The Loneliest of Lonely Places

I read a blog the other day where the poster was still under the persistent delusion that the internet is a great place to geek out about whatever interest you have. That’s only true if “geek out” means peeing bits into a digital ocean. When you get tired of the echoless chamber, maybe you will find someone who thinks directly opposite of you and get into futile flame wars, or find fragile citadels where everyone must agree or they will throw you out. Or perhaps, if you’re really fortunate, you’ll find surface agreement but no real understanding. Geek out all you want. What you won’t find is real community. That takes people in real life and it’s messy.

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Back Into the Fire

For a while now, I have avoided national politics. I’m simply bored by the constant insane cult show. I have subscribed to all the local political newsletters I can find, though, and I have recently had folks from the Federalist party of Florida reach out to me. They seem nice enough and totes professional, so here’s hoping. I told them I was interested.

I’ve had some concerns with these guys as a national party, but if they really do live out what they claim, then a lot of the issues that polarize political discussion go away as national issues, which would be a blessed relief.

Think of it — if a state wants censor boards (say for movies), it can have them. This was struck down in ’68 by the Warren court. Agree or disagree, if the people in a state want this, let them have it! What skin is it off the noses of Missourians if Montanans want state censor boards, or state churches, or whatever. Again, this brings responsibility down to a state level where it needs to be anyways.

Me, I will fight tooth and nail for where I live to promote a culture of life, for the unborn, for the elderly, for everyone. I think a state that wants to prosper should forbid violence to its defenseless as well as exploitation of the vulnerable, and should in no way fund those who profit off such vile behaviors. That means my state may look different than the state next door, and that’s fine, because my circle of responsibility is small and my influence only goes so far. I think federalism understands this and so views man in his true light. It respects him as a moral agent, and fights for his liberties in a way that libertarianism never did, because libertarianism never understood nor respected the nature of man.

My plan is also to fight, tooth and nail, to promote a culture of family. That means that the state will not honor nor promote so-called homosexual “marriage”, because it is both evil and cruel to reward people in their sexual dysfunction. For a state to exist in the future, it must have citizens, well-adjusted and moral citizens, and homosexual marriage does not produce any of these; it is physically incapable of reproducing itself. Marriage is sacred, and thus, important. The state should reward people for marrying, even producing offspring.

Now whatever policies businesses have for hiring, or insurance companies have for coverage, is up to them. If there is a market for homosexual partner benefits, then they will meet it if they want. If they don’t, then that too is their choice. Let the market decide and let the buyers and sellers assume the responsibility. If there is no compelling state interest, then laissez faire prevails.

Federalism also means that the bonds that unite us will be fewer, but stronger. America will be America again, a union of states, and not a suprastate. That means that there will be political and spiritual diversity, which is oddly enough, what some people say they want. Yet, as we all know, the very same people stomp out differences wherever they arise if they don’t like them. More freedom is always better, not worse, for everyone involved.

Anyhow, as I figure this will set off some involvement in national politics, back into the fire I go. However, this will be limited, as my focus is local and state, to help build a party based on natural rights.

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There Will Come a Day

There will come a day when all the fake things that people do to suck up to others will be shown to be worthless. Then people will be stripped bare and all of their weakness will be exposed to them; they will not be able to withstand the awful, terrible truth. They have cohabitated with lies, and they have played one faction against another, and it was all for naught. In that day, all men’s trifling vanities will be revealed as hopeless. I burn for such a day and I tremble for such a day, for I want for people to leave their lies, to divorce their demons, to abandon their schemes while there is still time for them. Yet I know what is in man and few people will leave their foolishness behind; they will cling to their teraphim until those idols superheat and fuse their melting skin to them, plunging them into the everlasting furnace. If you will not have love, if you will not accept the greatest love of all, then all that is left is judgment, an unyielding iron judgment under which no man is found guiltless. The fools who think that they will be evaluated by their own personal moral code will find themselves separated from all love for all time. The final barb? It was completely their choice to reject or accept love.

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Confirmation Bias

We all know about the idea of confirmation bias — that you find what you want to find; your preconceptions influence you to the degree that you cannot accurately determine truth. I’ve always found this idea to be a bit overblown. The reality is that when you begin a search for truth, you always go out into the world to find it as it is, and then you are left with truth, because that is what you were after in the first place. I think some types of people are more susceptible to being blinded by confirmation bias than others. However, finding out who is rarely, if ever, explored.

To whom does this often happen? My theory is that it happens to people who think emotionally. People who respond primarily with emotion to a question, a problem, or whatever kicks off the search for information, will be the ones most likely to latch on to whatever confirms their biases, because it provokes an emotional response. “Whew, glad I was right!” they think and then return to whatever emoting they were doing before.

Contrary to what many atheists think, Christianity is not an emotion-based set of responses, however, those who do not have an actual faith, but who are participating in megachurch worship, addicted to signs and wonders, and who have all the hallmarks of a superficial and unrooted faith — yes, they are thinking emotionally and fall prey to confirmation bias. Then again, so do atheists who have created a perfect little box by which they understand some infinitesimal slice of the real world, and then spend their lives trying to make the rest of life fit that narrow box.

So, who thinks emotionally? Most political participants, most activists, most Hollywood actors, and most people who have a stake in some temporal empire — politicians (not those driven by ideals), scientists, everyone driven by hate (Islamists, racists), journalists, most pundits, and so on. That is, many people who allow their emotions to rule them will find themselves thinking emotionally, and as a result, they stay right where they are, never advancing or bettering themselves.

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Dr. Neal Dunn is a Liar

I get why people are burned out on national politics. Really, I do. You tire of hearing all the great speeches, all the promises, only to discover that when you send the new guy up, nothing changes. Oh, and for the cherry on top, you get told what he’s doing is exactly what you voted for. Sorry, Dr. Dunn, but I’m not that stupid. You are a liar.

You said you were sent by the people to repeal Obamacare. Instead, you voted for it. Then, you told us that you had done what we sent you to do. Uhm, no.

I told this man that I would not be voting for him again. Instead, I would be voting for someone else next time around. I do hope that FL-2 can send someone else up in his place. I have no hope in the FL GOP, the spineless d-bags who voted to make Florida a winner-take-all state in the presidential primaries, in an attempt to shut out anyone not feted by the GOP ahead of time. The Libertarian party is relatively strong in our area, but is there any hope in that party between their abortion and drug rhetoric? I don’t see any.

It’s so sad, really. All the man had to do in order to secure his seat was to NOT go along with Ryan-led establishment suckups. He had ONE VOTE to get right. ONE. He couldn’t even do that. Instead he thinks he can pee on us, tell us it’s raining, and then trot out the rest of the usual useless show votes.

Dr. Neal Dunn is a liar.

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Girl Power Vs Hollywood

It’s sadly funny, the contradictions that people accept. For instance, girl power encourages women to take risks, to better themselves, to not allow themselves to be mistreated or abused, and I salute it. However, where are women oppressed the most (besides Islam — congrats to those paying attention)? Film. Whether it’s porn or network or cable or YouTube, the way that many projects are sold is primarily through titillation, that is, female skin.

So what is society telling its daughters? Be strong! Stick up for yourself! Don’t let men mistreat you! Oh, but it’s ok to strip before millions and show your bits to the world? What is that, then, but whoredom? Take the money and show everyone your body, or copulate on screen for pay. Hollywood wants whores.

Funny, isn’t it, that the empowerment sold to teenage girls disappears when the girls get out of high school? Then “girl power” becomes this vague and murky fog of “personal choice”. If you like to have your sex acts filmed for money, well that’s completely ok. Not like porn or Hollywood oppress people — oh no — we can’t go there. It’s like people have no idea what most set conditions are like or what women do to get a starring role or what people are willing to do for money once the bills and the addictions pile up. Is that taking advantage of the vulnerable? You bet. Is that exploitation? You bet. Is that oppression? You bet.

So where are the proponents of girl power before the towers of Bablyon, at the intersection of Hollywood and Porn? They are silent, just as they are silent before the rapist polygamist cult known as Islam.

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Why Lesbianism Has Grown Popular

Why has lesbianism grown popular? Why did it make the jump from porn to drama and superhero shows? It’s not a hard question to answer once you consider the target demographics. It’s because weak men who do not want to prove themselves want to view situations where there is no competition. They want sexual gratification with no effort involved, and so they can be the sultan of a world without men where women make it with women for their entertainment. Similarly, insecure women are attracted to male homosexual stories and pornography.

This leads to the final ironic twist — that public support of homosexuality is even lower than the activist groups presume, because the people who consume homoerotic material are actually from the opposite sex, not the same sex, and the primary reason they do so is because they are lacking confidence and role models of authentic masculinity and femininity.

Homosexuality and lesbianism have only taken a hold because a lack of strong men and women, and only keep going because they aggressively indoctrinate. To counter that, to stop the lies of “you’re not a real man” or “you’re not a real woman”, flood the cultural landscape with strong, confident, and virtuous men and women in all forms of media. This naturally establishes a ceiling for the recruitment efforts of the sexually confused. When men and women see that they don’t have to be an action superstar or a sex kitten and can still be fully male or female, this establishes a pathway to happier futures where they then become role models of both sexes.

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