Defunding Hollywood

If you want to stop the march of liberalism through our political system, you must dry up its sources of funding. Labor unions, foundations, and Planned Parenthood are known slush funds for liberals, but another monstrous slush fund is rarely mentioned — Hollywood. Most people on the right do not understand the connection between Hollywood and the Democrat party, and so live life like a person with multiple personalities, each personality unaware of the others.

Here’s how the process works:

  1. Hollywood creates a movie.
  2. You rent, stream, buy tickets to, buy swag, and that money goes to compensate the movie makers.
  3. The movie makers then take their profits (very large for a successful movie) and fund the Democrat party.
  4. The Democrat party then runs liberals for office.

Hollywood is like a church, with the price of a ticket a tithe. There are many competing denominations, some not nearly as Satanic as others, but the vast majority of the money goes to support the mission of the Hollywood church, which is spiritual and political ruin. A movie is like a dream-service. The lights go down and you take in what is presented. Then you are expected to go and evangelize (tell) others with the good news (good reviews) of the message (movie).

What people fund, survives. What people fund, prospers. If you support Hollywood without discernment, then you are not only funding the Democrat party, you are warring against your own beliefs.

When will the appetite for truth outpace the appetite for godless entertainment? We all know that nothing is created with a moral perspective, and unless you are discerning, you will absorb the godless perspective of the Hollywood cult. Why do that to yourself?

People do not use discernment for many reasons — they want to believe the world has not become a sicker, darker place. They want to fantasize about something they think they want or need. They want to fit in with their godless friends. They want to demonstrate how cool they are.

All of these betray a lack of care for one’s soul and a friendship with the world. To be a friend of the world is to be an enemy of God, and to be a Christian is not for the emaciated or the weak.

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Some quick thoughts on the Florida recount for the governor, Senate, and sec of agriculture races, because I live in Florida, and I saw things up close and personal in 2000 (Bush v. Gore).

One, the Democrats are doing this now as a final insult to Rick Scott. Scott was not conservative in many areas, but he was conservative enough to annoy strongholds of Dem corruption (Broward, Tampa, Miami-Dade). At best he’ll be another Rubio, but he does owe less politically to people than Rubio does, so that makes him more of a threat to the liberal-Democrat machine.

Two, Scott cannot use his powers as governor to act in his own self-interest in his Senate race. Because Scott sabotaged his conservative support with Oberfell and Parkland, he is weak. Also, people don’t generally care much about midterm elections. These factors combine to make a situation ripe for Democrat vote fraud.

Three, time is of the essence, here, not subtlety. That’s why they are cheating even though they get caught (violating chain of custody, unattended ballot boxes, etc). Those incidents can always be buried later as long as they win.

Four, they know that the GOP generally won’t fight them. If the GOP does, then they can whine and cry about it for years, like Al Gore did. The Democrat party is also beholden to celebrity worship, and that’s why they let Al Gore do that, even though it destroyed the party for the next couple of years.

Five, they know that they can count on the media to look the other way. What truth does get out they can lie about and claim it came from biased right-wingers, or that it came from people trying to make a name for themselves. How many people still believe that the 2000 election was stolen, despite all the evidence?

All they need is to be able to manufacture enough votes or destroy votes, and they don’t care how. If they are being watched, they will call for delay. If no-one is watching or if they know they can’t get the job done in time, then they will give in.

The answer is therefore not electronic voting, as some say. The answer is sunlight. “Let us in!” conservatives chanted at the doors of the Miami-Dade counting room in 2000, demanding to see the vote counting process.

My prayer is that the people who are cheating will be exposed, shamed, and marched off to prison. “Do not have anything to do with the shameful deeds of darkness, but rather reprove them.” — Ephesians 5:11.

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The Fundamental Malaise of the Liberal

Why would you describe the call for border security or enforcing immigration law as “anti-immigrant”? It is a dishonest attack that does not engage with the stated positions and instead tries to find hidden wells of animus to explain them. This behavior substitutes calumny for civil debate, and is so common that it has become a facet of modern liberalism itself. It errs first by being dishonest about the arguments of opponents.

Without honesty, how can you have communication? As long as one side is dishonest, you have no level playing field upon which equals meet. Instead, either pride or suspicion rules the day. Worse, the dishonest declare themselves intelligent and malign all others as dumb; they refuse Heaven but forbid others from suggesting such a hope; they fixate upon temporal power at all costs. They must control the narrative to the point of de-platforming those with opposing views. The reason lurking behind all of this is simple — insecurity.

No-one who insecure has a peer or an equal, only inferiors. Thus, they cannot communicate, but demand or deceive. Their theology has no God, but rather, many gods, whom are themselves and all who think like them. Beneath this tier are useful idiots, the foolish people that they have deceived into obeying them, and beneath them are the poor, who remain poor forever so that the chosen ones have an eternal object for their showy and enslaving beneficence. Everyone else are enemies, who prove to be continually frustrating because they are neither powerless nor easily fooled. They remain perpetual pests who do not fit in any of the aformentioned castes. This further unsettles the liberal, who views the world as fixed and only change coming only through the imposition of force.

Because of this fractious belief system and continuous state of war, it is very difficult for liberals to respect anyone philosophically and spiritually different from themselves. The other must be continually kept in a subservient state and controlled. In short, because he is first insecure, the liberal is also intolerant. He busies himself with creating new rules for others to follow so that none can challenge his rickety philosophy nor deprive him of power. Power is the only security the liberal has, yet it is never completely sure; consequently, the liberal regards political power as the summum bonum, and also believes that everyone else regards political power as much as he does himself.

To survive, liberalism must remain unquestioned. It draws the insecure who believe that following the crowd will confer on them everything they want — intelligence, power, goodness, connections, popularity, and moral superiority. As long as they say the right things, like the right people, hate the right people, and perform symbolic actions of belonging, then these gifts remain theirs. This worldview is fragile and cult-like, but worse; it is the ultimate in-group, the high school clique to end all high school cliques. It is not systematic nor well-defined, and it rises and falls upon the seas of mental fashion and personality.

At its core, liberalism never was a serious enterprise, just a ticket to a land of cardboard cut-outs and plastic chess pieces. It is a crudely-lettered “Stay Out” sign hung outside a treehouse made by children without knowledge of carpentry. It is sad, hollow, and futile, and at some level, every liberal feels the emptiness of the charade, and that is why they rage.

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No Hope Allowed: The Futility of Pessimistic Conservatism

You would think that the #Walkaway and the #Blexit movements would be occasions for optimism on the right. After all, people are leaving the Democrat party, which at the very least would deprive that party of sure votes. That means fewer people voting for liberals and fewer dollars feeding that beast. That means opportunities to bring more people to our side. I think this is great news. However, I seem to be in the minority.

When faced with opportunities, a significant number of conservatives bury their heads in the sand and declare that things are worse than before. “Why, if we don’t get to have the whole cake right now, there’s no hope in having a bigger piece than we had before,” they say, essentially. I’ve never understood this pessimism, but pessimism in the face of opportunity is so self-destructive as to be a farce.

When you ask these pessimists what could be done, the list of what cannot be done is endless. Never mind that doesn’t even answer the question — they have decided to ground the plane before any flight is attempted. Tea Party? No. Third party? No. Whatever you propose, the answer is no. Where does this send these politically homeless people? Either to apathy or back to their former home, as the Left has a stranglehold on education, entertainment, and has wounded the religious institutions. The latter is the likely outcome, as they will not be persuaded to give up and sit in ashes.

I question the wisdom of the people who endlessly doomsay, yet never investigate the enormous contradiction that they pose simply by living. If you think life is hopeless, why are you still in it? Change your attitude or kill yourself; either way makes more sense than counselling misery and living on for no reason except to be more miserable still.

I am currently reading The Conservative Heart, and one thing that shines out from that book is a sense of optimism. We live in the freest country in the world, with low-cost educational opportunities all around us, in an age where we have never been healthier, when things are much less expensive than in prior ages, and to this, people counsel despair? The hope of a life lived with purpose and dignity comes through Christ; the hope of improvement, of being able to provide for their children, the glory of opportunity is something conservatism illuminates. Liberalism cannot. Libertarianism cannot. Moderatism (whatever that is today) cannot.

Reach out to the people who have left the Democrat party and bring them to our side.

I know the GOP isn’t listening and doesn’t care.

Federalist party, are you listening?

Constitution party, are you listening?

Conservatives, are you listening?

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Hail the New Supreme Court Swing Vote!

With circuses and antics galore, the Supreme Court soap opera is over; Kavanaugh is seated. There will be no asterisk after his name. He will not be a second-class justice. He will be just another judge for life on the nation’s highest court. More tellingly, the man who was the least conservative pick for the seat will go forth to do what he has done his entire judicial career — be the least conservative person for the job. All hail the new swing vote. Huzzah for Kennedy 2.0!

Now that it’s all said and done, let’s step back and analyze. People have pontificated that this has united the Republican party. Yet why would a barely-conservative judge unite the GOP? It’s the same tired old tactic — the nominee is not important, but our enemies are really bad, so let’s vote for him to spite our enemies. If you don’t vote to confirm, you’re with the Dems! This is nothing more than failed binary logic.

There’s so much evil that was allowed to happen and then was squelched at the last possible second that it makes me very suspicious. It’s almost like there was some kind of backroom deal set up, maybe even encouraged, just to “unite the Republican party”. It’s almost like the Dems were so desperate that they’d try anything, and the Republicans let them. But how much uniting was really done? I wonder.

Look at the results.

  1. The least conservative guy from Trump’s list is now on the court. Advantage: RINOs.
  2. The confirmation process pummels the nominee, which warns him to stay in line. This also warns any other faintly conservative person to steer clear, with the not subtle message that what happened to him can happen to you. Advantage: RINOs.
  3. Mitch McConnell, Grassley, Hatch, and other RINOs look like heroes, because they finally did their jobs and smacked down Dems and liberal protestors. Of course, they drew out the process and allowed the protestors into the Senate in the first place. Advantage: RINOs.
  4. Dems and protestors are exposed as vile and evil people, but are not punished. This suits the RINOs just fine, because these are the people that they dine with and enjoy drinks with after hours.Advantage: RINOs.

It has all the stench of a plot from uniparty central.

Until I see the people responsible for dragging Kavanaugh and his family through the mud put in jail, I will not believe. Until I see Diane Feinstein stripped of her Senate judiciary seat, I will not believe. Until I see Lisa “present” Murkowski stripped of her committee assignments, I will not believe. Until I see Ford sued for slander, I will not believe.

This whole thing was a farce, bathos, theater for those who wanted to believe. It was not adults deciding on the merits of a nominee. It was the politics of spectacle, much like Caligula appointing his horse to serve as a senator.

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Like A Thousand Thousand Fireflies

This has been my vision for several months now; perhaps it has been even a year.

Because few people of sterling resolve get involved in politics, the impression that politics is a dirty business has been used to explain everything and keep good people out. Instead of accepting that worldly wisdom, instead what we should do is swamp the system with candidates who cannot be bought. Specifically, we as Christians should allow the church to be a training ground in character development and then equip those people specifically for civic duty.

Yes, we will often lose. We will often be defeated and often illegally. Progress will be slow and beset with many twists and turns. However, in the end, we will win. If you look at the spread of Christianity through the Roman empire, it was through the actions of so many supernaturally-imbued individuals in a grande scheme that looked like chaos, that brought mighty Rome to its knees. Individual lives were sent into the lions’ dens, into the arenas, wherever and everywhere, again, and again, and again, and eventually the darkness could not withstand. Like a thousand thousand fireflies, the little sparks of light kept striking the monolith of darkness until it crumbled and collapsed.

That is what we do here.

I am calling for a resurgence, a dedication, an explicit action of retaking the political system. This is not to make the political system a function of the church, but rather to put people of faith into the system and root out corruption, backroom deals, and subterfuge by being incorruptible. Due to the nature of the system, it is inevitable that some will sell out, some will buckle, and some will fall. We must keep sending in more every cycle, every year, until there are so many of us that it becomes once again unthinkable to accept bribes, to play games, and to lie.

Like a thousand thousand fireflies, we go up against the modern Rome, and we do not even have to win in our own lifetimes; just knowing that the response to the call — our faithfulness to be salt and light where we are, in our land, in our state, in our county — is what makes the difference.

Let Babylon fall anew before the soldiers of Christ.

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Real Collusion: The Uniparty Vs the Tea Party

It is a known fact that the IRS, under President Obama, refused to approve the tax-exempt status (504(c)) of various conservative political organizations; what is not known as well is the effect this had and the motivations for so doing. The left are masters of vote/voter fraud, but what if there was a way to depress turnout before anyone got near a ballot box? That’s what Obama, with GOP support, pulled off.

Obama, as a progressive liberal, did not have an interest in his enemies participating in the political process. He wanted to keep the heat from himself and his party members. He knew the GOP would offer up only milquetoast challengers; he was not concerned about them. However, the GOP didn’t want the conservative challenge, either, as Tea Party candidates would put an end to their high-spending gravy-train days. The Tea Party would shame the RINOs and cause them to lose elections. It would be better to stand for nothing and lie to the voters than to stand for something and risk losing power, the GOP thought.

So what happened? The Dems and the GOP colluded to influence an election. Obama did what he did (fueled by info from McCain at the least); the GOP pretended to protest; this depressed conservative turnout and frustrated people into not participating, thus handing the presidency to Obama and lots of primaries to the establishment RINO GOP candidates. Yet, where is the concern or even the realization that Obama’s IRS and the Republican Congress did this? Where is the responsibility? Where is the understanding by anyone else? Or does it matter that internal agents colluded to turn an election instead of outside agents?

What’s worse is that the internal agents were successful, whereas there’s still no evidence that the Russians succeeded.

What’s even worse than that is that some people give both parties and the individuals responsible a pass.

This collusion happened under our noses, and nobody says anything. They turn around and run back to their abusive parties and ask, like Oliver Twist, “Please, sir, may I have another?” There is no reason to belong to the uniparty any longer.

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