Why the GOP is not a National Party

In short, because Republicans are afraid of their own principles. They claim things to get elected, and when the voters give them the world — the Senate, the House, and the Presidency, still, they can do nothing. Ben Shapiro lays it out in detail here.

This is not the behavior of a national party. It is the behavior of evil, small men who bribe, threaten, blackmail, and only God knows what else to the few men and women of conscience in the party. Their goal? To hold on to power and to enrich themselves as their country goes down in flames.

There are few people more evil in politics than Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan. Yes, Trump is a vacillating fool, but he’s new at raping the country. McConnell and Ryan have been screwing us over for years. Yes, I am aware that the majority of Democrats are deceptive and promote evil as well, but they are a known quality. I have never expected anything else but lies, child-murder, and America hating from the party of Maxine Water, Pelosi, Schumer, Biden, Kerry, and Clinton. I had expected much more from the party of Reagan and Cruz.

What is new here is that I have seen why the GOP simply does not have the stomach for the fight and furthermore, never will. This is not a temporary thing. This is the end. Some have left the party before I did; I held out hope against hope that things were not as bad as they seemed, but now I see that not only are they, but they will never get better. There’s a reason why southern primaries are open, folks. There’s a reason why McConnell got away with screwing over McDaniels in Mississippi. There’s a reason why Trump isn’t keeping his promises. There’s a reason why the GOP will never stick to their guns.

Enough with the company of cowards and knaves. I am now way more interested in building something new than complaining about the known problem. I will not fulminate like Mark Levin. It’s time to build anew. It’s way past time.

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The Invasion of the Insensitive Sandwich

Apparently, a chicken sandwich is something to be feared due to the values of the company that produces it (see here). What’s even more silly about this is that the student body wanted the restaurant there. Sound familiar? Having lost at the polls, now the activist group wants to get the student council to override the will of the people.

Next, this is a Catholic school. Oi vey. Hey Catholics, time to pull funding from universities who don’t want to act Catholic. It’s beyond weird that people go to a religious university and then complain that the university makes decisions based on that religion. If you’re homo, why are you going to a Catholic university? Weirder yet, why do Catholics let people who habitually flout their teachings into their schools?

I’m aware of the double standard. Anyone of faith apparently can’t set standards for those who use their services, but everyone else can. So of course you couldn’t screen out highly dramatic males because they bring shame to your school and make you a national laughingstock. But if someone, somewhere had the courage, think of all the trouble it would avoid! Yes, you’d have to forgo federal and state funding too, but really, shouldn’t the city of God be greater than the city of man in this regard anyways? Doesn’t the Catholic church have enough money to pull this off? And if it doesn’t, why not shut down a few tottering, doddering, institutions? No-one will miss them in the age of online education.

It’s sad that there are so many paths to victory and so many reasons to take them, but everyone is immobilized by a fear of being called names or being sued, except for the people who practice evil.

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Has Politics Become Gossip?

I’m interested in what happens around me at every level of government, but I’m really tired of the constant noise, the endless smoke, the endless discussions of no substance.

Has politics become just gossip? Worse, has it become a gossip rag for men? I know there are some women who are interested in politics, but it seems that mostly men are (just a general observation). It’s more and more feeling like statescraft has become PR stunts and rumormongering.

It makes me sick in two ways — one, that such nothingness is served up in place of real food and we’re expected to claim that it’s filling and worth our attention. Second, the fact that it is turns people off and then the government uses the lack of concern as an excuse to grab more power.

I really do wish that Trump had never been born. I wish that all the fools that put him and his endless train of scandal into office would never vote again. He’s just the figurehead, but the sorry souls who lied about him and keep lying to themselves about the man, are the real problem. As long as people choose to sell out their own principles, we all will keep getting con-men as public servants.

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How the Homosexual Agenda Advances

Whether you agree with the actions of men and women having sexual relations with their own genders, it is still interesting in understanding how public tolerance of such acts is achieved. It is no small war and not one of any short duration. We’ve come a long way from “the love that dare not speak its name” and even the ACT-UP days are a distant memory. How did we get to here?

One, those who own, produce, and create entertainment largely share a worldview. This worldview is opposed to theism in general, but sexual restraint in specific. So naturally, media is where a squeaky-clean, normal-as-picket-fences, romanticized view of homosexuality takes place. No more films like The Crying Game. We’re talking Buffy the Vampire Slayer, then Brokeback Mountain, Will and Grace, Portlandia, then the Jim Gaffigan show, nearly every show on the CW network and many of the shows/cartoons on Disney Channel’s Freeform. Here, in the scripted world of pretend, all negatives of homosexuality are wiped away. Because those who are homosexual want to convince others that they are normal, media is their perfect instrument. In this manufactured fake world, nothing can stop them from pretending there is no downside to their sexual choices. Nothing requires them to be honest.

To be fair, media as wish-fulfillment and as fantasy is something that has been pursued by straight people for many, many years. I mean this in a specifically sexual sense. Isn’t it strange how characters can sleep around and no-one ever ends up pregnant? How nobody ever gets an STD? How no-one ever regrets their one-night stands?

This follows from a compression of reality that film and TV often use. They rarely investigate the effects of actions upon character’s family relations. The main characters are treated as monads who never have extended family that cares about their life choices, because the hip main characters know it all anyhow. Any elders that do appear are bit parts. Additionally, what time does film or TV have for the thoughts and the feelings of characters except those that can be expressed outwardly? The desire of those who make media are opposed to such realism – media is fantasy, wish-fulfillment, what reality is not, a necessary lie.

Two, gay porn, but specifically lesbian porn. Nothing is faker than pornography, and nothing is faker in porn than lesbian porn. Nevertheless, weak men who get off on a world without men (even for just the length of a porn vid) very easily grant that homosexual men and homosexual women have a right to enjoy one another sexually, in the same consequence-less, emotionless, fantasy world that he does.

Three, reality TV. There are fewer larger lies in TV land than reality TV, for it does all it can to appear real, despite being edited, staged, scripted, and shot until the director gets what she or he wants. And probably the largest lift homosexuality has received in popular culture has come from these shows, where the safe-as-milk homosexual couple buys a house just like any other straight couple. They are presented as normal, even flirty with straight hosts, charming, and stable. You have to look hard to see who is the top and who is the bottom. You even have to look hard in the show to determine if the two people are in fact, a gay couple. This is done on purpose, as is every camera shot, as is every line, edited and filmed to fit into the time allowed and designed to generate the social message that the director and the channel want.

Media has been instrumental in creating the illusion of normality for homosexuality. If Joe America actually knew about the reality of the experience, public tolerance would be much less. However, even what public tolerance that exists has been sold through make-believe and through judicial fiat, not at the voting booth. This puts the homosexual agenda on the precipice, because few in their hearts of hearts condone or participate in it, and because the primary means of recruiting is through older men and young boys (a la Milo), the entire movement is just one generation of home-schoolers away from losing the tenuous grip it has on public tolerance.

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The Text Adventure Chronicles

I speak now of a past world. Perhaps most people who enjoy computers for their own sake and most gamers will be unable to relate to what follows, because the graphics are not immersive enough, and there will be no sound. No, what follows will be a metatexual experience, that is words written about words in an age where words were used extensively in games, and the hardware was part of the fun.

Objections, I hear you. Joysticks and game pads we have always had with us (at least after 1979), so hasn’t the hardware always part of the fun? Yes and no. What I mean is that the hardware itself heightened the interaction, as opposed to today. Now, our hardware is better, faster, and quieter. It contributes nothing to the experience except for the ramp-up and ramp-down of a fan. It is now so much in the background as to be nonexistent during game play.

Back in this former time, in this forgotten age, people played text adventures in the basement. All you had was yourself, a computer with a floppy disk drive, and a text-adventure game. You typed in things like “Go north,” and the results appeared in text. When you were trying to solve a hard puzzle, the delay of the disk drive as its head read over sectors on the disk, sometimes brought something new to the screen. Sometimes all you got was a disappointing, “Nothing happens.” This all happened because the computers only had so much memory, and they needed to access the disk to pull up new data, or at least check the data with what was in memory. Hence, nail-biting seconds after typing in commands to see what would happen. Coupled with this was the vivid visions that only text can bring; you had to work to see the rooms, the creatures, the effects of your actions, and you were rewarded for it.

Everything about those games was interactive — from the typing, to the reading and the imagining, to the response of the computer itself. The environment was rich in a way that has become obsolete. I think about that richness as regards games today, and learning (particularly e-learning). Isn’t the objective to make such an experience, because a rich experience provides many different pathways for memories to form and thus, for information to be stored? If so, why does no-one make the hardware interactive? Although this effect was not one purposed by the game designers, it became an integral part of the experience. And the effect of interacting — typing to and reading the result — was also memorable. Then, words were the wings of dreams.

I think that possibly, people do not learn as much or as well because the information is presented all at once and interacting with it is minimal. Information is hard to absorb that way; you don’t get hydrated by drinking from the firehose. When you get things piece by piece, spend time immersed in a topic, and have to wrestle with it, you are engaged, and the resulting experience is memorable. If you sacrifice any of those three legs of the table, the experience, or the game, or the learning suffers.

Now, with everything served up as eye candy, the interaction being largely thoughtless (avoid the walls) with the exception of RPGs, and instant, leaving no time for reflection, how rich is the experience? It seems like it must surely be less rich, and definitely less thoughtful. But the world has never had much space or time for reflection and analysis. It has always been busy being in the moment and crammed to the gills with the next heart-pounding, andrenaline high, the next best thing to being an animal incapable of thought or self-analysis. Successful learning must be slower than this, because being assaulted with audio-visual stimuli cannot produce high-level analysis; it can only trigger base reactions like fear, avoidance — the meat and bones of survival. Learning then must produce memories, and to produce memories, must create a rich environment. Albeit unintentionally, text adventure games of the past created such learning environments, and it was no accident that games such as Adventure and Zork were used to teach children the fundamentals of English grammar. Gamification could learn a thing or two by looking back to see how successful environments in the past used hardware, software, and user input, and time to fashion immersive environments that lead to recall that lasts decades. “A hollow voices says PLUGH.” And many, many people will instantly relate.

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No Excuses, Just Results

Many people engage in a toxic self-deception that manifests itself in making excuses; they give themselves all the leeway they wish and manufacture excuses which they tell other people to elicit sympathy. However, these excuses rarely work and if they do, they do not hold criticism at bay for long. All they do is make others think that you are a weak and lazy person. Because weak and lazy are characteristics that a person becomes due to choices, other people do not dispense an endless supply of mercy. Imagine these replies over time.

“Oh it’s ok to eat desert every night, Mathilda. Don’t feel guilty!”

“Oh I’m sorry your clothes don’t fit, Mathilda.”

“Oh I’m sorry that you can’t get a date. Guys are so shallow!”

“Oh I’m sorry you’re in the hospital.”

“Oh I’m sorry you can’t do what you used to.”

“I’m so sorry you’re dying. I wish there was something I could do!”

This is the sure end, the unavoidable destiny, of every single person who lives by excuses instead of by faith and diligence.

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Straight Poetry

I was visiting a blog the other day when I came across a cache of lesbian poetry. What followed was curious – the poet had tagged every poem with her sexual identity, even when it was indiscernible what that had to do with the poem itself.

If all you have to say consists of your sexual dysfunction, isn’t that simply convenience? It’s like people into scenes; this year, they’re goths. Next year, they’re emo. They need some banner of identity to carry and if they’re mired in same-sex attraction, then that becomes their scene.

What if the rest of the world acted the same way? Can you imagine the endlessly vapid conversations? “Hi, I’m Terrance, and I’m a heterosexual.” “Hi, I’m Tabitha, and I like guys.” “Hi, I’m Fredrico and I’m into girls.” If you want to make an issue of it, maybe comparing yourself to other successful poets will give you a clue. Perhaps this is something that the great poets of history had somehow forgotten about? Perhaps Tennyson should have celebrated being straight instead of wasting his time with chivalry and Christianity? Those that history remembers don’t focus on themselves.

Robert Stacy McCain once wrote on the transformation of girls into lesbians. It usually starts with insecurity brought on by a lack of self-confidence; girls then look to media images of how women should be and think that they will never measure up or don’t want to be that. Then they try to have relationships with guys, bringing their anger and discontent into them, and they fail. Never addressing the root of their problems, eventually they become bi, and lastly, lesbian.

This is fueled by the Tumbler echo chamber of other hurting and broken women who have convinced themselves that they know what men want, they can’t be it, and so they hate men. Their mindset progresses from a poisonous peer group to full-blown mental disorder over time, as everything in their lives becomes a self-justifying defense of their sexual dysfunction. It is no coincidence that the founders of feminism were all women dealing with atypical circumstances who consistently made bad choices and were usually mentally unstable.

In that sense, I guess it makes sense that lesbians would spend their entire lives talking about their disorder, because they have built their lives around it. Like Molech, it is a cruel deity that asks too much of them and so they are unwilling to leave it. There is life out there, a glorious and fulfilling life, but all they can see is white bread, suburbs, Stepford Wives, and 2.5 children. All they can dream is jocks, jerks, womanizers, abusers, pornographers, and brutes. Like I once did, all they can see are stereotypes, not individuals, and they cannot understand or accept that anyone could think differently than they. Their imagination has failed and their empathy has fled. They do not understand that the river named Man and the river named Women are wide and include many different character traits.

They will suffer through their lives,
Self-immolating, imprisoned in lies.

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