheating on his wives. Reagan was known for his compassion. Trump is not.

It should be obvious that these two people were very different men. Even their political philosophies are different. Reagan was a conservative with a few populist instincts (he did push for trade tariffs). Trump is a populist with a few conservative instincts.

Thus, it is the height of idiocy and arrogance to say “So and so would have…” and really, it is the reasoning of children, because it is unprovable and the facts in evidence make your conclusion dubious at best. This is the way that the cult thinks, though; they make brash and ridiculous statements and mistake stupefied silence for agreement.

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We All Want to Tell Our Own Stories

Of course everyone wants to tell his or her own story. However, some honesty is needed here. Am I the best actor? No. So if my story becomes a film, yeah, I’d want someone else up there instead of me. If my story becomes a TV show, yeah, I’d want someone else up there instead of me. Do I have to be physically starring in the role of every character I create for my story to be heard? Gosh no. I’d hate to have all that imposition on my time. Or maybe I could let it go if only someone who looks a lot like me is up there, someone of the very same gender and ethnicity. LOL no.

In other words, why is it ok for transsexuals to demand that only transsexuals star in roles of transsexuals, but it’s wrong for whites to demand that only whites star in roles of white people? Bigotry is bigotry, folks, and all your hurt little feelings (which are really just tears-as-blackmail) don’t matter. You don’t get to chose WHAT OTHER PEOPLE DO. I don’t get to choose if someone makes a film about say, Scottish people, and casts an Englishman in there instead. Who the freak cares? Isn’t the whole POINT of the movie, show, whatever the point it’s making? I’ve always thought so. I didn’t really care who plays whom unless the actor is someone I personally refuse to fund.

Transsexual activists are just as bigoted as all the usual cast of monsters everyone hates. By demanding that only their appointed people can do this or that, they aren’t celebrating the first amendment. Instead they’re demanding the right to do what they want with OTHER PEOPLE’s stuff. Hey transsexuals! Just make your own movie, TV show, or whatever. You want to tell your own stories? Go ahead. Nobody is stopping you. However, you’ll be fought with words, fists, and guns, once you start demanding to do things with other people’s projects. What about live and let live? What about the Golden rule? Why are you bothering other people when they haven’t bothered you? So what if what someone else does doesn’t fit your box or say what you want? I live in a world where people don’t agree with me all the time. Guess what? I don’t care. It’s their right. They’ll be held responsible in the end by someone far greater than me, so I don’t have to be the judge of their behavior. Neither are you the judge of mine. So back off and get busy making your own stuff. Leave mine alone, ok? Thanks.

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Should We Support the Enemy?

I have seen many people give up their principles in supporting a man who claimed to not want or need their support. I have seen other people lose their minds that such a man is in power (such as Max Boot).

If by principle, you choose not to board the Trump train, then why, in principle, would you vote for candidates who do as much damage or more? Principles are unchanging; only our adherence to them wavers. If I cannot support Trump for president, neither can I support someone equally as maleficent for any other position.

Being angry doesn’t suspend the law of cause and effect. These people are saying, “I don’t like what you do so I’ll vote for someone just as bad or worse — that’ll show you!” What happens? The entire situation gets worse because you voted for worse, and the person you were trying to spite doesn’t learn or doesn’t care. In short, the GOP doesn’t care if you elect Dems. They can work fine with them, as every RINO will attest. What they really hate is electing a conservative Republican or an independent who is not run by either of the two major parties.

If the problem is elected representatives doing bad things, then we don’t need to elect people who do just as bad or worse who wear a different jersey. It’s important to remember that the fundamental nature of the parties hasn’t changed. The GOP gives lip service to conservative values and then slowly corrodes them; Democrats attack conservative values from the start. The leadership of both parties actively advances an agenda that destroys America, the GOP only slower than the Democrats.

The answer is voting for individuals who champion our principles. If attacks come, if liars speak, if peer pressure creates a scene, none of it matters. My soul is something which no man owns, only God. Therefore, I am not beholden to any man, nor am I responsible for any results. I vote my conscience in the voting booth and none can gainsay.

I remain proudly Never Trump. By conscience I voted for Castle in 2016; by conscience, I left the GOP. By conscience now, I will continue to vote for the most conservative person for any elected position. It’s the principles that have always mattered and matter still.

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No, Everyone Doesn’t Need That Lens

The internet is littered with asinine articles declaring that everyone (even people who don’t use cameras, I guess) needs to use this lens or that lens. For some articles, it’s primes. Everyone must prime now. For others, it’s 50mm. Yet, what’s lost in all of these silly demands is something important: there are several different kinds of photographers, and they don’t overlap much.

Type 1: The portrait-taker [wide aperture, short range]

This type of person takes pictures of people. Weddings, street art, studio work, pics of the kids and fam — these people use fast, small lenses, and what’s more, they can do so cheaply. I think most photographers fall into this category, because the lenses are relatively easy to make and they don’t cost a lot.

Type 2: The sports/wildlife photographer [wide aperture, long range, speed]

For this type of person, low-light performance, range, and focus speed are important. As a result, they tend to favor long, low-aperture primes, because they need all the light they can get. However, zooms aren’t completely out of the picture, either, because of the nature of the subject: quickly moving.

Type 3: The landscape artist [narrow aperture, long exposure]

The landscape photographer needs lenses to perform well at high apertures, because he or she is taking pictures of stationary or slow-moving things far away. Low aperture performance? Nah. Autofocus speed? Not important. Zoom or prime? Either works fine. However, another important aspect of landscapes is the need for long exposures.

As you can see, while there is some overlap, generally there isn’t much. That’s why these demands are so silly and blind. A landscape photographer doesn’t need fast short primes. A street photographer doesn’t need a super-telephoto lens. Do you get the idea?

It is a sad thing but the information superhighway has led to moronization of the audience, because of the superabundance of brainless articles written by clickbait artists. Real information is lacking and the discernment needed to create it, is virtually unknown. In short, no, not everyone needs that lens.

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Gender Constructs

I find it wholly ironic that people who reject absolute truth are completely, unalterably sure that they were born into the wrong gender. They remain unsure about everything except the fact that they need expensive surgeries and hormones for life, and that someone else must pay for their…wait for it…moral conviction. Isn’t it funny? My right to speak freely demands nothing of anyone. No-one is even required to provide me a platform. However, the sexually confused think they have some right to compel me to pay for their sexual Frankenstein experiments. The truly mad are those who think that gender can be constructed, instead of being something of biology. Is it wise to fund madness?

Even if one was to express sympathy towards feeling out of place in your own skin, the issues beneath such feelings rest in what these people have rejected — spiritual truth — not bodily mutilation. The issues are deep and require working through, of course, but the sexually confused have no time for any of that! “Surgery now!” is their call, and the end doesn’t look so good. What was the rate of suicide among transgenders again? This is all obvious — that those who have their bodies mutilated and their hormones disrupted eventually prove unhappy and end their lives. To those who have the eyes to see, this is a very dark road engineered by the master of torture, the devil.

All suicides are tragedies, but to force me to pay for it and have it fail over and over again is a huge waste of money on a failed experiment. It is simply a waste of both life and money. If people want to do this to themselves, please, leave me out of your madness. Commit the slow death on your dime. I refuse to pay for drunkards to continue their habit, crackheads to continue their addiction, and for the sexually confused to continue their demon-driven quest for mutilation. This approach introduces a bit of a time delay into this issue which will cause some to seek other solutions other than this false one. It also says something about the requester, that they seek to have government force things upon people that no vote has approved.

When something isn’t government-imposed, then individuals have much more latitude as to whether they will perform such surgeries. The transgender lobby is therefore, in the true spirit of the phrase, anti-choice. They want doctors to have no choice but to perform such surgeries. They want the public to have no choice but to fund such surgeries. They want people to have no choice but to give them fealty. They are against the free choice of others. They want to be, in no small way, worshiped. Yes, for we would be compelled to do what they want, pay for them, and praise them. That is truly abhorrent to the mind of a free and holy people — forced worship.

What was that about no national church again? Freedom of religion means religion cannot be compelled at a national level at the least. Funny. Wasn’t there a war of independence fought over this issue? I hope we do not have to do that again.

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Harvard Hospital Portraits and What They Teach

A teaching hospital of Harvard Medical School is removing pictures of medical luminaries from its walls. Why, you might ask? Because the director thinks that non-whites feel that they aren’t being represented.

Such portraits are meant to celebrate greats in the field. They are not representative of any particular class, race, or political outlook. I can’t imagine why anyone would even imagine such a thing, unless they were hopelessly immature and spoiling for a fight. Yes, those people exist, and they will take offense at anything and everything. Their voices are the voices of the wounded, and they do not speak accurately.

Anyone who caters to the wounded by removing portraits of excellent men says one thing much more loudly than anything else — complain and the standards will be lowered for you. See these men who did amazing things which you as doctors in residence, should aspire to? Now we have removed them, so that your will not be reminded that they persevered despite difficulties far greater than yours. “It’s ok,” whispers the voice of soft bigotry. “You can’t be expected to be as great as them, and neither should you try, because you are not capable.” This sends a signal that less will be expected of doctors.

Who is impacted the most from such a decision?

The patients of such doctors.

I wouldn’t want a doctor who graduated from this school, as the question would always comes — what other corners did they cut? What else did they find too “oppressive” or not “representative”? Would I trust an oversensitive whiner with my life?

No, I would not. Nor would most people if they knew. But in the race to lower standards so that more people can be whatever they decide to be tomorrow with no effort or sacrifice, the concerns of the patients are the ones snuffed out. After all, the patients bear the results of the diversity docs, just like drivers bear the results of diversity engineering, and on and on.

The people are the ones who suffer from reducing standards. But who cares about that, right? Certainly not the diversity advocates, and certainly not the liberals who pride themselves on caring for other people. Is it possible that a lower quality of life is all part of a plan, and that plan includes government-controlled and inferior healthcare so that we can be cared for all our lives? Looking closer at this mask of concern one finds beneath it the dead-eyed gaze of those possessed by evil.

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