Hollywood’s Pedophilia Problem

I have written before on the moral rot of Hollywood, here and here. I’ve also researched the film stars of bygone years and noted how they got their start, and how they lived their lives. Beyond the ordinary human wreckage that Hollywood creates, I’ve been introduced to another reason why so many weird things happen there — pedophilia. Let me demonstrate why I think this is believable.

We know Jeffrey Epstein ferried Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, and others to his Caribbean isle on board the “Lolita Express”, which served up underage women for the sexual pleasures of men. Bill used burner phones to contact Epstein. So we know that the Dems are involved in this (remember Hillary covering up a pedo ring when she was Secretary of State?), and it goes without saying that most of Hollywood are Democrats. Remember that Hillary and Weinstein are good friends and have been for years. Weinstein donated to Clinton during the Lewinski scandal. All this demonstrates only that at least some part of the Hollywood-Democrat axis was chummy with pedophiles.

Remember Alfred Kinsey, father of the sexual revolution? He had no problem obtaining records of men who sexually stimulated children and he bragged about it. The sexual revolution kicked the door open to all kinds of sexual activity, and pedophilia was part of it. It is not some isolated event, as Corey Feldman’s testimony demonstrates. He has spoken out about what he experienced in Hollywood. It is also now overt, as in the movie “Show Dogs”. Remember that movie got through many layers of review. It had to be funded, edited, animated, and so on. So many people had a chance to say no. Nobody did. Nobody apologized until it had been released and they were caught soft-selling pedophilia. How could this happen unless it came from a place where so many people were bought off and few people thought it was remarkable?

Why would Hollywood, which has no morals at all, stop at children? The number of people on illegal substances, the number of people ending up dead or made to look like suicides (the movie The Big Knife will show you how it’s done) — anything can happen in Hollywood. So why stop at children?

I don’t think they are stopping at children.

Why did James Gunn (former director of Guardians of the Galaxy 3) tweet all kinds of child porn, Illuminati references, and really weird stuff, like rabbits attacking children? (Language and content warning — here). Who thinks that is funny? Why did Disney HR hire him anyway? This stuff was public for a decade.

Roman Polanski (who raped an underage girl) was defended by Hollywood, not expelled.

It’s almost as if people don’t blink an eye at pedophilia in Hollywood.

(As a side note, before anyone freaks out about the PizzaGate references, remember that Hillary Clinton goes easy on pedos; Sessions does not. Bill Clinton and others were onboard the Lolita Express. We also know that both of these people are big open-borders advocates. Where do you think so many of the pre-teen girls end up? How about as toys for the rich and powerful, many of whom are in Hollywood? After all, how much legal protection does an underage illegal minor really have?)

Hollywood buys and sells people, and while I disagree with the anti-semites (overgeneralization is a sign of lazy thinking), this chart is very interesting. It’s not that da Joooooos run Hollywood. It’s that a certain kind of person runs large movie and TV companies. This person is not a practicing Jew. They are a fallen Jew, like those Jews who were part of Stalinist Russia. It’s a certain kind of mindset that is required, and honestly racial or theological Judiasm is not required as a starting point. It’s just a convenient one for evil to exploit. If you were Satan, what’s the next best thing to destroy besides a Christian? Someone who is Jewish in some way, right?

Reading on (language/content warning), you can see what Renegade has to say. It is very disturbing, but it explains a lot. Hollywood controls people. It must. It is a system of false worship and there are requirements for advancement in the cult.

Now I see how the darkness spiderwebs and I can sense its tendrils. For Christians to repudiate the darkness is what we’re called to do — to enter the dark places and show the ways out; to be the ones who bring hope to the most lost of the lost.

Take no part in the unfruitful works of darkness, but instead expose them (Ephesians 5:11).

It’s time for some exposure.

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Advice to Those Entering Politics

I have seen enough to know that politics is a rough and tumble sport, but I have a new awareness of the palpable evil that dwells in places of power. My advice to anyone considering politics is this: do not let your desires outpace your convictions. Be blameless.

This is not some narrow moral pronouncement. This is a survival credo. Why? If you have anything hidden, it will be discovered and used against you. If you want to run for the positions you choose, and if you want to leave when you wish, if you want to do this on your own terms, you cannot allow any other human to have blackmail capacity. There is no other foolproof way to do this. None. You will not be smart enough to tie up the loose ends — people will know. You might be able to avoid jail or popular opprobrium, but only if you dance to the tune of those who know what you want to conceal. All those who have allowed their appetites to run their lives are controlled by others. If you want to stand for anything, then you have to be someone they cannot blackmail.

Again, this is not some paranoid rambling, but survival. Anyone who thinks of you as an enemy will look for your weaknesses, and internecine fights are often the worst. Assume no honor on behalf of those allied with you or your enemies. Trust but verify — always.

Live so that they have to make up stuff about you to have anything at all.

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A Fanboi Response to Canon EOS-R [Satire]

I was nervous. So nervous I was shaking and sweating. Canon had announced a new camera and a new mount! I knew what this meant, so I tipotoed to my existing camera setup. Was it true? Would they actually do it? I picked up the camera, stunned that the announcement hadn’t turned it into dust. I turned it on. Apparently their remote killswitch had not reached my camera. Hands still shaking, I removed the lens cap and took a shot. It worked! My existing camera still worked! It still did the very thing it did yesterday and for all the days before that!

“Some comfort,” I thought, slumping in my chair. I just knew I could get significantly better photos with the new camera. I looked back at my wall. Sure, all those new guitars, pedals, and amps hadn’t made me a mega-platinum-selling guitarist. Neither did all my computers make me into a rockstar game dev. And all the software I had bought — let’s not even go there! Still, I believed. I believed in Canon. Marketing copy never lies. Tech hype never lies. Also, I knew I was on borrowed time. Canon was merciful, but only to a point. In the time it took for my new EOS-R to arrive, they could turn it into dust or killswitch it at any time. AT ANY TIME! I could only save myself from total despair by taking pictures that were now crappy and outdated.

I preordered everything on the Canon website that was even marginally EOS-R-related. That would show my idiot neighbor, who still used the same camera from the 2000s. That would prove my worth to all the pros who camped out for months in blinds. Now, nobody could touch my artistic vision. I would have the newest camera and soon I would be accepting awards from the whole world over! After all, this camera was the future. This mount was the future. I wouldn’t be able to take good pictures unless I had this, would I?

I believed. I knew the future and I knew I was part of it.

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Only Liberals Hear Dog Whistles

In this article Dennis Prager lays out the wearisome and familiar attacks against Ron DeSantis. Chief among them are references to racist dog whistles.

What I’ve never seen explained is this: if certain words are dog whistles to racists, why do only liberals hear them?

Think about it. Only dogs, not humans, can hear dog whistles. Thus if liberals can “hear” dog whistles, then they are admitting that they are part of the audience. Non-racists can’t even “hear” these words. Liberals are saying that they are racists, because only racists can hear the racist dog whistle words! LOL!

Of course, what’s really happening is that liberals are seeing what they want to see. They themselves are fervent racists, so of course, they suspect others of doing and thinking what they do.

Hey guys, only dogs hear dog-whistles. If you think conservatives are taking in racist code, that’s just you looking in the mirror again.

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Liberalism is Envy

A large part of liberalism is taking things from other people because liberals are envious of it.

If someone makes more money than the liberal, that’s bad, and the government should come take away the bad person’s money.

If someone has more land, more possessions, or more power than the liberal, that’s bad. See the above remedy.

If someone has children, the government should educate them for 12+ years to make sure they were raised right.

If someone has the power to resist the state with lethal force, that’s bad. See the above remedy.

If someone says something the liberal doesn’t like, that’s bad. The government should prevent them from speaking, and guess what — take away their business.

I have never met a group of people more obsessed with other people’s lives than liberals. Until I do something legally wrong with my person, my family, or what I own, who cares? Then again, I’m not envious of other people’s stuff, and am almost never weirdly envious — meaning I want to deprive people of rights or things. Yet they live in this headspace. It’s got to suck, being controlled by a failure of a worldview, and being desperately unhappy because they don’t have the power to change the external world as much as they would like. This explains why liberals are also obsessed with obtaining and retaining power. Without power, they are nothing but angry and miserable failures, and if their cause doesn’t succeed, why then it’s time for a new collectivist tyranny cult so they can live out their futile ambitions of controlling everyone and everything so that they can feel good.

Give up the envy. Be content with what you have. Be ok with what other people have. Live and let live, liberals.

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The Hubris of Scientism

It is wearisome to read of Scientism’s perpetual belittling of the past. Here is an example from the Smithsonian:

The first known record of Architeuthis comes from Denmark in the 1500s, when several “curious fish” were found afloat by the sea. Historians of the time did not associate these “fish” with cephalopods; instead, they conflated their looks with those of humans, describing these creatures as having “a head like a man… and a dress of scarlet like a monk’s cloak,” and calling them Sea Monks.

Not until the mid-1800s did the leading cephalopod specialist of the day, Professor Japetus Steenstrup of Denmark, conclude that the mythical beasts were, in fact, very large squid. With the two long feeding tentacles arranged just right, they could be mistaken for arms sticking out of the mantle. The rest of the Sea Monk descriptions, however, he ascribed to a combination of astonishment and imagination. “Squids on the whole make a grim impression on all those who are not accustomed to seeing them more frequently,” Steenstrup said. “Those animals aroused still greater astonishment in earlier times.”

Notice, however, what is stated that has no scientific backing or reproducibility. Streenstrup simply states his own opinion as fact, that people of prior times were more susceptible to imagination, myth-making, and general logical inconsistency. How does he know this? How can he prove this? We have a name — “sea monks” — and a comparison (note the use of the word like), and a lot of supposition combined with the usual chronological snobbery.

Apparently this scientist doesn’t know much about fishermen or sailors, if he thinks that they are fanciful sorts. But, because he is a scientist, he can pass non-scientific judgement on others using his own cultural biases and assumptions, and voila`, it’s all explained!

It’s the usual trite and tired stuff again — people of the past were ignorant and inventers of tales. You know where it goes from here. The same mentality is used to “disprove” anything miraculous, and anything that science can’t explain. Then when science does come up with a theory, all is well again, because now there is knowledge and before there was only darkness! Spare me.

I wonder if the fishermen of the past would be nearly so credulous as modern-day scientists are. After all, the fishermen worked with their hands and lived and died based upon their ability to know the sea and the tides. They knew what they saw and they pulled no punches. I can’t imagine that they would be willing to accept the principle that animals turn into men given time and random occurrences especially when there are no intermediate forms as evidence.

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The Gatekeepers of the Internet

Recently, I read one of the most assanine things about the internet I have read in a long while. Someone said that Big Tech (Yahoo, Amazon, Google, Apple, FB) were the gatekeepers of the internet. I said, “Oh really now?”

I can get on to the internet, go anywhere I want to, without using a single product from any of these “gatekeepers” and it’s not even difficult to do so. In fact, millions of people do this every single day. So how then are these companies “gatekeepers” if they are not actually requiring us to go through their gates? You can only argue this if you redefine the term.

That’s what populists and leftists do — torture language to justify their positions, because they have no care for what is right or wrong. To both of them, anyone who wields a large influence on a section of the economy is a gatekeeper and they must be taken down. Again, I said, “Oh really now?”

The desire to take down a company instead of letting the free market work is a childish impulse. It is especially risible given that technology is inherently disruptive and the past is littered with the graves of tech companies. I wonder if the same people were complaining about the dominance of Netscape or Myspace back in the day. They probably were.

Also, trying to take out companies who dominate certain sectors of the economy via the government is lazy. You can keep using the companies you claim to hate and then agitate for the government to steal someone else’s money and not lift a finger. If they had any integrity, they’d go find something else or make it themselves. Here are just a few alternatives I use:

Browser —> Pale Moon
Twitter —> Mastodon (I’m Silverfire on octodon.social).

There are no gatekeepers, so use what you like and go where you like. FaceBook, Twitter, and so on will die if we all stop using them. Starve the beast!

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