An End to Common Wisdom

It struck me recently, the ginormous stupidity of some of the things many of us, self included, have accepted as common wisdom.

One of these things is this — if someone lets you down, then you immediately take that hurt and reject an entire industry. So if one politician turns out to abuse your trust, you throw in the towel on all politicians, and look askance at any politician.

This is childish overgeneralization.

Yes, I am aware of the pitfalls of certain industries — movies, politics, the ministry, sports — and the challenges they pose to anyone who wants to be in them with integrity. However, the instant that you throw up your hands and say, “That’s it! No-one in the XXXXX industry is any good,” you’ve entered the realm of childish overgeneralization.

Life is about good and evil, and that means no matter how bad the odds, no matter how long the shot, no matter how improbable the situation looks, that we not only have hope, but that we have an unsurpassed victory. We are children of the most improbable event in history — the Incarnation — and so odds, appearances, and common wisdom are merely fluff. Politically, we are children of another improbable event — the American Revolution. Just when did we start thinking that appearances are truthful and that odds defeat conviction?

Conviction is a magnet. Principle attracts. Courage brings adrenaline. Remember all those movies where the hero gives a great speech to the troops, they take heart, and then go on to victory? How probable is it that they would win?

It’s time to lay aside common wisdom and instead pursue the vision that comes from our convictions.

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This is what it comes down — courage or fear, consistency or convenience, courage or cowardice. Of especial disdain I have for people who dare not set foot in the political arena, and then lecture from their own ignorance as to how things should be.

Some of these people will say, “If you have even a smidgeon of problems, you must leave the arena!” Then there will be no government, and that is not blissful anarchy, but might makes right writ large.

Then, they will blame the victim — “If you had been above reproach, no-one would accuse you!” That’s not how the enemy and his disciples work. Evil takes special delight in bringing down those who are outspoken for Christ. Evil does not have honor or consistency.

Accusation is not proof of guilt, period. If it were, then Satan would be more powerful than God. The devil routinely and by nature accuses those who have done no wrong; fear, guilt, and shame are his minions. How is it in your own life? Are you accused? If you are making the devil nervous, you will run into his opposition.

For those both political and worldly, power is their god. They will stand no-one taking it from them. They have no shame nor honor, and they will do whatever it takes in order to obtain and hold on to power, for power is a way for them to satisfy all their cravings.

These clueless people will then say, “You must turn the other cheek!” Tell me this — did Jesus ever permit someone to lie about who he is? If in his earthly ministry, he saw untruth and lies, did he correct them? Do we therefore as Christians allow people to say things about us that are not true, or do we set the record straight? To know the truth and to not make it known comes from fear, doubt, or shame; to know the truth and remain silent is exactly where evil wants all men to be. Thus, those who broadcast the truth are doing what God requires us to do. Being passive is not an option. Being silent is not an option.

Those who have no interest in contending for truth need to find something better to do than sanctimoniously critique those who are doing the contending.

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Steve Deace on Roy Moore

Steve Deace NAILS it.

He lays the groundwork for what I’ve been saying and feeling all along. If Moore is guilty, then let justice be done. However, I don’t convict on the basis of accusations. I wait for evidence to appear and for the truth to come out.

As Deace says, people who sin have a pattern of doing so. They are not able to control their urges. Weinstein, Bill Clinton, Don Juan — you know them because there’s simply too much to effectively hide.

How could Moore have hid things like this for 35+ years without a money trail? Despite having run for office and won four times in Alabama, no small state?

It just doesn’t seem believable, and that’s the thing. It does not pass the smell test because of one simple thing — character.

I will also add this riposte: if Moore is innocent and loses, then the GOP has declared open war on Christians and conservatives. Deace (above) suspects that it is scumbag McConnell who is feeding the info to the WaPo, and I’m also of the same opinion.

I don’t think it would too much to start leaving horses heads in their beds a la Braveheart.

Right now, I feel like the abolitionists in their long, lonely war against slavery.

I say this — innocent until proven guilty, especially with the character and the history that this man has.

Clinton had no character. Weinstein had no character. They had a past they were running from. Moore stands on his past.

Roy Moore for Senate.

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Upping the Ante

As the Moore race goes down to the wire, I had thought that those who are funding his opposition had exhausted their ammo. Nope.

Now they’re accusing him of brutal sexual assault.

This fits a pattern, folks. As time runs out, accuse the man of increasingly horrible things, hoping that the accusations themselves will taint his character in the eyes of voters.

These attacks fit a curiously predictable feminist, anti-Christian narrative, and of course all the accusers testimony sounds the same — the script is the same. Powerful man. Christian. Of course he’s secretly terrible and a misogynist. You couldn’t get any more cliched if you tried.

Why the liberal establishment thinks anyone will swallow this is beyond me.

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An Impossible Standard of Purity

If my previous post about how the national GOP is conspiring to destroy the candidacy of Roy Moore wasn’t explicit enough, let me break it down a little bit further to the strategy level. The idea here, by holding up Roy Moore’s dating practices in the 1970’s as being bizarre or weird (when stuff isn’t being made up) is to shame Christians from supporting a fellow Christian. This tactic preys on people’s ignorance of the past to cast Moore as a pervert, at best, and a pedophile, at worst.

Of course 2010 is not 1970, and ideas about older men dating younger women were different then. Nobody was as concerned with statutory rape and people resorted to other ways of handling problems than making everything a court case. And let’s not forget Moore’s testimony, that he asked the girls’ moms first — again, displaying evidence that he was anything but a lecher.

However, if you rip his behavior out of the context of the times and plop it down into 2010, where everyone is scared of pedophiles (precisely because the criminal justice system is far too lenient with them), then Moore looks like a horrible guy. He isn’t, but that’s the game plan. The people who would be most offended by this? Christians, of course. Thus the idea is to make him appear unpalatable to the very people who supported him in previous runs and when he was Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Alabama. The only way they can do this is by making him look like a child molester, which is one of the worst calumnies in existence.

The evidence looks even more suspect when you consider that Moore has run multiple campaigns in Alabama and served in high positions in the state. If anything was there to find about his dates 35 years ago, it would have surfaced long before now. There is no way that the godless left would want him as Chief Justice.

So, all in all, this is a risky, desperate move, evidenced by the risible nature of the charges, the time in which they were unearthed (last minute), and the fact that Moore is a known entity with a long track record of integrity. I’m pretty bad about predictions, but I just don’t see how this works, especially once the “screw you” vote comes into play.

Moore is no Weinstein.

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Political Assassination

This is how it’s done, folks: when a Republican defies the liberal GOP leadership, first you have the president and the Senate leader support his opponent. When that fails, then you partner with liberal newspapers to create/play up rumors from 35 years ago. Then you assume the rumors and allegations are true, and then you use the bad press to distance yourself from the candidate, whom you despised anyways. Then you pull the plug on his funding. Then you get former presidential candidates (who lost because they were fake conservatives) attack him. Then, if he loses, all is well and good in liberaltown.

Of course, you never do this against a man whom you can control. You only do this against principled men and against Christian men.

This shows you once again that the ideology that the GOP hates the most is not liberalism, and that the GOP doesn’t want to have more seats in Congress, because doing that means it would be held accountable. The GOP wants to assassinate conservatives, and they, the Democrats, and the media are all on the same side in this quest. All hail Trumpism! All hail the enduring reign of establishment liberalism!

I have never seen the GOP so hostile to people in its own party, but this is the new normal, and why I left the party.

The GOP and all of its scummy apparatchiks needs to die.

I only pray I will live long enough to see the Republicans eradicated as a national party.

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“Quiet Coyote” Sign Causes Spontaneous Mosh Pit [Satire]

In an incident experts are describing as an “intergenerational mishap”, the worship leader of Five Pines church in Pleasant Hill, CA caused a spontaneous mosh pit to erupt after using the “quiet coyote” sign to draw the congregation’s attention back to himself.

Pete Sampron, the head usher, suffered multiple bruises in the incident and described a harrowing five minutes where he and the rest of the usher staff regained control. “For a moment I wasn’t sure if I was up to the task of being a pit boss,” he admitted. “We almost called in the backups to help us out. George and Janice participating in the pit didn’t help matters either, I’m afraid.”

No property damage was reported, but the incident spiked traffic to the church’s Youtube channel.

When asked, the worship leader denied all responsibility. “Those Gen X’ers have always been a problem in our church,” he claimed.

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First Church of Satanism, Evangelical Hits Growth Barrier [Satire]

The Anti-reverend, Jim Novogrod of the First Church of Satanism, Evangelical admitted to reporters last night that his church had hit a major stumbling block in their church expansion.

“It’s more like a growth barrier,” he admitted. “I don’t see how we get around this one.” When pressed, he said, “The problem is that we hate people and we hate God. Sure, we believe that we’ll reign as kings in a tortured paradise but that doesn’t really help us here and now.”

“Also, our previous campaigns haven’t worked that well.”

The church’s face of Satan balloon, launched last year, reportedly generated nightmares for months. That incident also generated several arrests, including the balloon pilot (failure to procure a license for flying a balloon in a residential neighborhood), and the local chapter of Tiger Moms, Inc (BB gun discharges in a residential neighborhood). Local psychologists and counselors reported a 23% uptick in profits, however.

Other previous attempts were the social media campaigns of “Satan – He’s not as bad as you think!” and “Hating is Healing!” and “Who are you going to trust? #ObviouslySatan!”

When queried how people could help, he shrugged and said, “I don’t know. Frankly I don’t really care for this interview and I’m thinking up ways to kill you right now.”

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Whinging about the Dinosaurs

It’s stunning to me, really, to hear grown adults reject God because the Bible doesn’t mention dinosaurs. It smacks of immaturity and the logic is profoundly empty. Let’s walk through this for just a moment.

First, if the Bible did mention the dinosaurs, then would such people accept it? Doubtless most would respond “no”, thus demonstrating that it’s not really about their need to read, “And so God created the Bronchiosaur,” or something similar. It’s an excuse.

Second, what is the purpose of the Bible? Is it to mention, or to hold up as important, creatures that have nothing to do with its themes? Obviously not. There are many animals the Bible does not mention. That does not mean that God did not create them, but rather, discussing them was not pertinent.

Third, consider the culture and the time. If books are extremely valuable and extremely expensive, what do you write about? The most important things. Is the most important thing to a people the existence of dinosaurs? Well, probably not. Cool? Perhaps. Critical? No.

Fourth, what does it say about you as an individual, that you reject an entire book because it doesn’t mention something that makes no moral difference in your life? Some people will go one step further and say, “But if God left that out what else did He leave out?” That’s like getting angry at a horror author because he did not mention Thanksgiving in his novel. Perhaps, just maybe, the author didn’t think that information was germane to his discussion. Even if you disagree about the importance of what was omitted, do you have the integrity to understand that the author of the Bible did not think it was important and so did not include it?

The last point usually causes choking sounds, because most people don’t have the integrity to admit that the Bible’s theme does not require the mention of dinosaurs, other animals, or other beings. It is concerned with God and man. It mentions them. The mere existence of the Bible also forces people to admit that they have no say in how it was written, who wrote it, what it discusses, what it includes, and what it excludes. That is a sword of burning metal into their immature heart and mind, because most people still — even when their physical forms are withered — simply are too vain to admit the existence of anything that binds them; they believe they have infinite freedom, and even if they obviously do not, they continue to act as though they do. Thus, childish antics.

Finally, to answer a question raised early — what else did the Bible leave out? Many, many things. It left out nuclear physics. It left out architecture. It left out C++ code. It left out a comparison of hair coloring products. These things are very important to some individuals, and they have every right to reject the Bible because it doesn’t cover something very important to them. You might scoff and declare them silly, because, obviously the Bible doesn’t need to…and there you are, pinned by your own illogical inconsistency.

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Fundamentally Lonely

Marriage is not easy. It demands a lot of self-sacrifice. Marriage cures one kind of loneliness, but not all kinds, for there are multiple kinds of loneliness.

The first and most familiar kind is romantic loneliness, that is the heart seeking someone to love, but having no-one. Marriage works here.

The second is the loneliness — the isolation — brought on by not being understood by others when you attempt to communicate.

The third is the loneliness of being alone in your interests, having no-one who shares your interests to any great degree.

The fourth is the fundamental loneliness of the human soul in its separation from God.

As you can see, marriage works well for one of these, and sometimes more than one; however, even if it resolved types #1-3, #4 remains. For some, #2-4 remain, so while the pain has lessened, it is still present.

I think this needs to be distributed widely. Do not think that marriage will cause you to be never lonely again. You will still be fundamentally lonely, just less so.

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