The Standing Ovation for Steve Scalise

When I heard of this, I was struck most strange. The men and women applauding this man did so not out of respect, for a good number of them despise him. They did so not out of professional courtesy, for most of them are not in any way professional. They did so not out of an esprit de corpus, political fellowship, or anything genuine at all except for bravado. They were all applauding because someone who was not a professional politician had attacked their own and failed. They applauded to throw back at that wild boisterous bunch of yahoos, the people, that professional and corrupt people stood together against the barbarians whom they rule over (really, when your representative represents 1 million or more so people, there’s not much representation going on). While I do not condone nor encourage murder, I think I see behind their sound bites and fake smiles more fear and a sense of unity among nobility than any real respect or camaraderie for their wounded fellow.

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Without moral structures and the literature that they amass, what remains to counter the siren song of entertainment, the responsibility-less world of sheer fantasy, the make-believe land where consequences never happen? There is a reason why the juvenile media make it their business to castigate every preacher, every Christian, ever observant Jew who is caught doing something contrary to their morals — it is to take the public’s eye off of the gutter lives lived every day by the entertainment complex. Why else would Americans listen to serial adulterers and public drunkards and strippers and druggies, unless they were first convinced that morality and its spokesmen had no answers? It is an endless struggle, between entertainment and truth, between Lot and Heaven, between LA and Zion. Who speaks with the most authenticity? Whose interview gets published? Whose book gets promoted?

Make no mistake — the world of entertainment, particularly of movies and TV is two-dimensional, and its substance is just as flat as its means of presentation. This eliminates certain things, certain perspectives, and certain subjects, because they are difficult to show in a visual medium. In short, there’s a reason why the book was better. Thus to take a book and make it into a movie is not necessarily a compliment; in fact, it is a reduction in what a book is (the Twilight series being an exception). And the bet by the entertainment complex is that the audiences will remember the movie and not the book, that they will think of the movie, quote the TV show, binge-watch the series while the books gather dust.

The goal is soul replacement, breeding new generations of addicts who look to the screen as escape and guide for life, even as practicing its message turns them ever-slowly into barbarians.

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The Girlfriend Approach to the Presidency

Recently I read on “the Facebook” 🙂 a woman indicating that Trump could change. Such obvious and banal pronouncements are truly intelligence-robbing. Of course he could change. I could change; you could change. Everybody could change! Sounds like a bad pop song, doesn’t it?

However, you don’t elect a man to the highest office in the land, and give him the keys to atomic weapons on the hope that he could change. This is the girlfriend approach to the presidency. “Oh I know he’s a bad boy NOW, but eventually he’ll change and become a breadwinner who wants to raise 2.5 children in a manicured house with a picket fence!” Why would such a man become something else? He wouldn’t, but women think that they can be the ones to change a man, because of female vanity. However, perhaps this is what it has been about for so many people — electing a man who has given every indication that he is not what you want, because he tells you lies you want to hear.

And everything is ok and it all ends well because empty flattery is what makes good decisions and also makes things different, right?

I think so many people are happy with changes in wording in gargantuan government appendages, when the real power of change not only rests in official law, but enforcement, and upstream from that is where it all comes from — the human heart. If the last bit is not changed, the rest is window dressing, swept away by the next enfant terrible.

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Paralysis and Fear Are Their Goals

Recently, Rick Scott (FL gov) declared a state of emergency for Alachua County at the request of the sheriff there. Why? Richard Spencer was coming to town — or well, wait, not exactly, but the leftist Antifa was expected to break stuff, beat people up, and cause problems on a public campus. Now, I despise Richard Spencer and everything he stands for, but he isn’t a violent man (at least yet). However, the left-wing Antifa thugs are. That says a lot right there. Even Hitler in his Beer Hall Revolution days was more violent than Richard Spencer; so while the two share the same ideologies, apparently they don’t share the same tactics, at least yet.

Should Spencer be allowed to speak on a public university? Sure, as long as he remains peaceful. God knows UF has invited worse people there. I know all the snowflakes are going to require years of therapy for it, but such is the fragility of modern campus life. If they don’t learn how to oppose Spencer’s virulent worldview peacefully, then they are doomed to public tantrums, bringing shame and prison.

Part of me is moderately amused that UF is going to be an epicenter of all this; given that I went to UF and detested it, payback is a long time coming, but it comes at long last.

The stragegy of Antifa are as always with the left, censorship and disruption. They want to forbid opposing viewpoints and cause the uninterested and the uninvolved as many problems as possible. Their goals are fear and paralysis — the dreams of any leftist in power anywhere. (Consult the Obama years for examples of how this works.) I am personally involved because my company is holding an event nearby. Does Antifa know about this, specifically? It’s just collateral damage which they would do intentionally if they only had resources.

Pro-life demonstrations don’t turn into this kind of thing.

Pro-gun demonstrations don’t turn into this kind of thing.

Pro-freedom demonstrations don’t turn into this kind of thing.

The effects of what you do follow inevitably from what you do. There is really no greater example to contrast the effects of two opposing worldviews. When one group is done, everyone quietly goes home and goes back to work the next day. They clean up after themselves. No-one has been hurt.

When another group is done, thousands if not millions have been spent to protect the uninvolved from their violence, to say nothing of the cost to business, and the overall annoyance caused to everyone. Businesses, residences, and public infrastructure have been damaged. Police have been mobilized. People are in the hospital.

And still, the evil news media is fixated on the boogeyman of conservatives gathering in public.

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The Curious Silence of Hollywood

There’s a reason why Hollywood pumps out films glorifying perversion. It is because its practitioners are perverse and in order for the aspiring to achieve, they cannot expose the sleazebags who run everything.

In other words, this — every syllable.

Remember how you felt when you read about cults and the weird ways that they operate, all the mind games, all the emotional and sexual abuse?

Hollywood is a cult. It always has been, because it has been set up as another tower of Babel, a system of worship where little gods transmit the sermons on larger-than-life screens for everyone to watch in the temple-theater, where you buy your holy wafers of popcorn and soda; alternately, the audience members could erect its own smaller temple in their own home (even better). If you’re really slumming it, you can stream movies or watch them on your phone, but you must watch, and you will be shamed into doing it, lest you be uncool.

Now the cult is unraveling, and it is a great and glorious thing. The conspiracy of silence has at long last, began to give way. Those who are paid to pretend are encountering reality and they are acting like cultists who can no longer reconcile what they were taught and want to believe with what is.

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The Ghetto Mindset Part 304

Here is another great example of all the failure that is the ghetto, from the the New York Post.

Hilariously, the model declares that people should be held responsible for their actions. Is she being held responsible for hers? The man declared his love for her, and so she repays him like this? Again, drug use is not something I’m condoning, but did she try to get him help? Did she care about him at all? I don’t know much about the relationship dynamics between wealthy people and models, so I can’t vouch for his behavior. Maybe he deserved to lose his job in this way.

However, this woman then declares it’s not about race, but she reveals herself to be a bigot, through and through.

The reason why racism continues to exist now is probably 75%+ because of the racist attitudes of blacks stuck in the ghetto mentality. This woman exemplifies it.

All lives matter and continue to matter.

Let’s face it — if you can’t acknowledge that white people have just as many rights as your “brothers” and “sisters”, then you are the problem. You are the bigot. You are the racist. Until you can climb down off your throne of demanding special treatment, you really aren’t even an American. You just happen to live here, but you sure don’t believe in unity, do you? You don’t believe in equal rights for all, do you?

Get help before the ghetto mindset destroys you.

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Because of Our Ancestors…

I have been listening to The Charisma Myth on CD, and it is like so many modern self-help books. It reports with breathless wonder secret techniques, marshals the author’s personal experience teaching such techniques, herds research results to buttress all this, and then lastly, engages in risible theorymongering to explain why things work as they do.

In one chapter, the author proclaims that human beings are driven to distraction because our primordial ancestors were. If they weren’t, they wouldn’t be alive. That is the level of reasoning she employs, in all its simplistic, grade-school wonder. If that were the case, then you could equally argue that our ancestors were stupid, because stupidity is a common trait. You could argue also that our ancestors were forgetful, or obnoxious, very fast, or very strong, or so many other traits. In fact, arguing for distractibility based upon the observation of current society is going out on a limb. The concern with distraction is a uniquely modern phenomenon. It does not occur, to my knowledge, before the late ’70s. One then has to wonder — is this ADD society simply a reaction to too much stimulus? That is, the characteristic is not inborn, for if it was, you would see books written about this from the Middle Ages onward, and we see no such thing.

In her attempt to explain how human beings work, she makes herself look foolish and stupid. This makes me doubt the value of her work. Why is it that people who have discovered something then try to surround themselves with epic explanations as though they had invented fire? Perhaps what she has found is not rare or novel, after all, and so she feels a need to sex it up by ginning up an impressive legacy.

If the people who lack charisma are in fact usually the technically talented, does she not think they will be able to slice through her evolutionary straw men like lazers? Does she not think they will tire of her facile explanations that do nothing but reveal her ignorance of history, genetics, biology, and so on? Every time she drops an interesting tidbit she surrounds it with more theory which she never bothers to provide evidence for; it is the quintessential fluff book which wastes everyone’s time. The people she trained to be charismatic didn’t suffer through this. Why should we? Why the heck not write a shorter book?

In short, the Charisma Myth is a waste of time. Ugh.

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What is different now is that people are increasingly arguing that no pain can be suffered at any time. That is an incredibly pampered and entitled perspective, because pain is unavoidable. Coupled with this perspective is another concomitant disease — that pain is a constant and unhealable. This is deceit. Seriously, how can people argue that pain can never be healed? They are claiming that if they sprain their ankle, they will never walk again. NEVER WALK AGAIN. That’s how overdramatic and completely ridiculous this thinking is.

They should be very grateful that many people did not think that way; that the vast majority of people did not let their pain become an albatross, something which they never were healed of and carried through their whole life like some kind of hairshirt. If the whole world lived like this, then every cold would be a Holocaust.

Isn’t it time to grow up and get some perspective?

Pain is not avoidable. Repeat this twenty times a day if you need to. Yes, there are things we can do to avoid specific kinds of pain and we should live wisely, but the person who thinks that he or she will live a pain-free existence if she is only godly enough, smart enough, or lucky enough is lying to themselves.

Stop deceiving yourself; you will get hurt. The only question is, “What do you do with this hurt?”

One option is to carry it around forever, to be always bowed down, to carry a cross like a self-appointed martyr. If you choose this, then your only response to the world is, “Don’t hurt me! Please! I can’t take it!” You choose to shrink your horizons and you let this pain shut off possibilities and even hope.

The other option is to heal and learn from it, even be better for it.

Do you really want to go through life simply accumulating pain and becoming less and less until your life sucks so much that only more horrible answers seem reasonable?

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Criticism Without Creation

I have to hand it to atheist and agnostic wannabe scholars. They have snowed many people into thinking that suggestions and criticism of the Bible demonstrate that the Bible is untrustworthy. Behold the new new criticism! Their criticism always takes the form of conjecture, when it is not operating in bad faith entirely. Curiously, the critics cite the Bible (because they have a text to cite), but themselves know little about the text that they criticize. Thus they often demonstrate errors of logic, ignorance of history, applying modern meaning to old texts, and all sorts of reasoning problems. The audience must be familiar with textual criticism to catch these, though. The unschooled will look at the criticism and begin to doubt.

Often such critics quickly shift from merely criticizing to advocating paganism or particularly witchcraft. On what basis do they do this? On the basis of folklore. Now folklore has no texts to critique. Its origins are lost in the mists of time. And no-one sees the farcical logic here? By folklore they critique texts? And not just any text, but a text that is more trustworthy than the folios of Shakespeare? The Bible stands head and shoulders above any document from antiquity in terms of its agreement across its source documents — it has an unparalleled integrity.

Also, these scholars’ work is half-done. You cannot merely critique something and by that demonstrate that life does not work a certain way. Your job is much larger than that. You have to demonstrate that life does work the way that you say. That is the challenge that these soi-distant scholars do not take up. They hide in the shadows of malignity and simply cast shadows on the things they dislike. Nowhere do they offer up a more plausible, better-documented, more accurate explanation of how life works. They cannot, but to admit it ruins their fun, reduces their credibility, and loses them the starry-eyed that follow them around like cult members.

In short, they are cowards, and they are infected with the disease of the age — mockery. All they can do is mock, not praise; they can tear down, but they cannot create. They are infants, like the rest of the destructive horde that ravages culture like barbarians.

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The Only Hurt to Heal Comes from Borrowing Your Past

I read this that demonstrated that some people refuse to be healed. They have taken their own pain and then borrowed a past from people they don’t know and aren’t related to except for the shared characteristic of skin color. So if people should not draw conclusions about individuals on the basis of their skin color, what gives you the right to borrow other lives on the basis of skin color? It’s senseless and it comes only from the weak-minded who are in search of some identity. If your identity is sure, then you don’t need to borrow a past.

Let’s bring this home. I could borrow my past, too. I could get exercised about Scotland and their quixotic quest for independence. I could buy a kilt and participate in the Highland games. I could memorize Robert Burns’ poetry. I could do all of this but to use it as a basis for my identity would be 100% fake. My identity is determined solely by who my maker says I am. Nothing else works. Nothing else suffices. Nothing else will stand the test of time; nothing else survives the relentless view of history; nothing else stands in the fire of judgment.

This is why I view all these people who moan about “generations of injustice” the same way I view those who talk about the “cycle of conflict”. They are ill-defined people speaking in generalities about things they have not experienced and know nothing. Since Eden, injustice has been a constant. Don’t pretend that it’s suddenly present because some white people held black slaves. Meanwhile, in other places around the world, other people experienced other kinds of injustice, but nobody mentions that. Why? Because skin color is magic and I’m supposed to be identified by (no thank you) or identify with (no thank you) people who share the same melanin concentration? No. I refuse to buy into such racist thinking.

I’m not guilty of what other dead people did, and you’re not special because of what was done to other dead people.

The whole thing is silly and futile. We will only hear the end of it when people stop looking to the world around them for reasons why they have not achieved. Sure, blame racism or whitey when the real cause for widespread black failure is bad parenting choices and selfishness. Sure, blame the man or the government when the real reason you live in the ghetto is because you disvalue education and you spit upon morality. Sure, yell at everyone else because you don’t have whatever you want instantly when maturation means learning how to do things for yourself. Until the ghetto gives up the ghetto mentality, many blacks will stay mired in squalor.

So cling to some past you never experienced — it will not help you.

So cling to your right to screw up your life and make bad choices — it will not help you.

It is so sad that all this is not more obvious to more people. An identity that borrows rage, hate, or its own substance from strangers is malformed.

Immaturity rules and the world bathes in flame.

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