Farewell WordPress.com

I knew this was coming, and now it is here.

Now there is no way to create posts in WordPress.com’s free plans except through Gutenberg. If you haven’t followed or aren’t affected by this debacle, count yourself lucky. Gutenberg is a simplified, block-level editor that removes user options and user choice in favor of making it supposedly easier. I was ok with constantly having to select Classic Mode to post, but the transition at WordPress.com is done, and we’re all stranded in their brave new world. (I can’t find any official mention of this, but whatevs.) Now this is their right, of course; it’s not a way that endears folks to them, though, but it’s one that forces a choice upon me.

I refuse to pay them money because they have engaged in viewpoint discrimination, shutting down other blogs for espousing conservative principles. I’m not that big of a target, but I can’t really get into a financial arrangement with a company that plays that way. I guess this is the way it needed to be, to force me to stop using the services of a such a company.

So this brings me to a yet another uncomfortable choice — either I shut down my ramblings here, and set up shop under a new domain where I call the shots, or I just shut this down and do something else with my time. Either way, it’s another loss in my life and farewell to WordPress.com.

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What Would a Liberty-based Active Shooter Training Look Like?

You’ve probably seen one of the thousand permutations of the run, hide, fight scenarios taught to all the fearful cowering office types. It struck me how debilitating and how vampiric such training is. What if the people who created this training acted with the authority and the strength that liberty bestows?

  1. Safeguard yourself. Triage wounds and arm yourself. Your ability to survive goes way down if you’re defenseless and hurt.
  2. Safeguard others.
    1. Move out to find others.
    2. Others can’t survive defenseless and hurt, so triage their wounds and make sure they are armed. This is necessary because those who are able-bodied will be on the move to find others who can be saved by immediate care.
  3. Team up. Usually many people are facing a single threat or a few — the numbers are against the attackers. Strategize and see how to use numbers or several different angles at once to confuse, overpower, and defeat the threat.
  4. Neutralize threats.

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A Nation Without a People

Something I have realized now, is that there is no American people. I have seen the dismemberment and the turning against of one citizen against another, and now, there is nothing left. So, civically, there is no such thing as the American people, only a constant sea of warring people who have nothing in common. So to what people group do I belong? Race has never given me anything, nor could it. Gender doesn’t particularly help me either. The long cultural war to malign and disempower and deplatform Christians is nothing more than a war on a people group, and in fact, is spiritual genocide. So the only people group that I can claim are being ground down; this is how the enemy works — divide first, and then conquer. It was necessary for the left to split Christians so that even Christianity becomes this hyphenated hodgepodge of beliefs, each group choosing which parts of Scripture to obey or ignore, and then fighting with others. This was necessary to break the power of Christianity in public life, and once that was done, then standards espoused by Christianity (fairness, honesty, etc), could also be discarded. What the left could not achieve in 2000, they achieved with ease in 2020, because the civic impact of Christianity had been destroyed by this point. When Mark Heard first said that there’s nothing left to defend, I didn’t understand it. Now I do. Whether America rises or falls is really only of peripheral interest to me — I have no faith that we are a unified people any longer.

Jesus saves. Secession now.

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The Shallow Are Slaves Already

Emancipation leaving Georgia is just another round of the same tantrums thrown by people because they don’t get to control the state — the MacDailyNews take is dead on. But who really believes that voting rights laws actually disenfranchise people? I wonder. I don’t even think the news reporters and the Hollywood shills really believe it, deep down, because to believe something, you must have some kind of evidence. Even faith is grounded in evidence. Yet all they have are mountains of contradictions.

So if they don’t believe it, why are they doing this? To raise funds and get attention, of course; they have exploited the shallow and the gullible. The shallow are slaves already, and the left knows this. That’s why they want them to stay exactly as they are, so that they can never challenge to the left and its dreams of royalty.

However, this is also another case of the left overreaching. GA did pass the heartbeat bill (one of the last good things Kemp did), and still they wailed. The left was victorious in the 2020 elections, getting both Republican senators removed, so why wasn’t that enough? GA was also one of the focuses of the presidential election, where the left stole votes and manipulated results to get the dementia patient elected, so why wasn’t that enough? If you are a leftist, why don’t any of these things satisfy?

The reason here is that to be a leftist, there is no such thing as overreaching, because to overreach, you must acknowledge some limits upon yourself, and you must acknowledge the humanity of the other person. Leftists don’t do this. They don’t view others as humans; others don’t have rights; others don’t have opinions or desires. Other people exist just to give the left power, prestige, and whatever they want. That’s why the left constantly overreaches; because every act of this is a screaming manifesto that they are insatiable and other people fundamentally aren’t even human. The left loves slaves and the left loves dead babies. So as long as they can keep people in the shallow end, they will have them to play with as long as they live.

I have nothing in common, politically, with such.

Secession now.

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Not Everyone Wants to Be Free

I have read so much pushed by the New York and LA media about the past four years that is so far from the truth that I realize there is nothing unifying that remains. We are in a permanent cold civil war. And to those who think that fighting to reclaim a freedom that was stolen is madness, I say, please leave.

You don’t really love freedom; you love convenience. You love ease, security, being spoonfed. Please leave.

This is your home, but you don’t really love it. You don’t care anything about ensuring the country is better off for those after you, because you live only for yourself. You are selfish and intolerant. Please leave.

You don’t have anything invested here — you are takers, not givers; you demand people serve you, but you don’t have the first idea on how to serve. You have nothing in common with those who made America great, because you don’t make America great. You would lose nothing by leaving — you could sponge off any other country. Please leave.

Not everyone wants to be free, and those who don’t want to be free should simply leave. This isn’t your land, and it never was.

“Away with you; we never knew you.”

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Serving up the Slop

I frequently get pressured to give or buy others things which I have determined aren’t really salubrious, but I get told that it’s for fun, or that it’s what they want. I always give in, because I’m not allowed socially to have a perspective other than the receiver wants something or another, and I have to make them happy. Now I’m not talking about extreme situations like refusing to buy new shoes and instead buying them really thick socks (because who needs shoes when your socks are thick enough, right?). It’s more about entertainment. And I am not being a stick-in-the-mud, or someone hopelessly out of touch. I would like to be able to say, “No, I don’t think this is a valuable or worthwhile choice — how about something else?” But I can’t, and so I am compromised. Those who are forced into comprising again and again either lash out in rage or just become accustomed to being servile and eventually lose all definition, their skeleton having dissolved long ago.

I think I understand how many women end up a ball of feels with zero morality — they allow other people to push them around and withhold friendship unless they repeatedly give in to what their friends demand; then, to keep the world happy with them, they dance around being as inclusive as they possibly can be, and eventually forgetting the reason for doing anything or being anything at all.

To love means you must sometimes say no. To hold fast to the truth means you cannot be a friend of the world. I don’t seem to be around people who understand this, and so they are running madly towards being friends with the world as their spiritual life corrodes into nonexistence. It’s sad, because I don’t believe walking with Jesus has to be all discipline — no, it is equal parts joy; but if you have no discipline muscles, then the correction needs be severe. I know many people in this sorry state of affairs. They resist holy discipline because it is not immediately joyous, and so become debris.

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The objectification of women is everywhere, but it is not something separate or distant from modern life — it is a sewn-in aspect of how television, movies, and music are usually made. Think of it. How many shows feature a skimpily-attired woman for no real reason? Why does the shot linger here or there? Why does the narrative continue into the bedroom, literally past a closed door? And while it is true that occasionally men’s body parts are seen, it is most frequently women who must show something as part of playing the role. It’s debasing, of course, to show to the world and preserve for all time what modesty asks you to conceal, but how else do women achieve their dreams in media? How ambitious are they? Do they dare turn down a part? How will they afford their luxuries or support their new habits? So it’s goodbye to mom and dad, goodbye to where they came from; leaving is not an option, so they debase themselves, and console themselves with substance-fueled parties, multiple partners, and all the treasures money can buy. Such is the price of fame, yet fame is fleeting, and eventually everyone ends up in a static page for random people to abuse their now-unfashionable works. So much is given for so little.

This life that they have achieved looks Hell-like — chasing highs that leave you empty as you become older and less able to handle them, year by year, watching even that temporary satiation flee from your grasp. That must be a kind of torment made only bearable by the fact that it is entirely self-caused; of course, this is why suicide (or murder made to look like suicide) is also a part of this lifestyle. When all pretenses can no longer be maintained, even with Botox, and control slips free at last, then it is time for the final dramatic act.

Who benefits from this? An audience of moralless men, first. Second, those who become rich at the expense of the actress — usually men, who then turn around and spend their money in abusing women in other ways. “Come and die, and look beautiful for a while,” whispers Hollywood Babylon, its siren call promising temporary admiration of millions of (male) eyes; “You will be as gods.” Thus it draws in the desperate, the maladjusted, the insecure, the moralless, and the vulnerable. Adulation by all, for they do what others will not do — they live lives of the rebel while they claim a superior virtue (this to hide the effects of chemical abuse and soul scarring). Hollywood draws a certain kind of woman, which it displays, abuses, chews up, and spits out, only to replace it with the next young and hungry thing. The gods and goddesses must be changed at regular intervals — the temple of Venus needs a new coat of paint to keep her ritual prostitution going.

This is the sad and inexorable truth — any society that enshrines an abuse of its own population ensures its own doom. All societies become hollow, bereft of whatever virtues that had animated them, before they fall. It is this hollowing out that permits conquest by outside forces, or the quiet takeover that maintains the appearance of the culture for a while, until all the conquerer’s cards can be played. Either way, the existence of Hollywood Babylon is a threat to the virtue and the existence of the republic.

Save women; secession now.

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The Fall of Pale Moon

This is just another pointless post on stuff that matters to very few people. I have long championed Pale Moon, a browser forked from Mozilla that has gone its own way and done great things. I’ve even tried to help. I had compiled and built the browser, and that, as those who have done this can attest, is no easy feat. Now I feel like a fool, after reading this.

I guess it explains a lot — the closed doors, the weird tsunami of venom from one particular individual, the secret and blinding Mac hate. My skin crawls. Was I really in league with such people?

The reasons I promoted Pale Moon whenever I could and exulted in using it were my own — valid reasons all intertwined with faith and a desire to be free — but when the going gets rough, the answer is to call people names and play games with the truth?

I should have known. Whenever there is a tight-knit community, it resists anyone who really wants to help. Outsiders are the enemy. This is a lesson I really, really did not want to learn, but God is just.

Something good was turned into garbage because of the small-mindedness of men.

Anyone who uses a browser and a Mac has lost something.

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Being Nice to Me (A Disturbing Love)

Sometimes when I am awash in self-hate, a blessing can feel like a weight — it’s like I want God to stop being nice to me. I am the petulant child, who craves feeding on his own sorrow instead of joy, and it is then, at that moment, that I realize that God will not stop being nice to me. He will not leave me alone in my despair; he will not only not abandon me, but he will actively find me, chasing me out of the hollow where I have hidden, rustling me out of the gutter, visiting me in rehab, or whatever horrible place I have been. This is what all of me needs, deep down, at the most basic level.

Some may complain that this is a love too deep, too intense, a passion that cannot be endured — and I would agree, if it were from a person, flawed and frail as we are; but when this love comes from God, it is perfect — free of any and all stain of selfish motives. It is complete. It is overwhelming, consuming, and leaves us with and in peace.

I do not choose the shadows so that the light will be brighter, and sometimes I do not even know myself; how did the days accumulate? Did the pain calcify into distance and distance into apathy and sin? Did I let the wound remain open? So much has been seen through a haze of pain lately, but I am thankful in my brokenness, for a love that does not forget and does not leave, for a love that disturbs me even when I wish to cry alone.

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Our Only Two Options [Graphic]

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