Why Predictions Are Hilarious

According to Reuters (yeah, I know), the camera market is heading into oblivion, with only three top-tier manufacturers going to survive the camera phone onslaught. Several companies will soon be bankrupt. Oooh! Don’t believe me? Here’s the link to all the breathlessly awesome predictions!

Did you go there? Are you back? Good. Did you notice the date?


With no hint of shame, Reuters didn’t apologize or close up shop despite being horribly wrong. PetaPixel still has that piece of future hype on their site even though it’s been wrong for 5+ years.

Maybe, just maybe, it’s time to stop obsessing about predicting the future and focus more on reporting what actually happens. Hey, news media — tech press — camera blogs? Anyone listening out there?

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And What Remains Cannot Be Forgot

If there is one lesson to learn from the presidential election of 2016 and its long aftermath, it is that you cannot fake character. When so many have embarrassed themselves on TV, have faked emotions and said bought words, when so many were deceived by all of the appearances, what remains cannot be forgot — underneath it all and beyond it all is the pulsing heartbeat of need for truth. The souls of millions call out for integrity, for trust, for someone that makes and keeps promises. Lost in the wreckage of political theater and the endless drama cycle is this gentle yearning; entranced and quickly abandoned are the viewer’s attentions; forgotten are the political stars who once ruled. Laws and protests all fade. What remains is the need for truth.

Sides do not matter. Party does not matter. Appearance does not matter. Tone does not matter. Optics do not matter. Nothing matters except for the truth, and that is the one thing that is still unsatisfied in this vaudeville of burning cities. The people still hunger for truth. Everyone still wants someone they can trust. Everyone wants to believe that those they choose to represent them will do good and do right.

The only way that America will persevere is through virtue — not by strength in arms or chariots, not by egotistical bluster, and not by mimicking God through technology.

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The Immaturity of Hate

It has struck me recently how immature it is to go around saying, “I hate this,” and “I hate that,” especially in a group of peers. Instantly, you feel that others assume you are thirteen, emotionally, and they’re not wrong. It is because people who are immature use this language and it reflects a limited way of dealing with something — non-logically, non-interactively. All they have is a complete and total shutdown and repudiation, and while that is useful and necessary, to do so casually shows that that’s the only weapon in your arsenal. Hate is a strong word and a violent emotion, and so it must be used judiciously.

Another place where I see this bandied about with silly overuse is political blogs. Really, I don’t care if someone likes or dislikes Trump, Clinton, or whomever, but to scream it as though people are consumed by hate when they are not? That is immaturity too. In fact, it is political pornography. People will cheer for the hero and boo the villain according to whom they hate or like. Is all of the nation lost in some kind of tribal cheering ritual? I don’t get it. I don’t get the morbid attraction to pick some team and then stick with them even when they do evil things as though truth was a jersey color. That too, is immature, and developmentally stunted.

If politics has become junior high where people love and hate people for pointless reasons, traffic in gossip, and fail to even be aware of the facts of an external world superior to their emotions, then it is time for the people who do this and push it to grow up. If hate is immature, then reasoned discourse is maturity. I do not see reasoned discourse anywhere, though. Without reasoned discourse, then the nation has become nothing but a collection of grunting primates hurling feces at each other, who deserve not freedom. Those who do not deserve freedom and do not treasure it will soon get something else.

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Comm(unity) > Diversity

What precisely is achieved by the generic and mother-embrace call to diversity? The word is a mantra and it means different things to different people, which is by design. Words without clear definitions are perfect candidates for posters the mob will use to beat you down. It sounds so wonderful, so affirming, so inclusive. Yet we all know that after years in the trenches of life, that word is full of false assurances, and is not designed not to welcome, but to subjugate. Diversity always meant and continues to mean that some will be forced to bow to others, but not everyone must bow to everyone. No, it is a word that leads to a new power structure, not a community of equals.

Interesting, that the word community has achieved such popularity in these times. Yet what is at the root of the word community? Unity.

No-one really wants petrification of thought, that is, a group so insular that it is blindsided by change — yet, if some business somewhere were to want that, is that not their right? And isn’t it interesting that companies that are speaking diversity every other word are just as discriminatory and just as exclusive as the boogeymen they rail about? To wit, how welcome would a Christian be at Google? How welcome would a member of John Birch society be at Apple? Yet aren’t these companies supposedly so inclusive? They are not and that is the point. Diversity just means “this kind of diversity is good, that kind is bad” and it has grown to become “everyone must do things my way”. So much for diversity.

The First Amendment recognizes that people have the freedom of association, and from churches to boardrooms to teams to military units, everyone exercises this right all the time. That is practiced even at the individual level; you choose to hang around some people and not others. And what do successful organizations have? A strong sense of community, which is to say, they share a lot in common, because they are unified. Working organizations are not rowing in twenty different ways. No — they row in the same way and they get to where they are going. Diversity without unity is paralysis is chaos. Enforced diversity cripples groups, because it is the imposition of outside control over the dreams of the organizers, and it ruins whatever it touches.

Put another way, Whole Foods is lacking diversity. That is, they lack diversity of people who do not share their values. Where you work and where I work are the same way. This is a very necessary thing. You do not have any true variation if you do not have the like-minded clustering together to make things. How could you ever have different styles of music if musicians were forced to assemble their bands by quota? Why is it good for business to be regulated as to whom they can hire, but not bands? This enforced diversity would lead to a stagnation as everything would come out exactly the same, pastiched and generic as every point of view would be finessed and massaged so that nobody would be offended by anything. Diversity enforced leads to no diversity at all.

Said another way, the more important thing is local unity and local community. That is what leads to true variation and this patchwork quilt we call America. All of this is built upon and requires freedom of choice and the maturity for people to respect the choices of others, however. Without a commitment to respecting the free choices of others, there can be no freedom or diversity, only a Soviet-style monochrome of thought and expression.

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The Pornographers of Disaster

David French states that the media (that is, the people who create it, the newscasters, the production people, etc) loving school massacres is slandering them. I’m not so sure, Mr. French. Let’s look at the business model of news. What is that old saw again? “If it bleeds, it leads.” The news industry has been involved in hawking titillating images of death for a long, long, time. They profit from death. They profit from disaster. They profit from the misery of others, and they always have. Media types show up at funerals, homes, and schools, and get excited whenever something bad is going down. They fly like vultures to scenes of human suffering, but never to relieve it — just to exploit it.

If there was an improvement in our nation’s culture, that directly impinges upon their revenue stream. If there was a decrease in school shootings, for instance, they would never cover it. The decade-long trend decrease in violent crime they have under-reported if reported at all. These people are so askew that they even celebrate anniversaries of disasters! They are like the early doctors, who robbed graves to experiment on human bodies; although they do not experiment, per se, just exhume the corpse without care about the deceased’s family and then publish his or her life to the entire world. At best, they are the pornographers of disaster.

So to hear you claim that these people do not enjoy something that brings them many benefits — fame, money, prestige — and knowing that the number of people in this industry who are caring souls or Christians is astonishingly low, well, what else can we conclude except that they have a ghoulish fascination with woe and an voyeuristic interest in the lives of others? I would love for the reporters and the producers to have their lives turned inside out and put on display every night the same way they do to others. Perhaps they would learn something; perhaps not, but at least they would feel the pain of violation equally.

So to say that they do not, need school shootings, and thus, enjoy them, is not honest. Without calamity, they could not exist. Without whipping up division and hate, they would have no excitement in their lives, and no reason for being. They thrive upon misfortune and where there is none, they create it. I do not know what else to call such people but wicked.

These are the very same people that want you defenseless so that you will be silenced. They don’t have your good or mine at heart. They will not mourn your passing, remember; they will cheer it, and they will work to see it happen. Anyone who resists them will be the recipient of their violent rage, and you know this all too well from running for president. Remember the death threats you got back then?

In the end, we are just obstacles to their vision of utopia. We are cardboard cutouts that they despise, wish out of the way, and off the board. Yes, they want us quiet and compliant, but as that will not happen, they want us dead.

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Controlling the Narrative

It’s very important to understand how things are presented. What you see on TV is presented as being the whole truth and nothing but the truth, but it is easy — so very easy — to make the camera lie if you know anything at all about cameras. For a quick lesson, watch or read “The Bonfire of the Vanities” and note how the camera angle was just wide enough to capture the five protesters marching, but cutting off the fact that they marched in a circle. The impression? Lots of people were protesting. The reality? Very few were.

If you think that pressure groups, especially those without a lot of members, don’t know how to skew the game, you’re wrong. Take for instance the tactic of packing out the hall. It’s quite easy to do, really — just make sure that your members and supporters take up ALL the seats in the audience at the public meeting, committee meeting, town hall, or whatever. You monopolize the debate by default, because no-one else of an opposing viewpoint can sit down. If the meeting requires you fill out forms to speak, just show up early enough to fill out a majority of the speaking forms. That way, there’s not enough time on the agenda for other viewpoints to be heard — only yours.

If that doesn’t work, then another tactic is crowd censorship — that is, behave like boors and shout down anyone else who tries to speak. Your numbers will intimidate the few speakers, and there’s always the threat of violence or death threats if your crowd size doesn’t make a strong enough case.

Sometimes, groups get lucky by having those who film the event reach out to them, provide them with tips on how the event will be filmed, or even work with them to vet questions (here is an example of that). In that case, the reporting already favors you. All you have to do is act as you usually would.

I am sick of conservatives and Christians not understanding how evil works. Folks, this is how it operates. People don’t look at an auditorium and think, “Oh, that’s 200 people saying something because 200 people from a town of 50,000 showed up.” No, they think, “Wow, look at all those people! The community must really believe in this!” Furthermore, they feel distantly threatened, because a mob is always emotional and emotion can justify anything. So the crowd lays the knife up against the neck of the viewer.

Here are a few ideas on how to combat these methods of crowd censorship.

1) For every townhall, open meeting, committee meeting, or whatever, place the meeting into perspective. Tell everyone how much in advance this was advertised, how it was advertised, the population of the local area (or city), the time at which it was held. Tell everyone if registration was required, who was admitted, how you will choose questions, and so on. This is very effective if the event is live and this cannot be edited out. The people who see the event must have the whole truth in order to accurately weigh the effect of what they see.

2) Demand and enforce civility. Do not allow people to be shouted down or spoken over. Call out and shame the mob. Relentlessly throw out people who disrupt the event.

3) Do not hold meetings soon after a tragedy. Give people time to process their feelings.

4) Never allow a news organization to host/sponsor/run a public meeting — NEVER. The committee, county board, whomever, should control the meeting, not some outside source, and especially not an outside source with a perspective to sell. Allow the press in, allow them to film, but do not give them any control over what questions are asked, or who can ask them. Retain all control over whom asks questions and be public about your method.

If there is any hope for this nation, one of the things that must happen is to recover the spirit of civil discourse. If that is gone, then violence will rule, and we must either forcibly separate or take up arms.

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The Hysterics of Gun Control

Another tragedy produces more demands for laws, yet laws did not fail to stop the tragedy in the first place. Through tears, people demand that the innocent bear a heavier load because of the sins of the guilty. None of this makes sense or helps anyone, but being hurt is the way to power for some, and in so doing, they hurt all of us more and more with each new horror.

They do not understand their own grieving. Grief passes through stages and one of the stages is anger; perhaps anger is what fuels demands that the innocent suffer more, because they have suffered? Yet, the rub is this — those they blame do not support the right to murder. Neither the NRA, the GOA, CORE, me, or anyone who cares remotely about self-defense. Therefore, noone can be held to task, or shamed, or blamed, for something they do not support. The aforementioned groups do not even backhandedly endorse such. To even claim this is to be grossly unfamiliar with them or to simply lie. If you are ignorant, you are a child. If you are a liar, you are evil.

Second, advocating for the right of self-defense, hunting, or sport shooting does not imply in any way advocacy for murder, because defending a right does not mean endorsing its criminal abuse. We have laws that spell out the punishment for abusing rights; that is why laws exist. They only stop those who wish to live at peace with others, however. Those who do not must be shown punishment, for that is the only thing they understand.

Third, continually complaining that tragedies happen, and yet doing nothing constructive to stop them only makes you look foolish. In this case, what was needed was better police work, better investigative work, better follow-up, and of course, for more people to take their own safety seriously. You cannot honestly promote both terror and helplessness! If you are saddened because innocent lives were lost, the solution is to allow the innocent the ability to stop injury to themselves earlier! If we all must wait until the cops show up (good guys with guns) then more will die. That’s a simple incontrovertible fact. Delay means death.

Fourth, the hysterics of gun control proceed from a childish worldview, namely, that bad things should not happen at all, and any instance of evil requires more and more laws to tut-tut fundamentally good people into compliance. However, left unasked in this worldview is this, “What if we are all not fundamentally good? What if some will not respond to shame, blame, laws, or anything except physical punishment, or death?” The foolishness of this worldview is precisely what allows school massacres to continue. It promotes a false sense of security — by increasing helplessness and gun-free-zones, it makes it so that when evil men act, they have a catastrophic effect.

Intellectually, gun control and school massacre are conjoined twins; they nourish each other and depend on each other. Ending one requires ending the other, but in a time where laying bare the foolishness of a worldview is “hate”, then nothing will be done and the bloodshed will continue, at least in those places that put up with such foolishness.

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Most Cannot Comprehend

More and more I see that the world is descending into barbarism, and that civilization has done a terrible job at elevating those whom, in harsher times, could only exist as slaves. For those who choose poorly again and again, all civilization has done is distribute the cost of cleanup across a large number of people, so that the feckless live a rubber room existence. Because most are no longer educated, nor seek wisdom, it is left to the lonely sentinels, the modern monks, to learn and preserve knowledge of what is right and true. How many people can you name who are interested in anything but football and porn? Of those slightly serious who remain, how many are actively seeking to preserve good things from ruin?

Culture is a toilet. Civility will be forgotten, and all that will be spoken will be public inanities from walls of tvs. Those who do not participate in book burnings will themselves be burned. Strength will rule and life for most will descend, free-fall, into terror. For some, there is already no law, nor hope, and no meaning — look at Chicago. How many meth labs do you suppose are scattered across the midwest? How many girls are sold into human trafficking rings? Does anyone care about the Lolita Express? Those who govern are the ones committing the worst crimes, and those who come after them persist in hiding their secrets. We are lied to by vaudeville performers as madmen set fire to the world.

May God take mercy on us and strengthen what remains.

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The Creeping Cold Love

It is a disappointment to me to find most of my church relationships not especially warm. I find that most people are content to live in their tight-knit circle of acquaintances or family members, and so there is no felt love radiating out from them. They are insular, not outreaching. They are defensive and not inviting. There are so many little rules that you must heed to be part of the in crowd. So even if you are past high school, and gone from college, the same sort of behavior never leaves. Only now, to be in you must not only have the right shoes and say the right things, you must have the preferred lifestyle option.

For women, you must have at least one child, but the more the better. For men, you must have some important job that isn’t too offbeat or too creative. For women, you must be into scrapbooking and cross-stitching. For men, you must like craft beer (ok, no problem there) and sports. Christian love, mercy, fellowship all take a back seat to “is this person like me?” or “is this person culturally normal?” I used to not understand, and think it was tragic that a person wouldn’t go to my church because it was middle class. Now, I kind of get it. It’s not that they can’t fit in, it’s that they feel excluded from the word “go” and few make any effort to welcome them in.

I am not good at this myself, but it can’t be possible that no-one else is, either. Or worse, I suppose, have I found a collection of people who just aren’t good at this? Or is it that nobody cares to practice love? My wife has noticed this far before I did, but that’s the thing with the cold, especially a cold love. It takes a while before you notice the lack of feeling. By then, however, damage is close at hand.

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The Sordid Lives of Spooks

After reading the emails and texts between Strzok and Page, I feel like I have to go somewhere pure and cleanse my mind. The sordid lives of spooks — not anything film noir-ish, but something morally repulsive — the unelected bureaucrats profaning God, twittering about in their adultery, and apparently concocting schemes to throw an election, while at their main gig they provide cover for someone who played fast and loose with national security. Who knows how many people, and how many secrets Hillary compromised? Who knows how many rabid ferrets like Page and Strzok there are, burrowing their way through the halls of unnumbered federal agencies, slowly sucking the life out of the nation? To both the answer can only be “too many”.

See how much of their conversations you can bear.

These are the kind of people who should not be hired anywhere in the public trust, because simply, they are not honorable, decent people. They are small, savage in their bitter blindness, coarse, cruel, and saboteurs of trust.

There is nothing concealed that will not be revealed. Now the whole country knows their depths. Doubtless, mindless housewives will pine for such perverse heights; stupid men will concoct porn fantasies about it; partisans will play the angles in seeking to one-up each other; few will notice just what has happened to the institution, the premiere law enforcement agency, that should be above reproach.

These two are certainly not above reproach. They have diminished themselves and sullied the organization which they serve. In better days, in nobler times, they would be put in the stockade for people to publicly shame and hurl rotten fruit at. But more than that, the entire hubris of the intel community must be corrected. These people serve us. They are not our betters. Let the wrath of the people burn through the buildings and drive them out.

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