Trump is Innocent of Collusion

The Hill has the goods.

Speaking as a proud ex-Never Trumper (I mostly don’t go by that label anymore after this), it cheers my heart to see the truth come to light.

While I was initially very skeptical of Trump’s distance from Russia, as I knew the character of Trump and his history in getting business done (mafia, etc), one thing always struck me — the lack of evidence. Where was this collusion?

Russia supported both sides during the general election. They paid for Hillary events as well as Trump events. The interference didn’t run along any ideological lines. Then when Mueller started busting people, it was either foreign nationals or it was perjury traps. That’s what you do when you have no evidence. Comey didn’t know if there was any evidence.

Months dragged by, and still no evidence. Bit by bit, you saw the way that this investigation was conducted simply reeked of subterfuge and skullduggery. Is that the way you behave when you have the truth? Nope. So the truth matters still.

Now we find out that Bruce Ohr had warned Congress long ago that the information might be biased and he told Congress and the FBI that they would need to verify it. They never did. The FISA court runs on an honor system. So not only did the FBI, DOJ, and holdover appointees game the system, but the Democrats lied about this thing from start to finish. Ohr knew that the Clinton campaign had funded this, and the Democrats — not a one — said anything.

So why do I, as someone who never voted for Trump and never will, why do I find this moment sweet? It is because my love of the truth is greater than my attachment to any political figure. Oh, and innocent until proven guilty.

If people are not sent to jail over this, and if the Democrat party isn’t investigated and found guilty as a criminal enterprise, then I predict that there will be violence in the streets.

At the end of all this, all the Trump cultists are only accidentally correct. They have dodged a bullet, while people who hold fast to principle and truth, were never insecure.

Trump is innocent of collusion.

Charge the Democrat party with RICO and treason.

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No, You Don’t

Many people do not understand the nature of freedom — it is the right to live your life unmolested within a minimal framework of rules that allows everyone else to do the same. Instead, they think that they have a right to make sure that you do not offend them. How is that freedom? Freedom for all is the only way that you have a free country. If you have freedom for only you or those like you, what is that but royalty? We can see this in a few ways.

The first way is the simple belief “You don’t have the right to practice your faith in a way I dislike.” These people place themselves not only above others, but above faith communities, and even above God. They claim that you cannot practice Christianity unless it is a Christianity that they have bounded, nipped, and tucked — in other words, they themselves are the sole arbiter of what a faith is or should be.

That is ridiculous enough, but what this translates into is censorship — state-run prevention of expression — and mandated speech. E.g. putting people in jail for reading the Bible aloud in public places, mandating people express support for homosexuality because the state says they must, and forcing people to pay for the murder of the unborn. All of these things are offenses against freedom and a sin against God; they are distinctly un-American, for they are trying to specify not only what you and I must believe but how we must practice faith. This belief is anti-freedom based upon equality. These people believe that their rights trump ours, and that they are not our equals under law. They imagine themselves new Ceasars and these are their decrees.

The second way is the belief that “You don’t have a right to express something I dislike.” This is distinct from the first, for while it could encompass it, I mean it in terms of political expression. The misunderstanders seek to shut down anyone speaking opinions they dislike on college campuses, on TV shows, in movies, on church billboards, and so on. If someone speaks, they will claim that words cause so much consternation and injury that they must be protected from them; oddly enough, these delicate souls are the ones who often put the speakers in life-threatening jeopardy! This rolls on to require sensitivity classes for those not like them, mandatory job training, police protection for speakers, and of course, drying up opportunities for free speech, and the usual assortment of online rage mobs. This bullying and suppression of freedom is supposedly for the public good, but there is no room in the public for any who disagree with them politically.

Those who confuse preference for freedom become totalitarians.

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The Collapse of the Liberal Empire

People only put up with crying wolf for so long. Yet that is a fundamental part of liberalism — the lie. The lie is repeated ceaselessly, and any apology, is buried weeks (or years) later. This is all part of establishing the narrative, and this works for a while, but not forever. We are now seeing the horizon approaching and the beginning of the rest of the history, where people no longer take the media drumbeat as received truth.

And really, the concept of ignorant reporters hurriedly rushing out slipshod sensational stories being a durable substitute for natural law or Christianity or common sense was always a pretty ridiculous concept. I think more and more people are realizing just how much they have lost. In a world where people at last understand the high cost of celebrity at the expense of truth, tales of crying wolf are no longer satisfying. Surely life must be better than the daily dosage of artificial drama and constant conflict. It’s Friday, so it’s time for another horrible video that turns out to be fake by the next day. The term “nine day’s wonder” has become quaint; the zepplins of media wishcasting barely survive three days.

This is finally as it should be. An uncountable number of bloggers and part-time political junkies have stymied the hobgoblins of the paid liars, and truth finally stands a chance. The liberal empire has at long last begun to collapse, and you can taste the beginning of the end in the air, the salty-acrid decaying giving way to something clean, honest, and pure. For at long last people have seen that the liberal empire has embraced the lie as tactic and in so doing has committed suicide. What we are now living through and past is the dying of the tyrant after the fatal blow has been struck.

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The Desperation of the Media

This article is interesting. It demonstrates the typical howling alarm of the media, who imagine themselves smarter than everybody. Here, the media imagines themselves smarter than the military. Why? The media is threatened. The media is desperate. This is more than just getting ratings, people — this is survival.

If America does control its borders, then that means fewer illegals. That means more people who can’t be so easily manipulated. That means a real crisis for network news and their entertainment wings. That means that the leftists who run all of this will make less money and might even lose their jobs. Clearly, an America for Americans (and not the rest of the world) must be stopped at all costs.

Once again, the media is lying. Apparently common household tools now means plasma cutters. Apparently the amount of time it would take to break through is no problem, because the Border Patrol will just sit back and let illegals try to break in for hours on end.

If that seems ridiculous, remember that this is supposedly the best that degreed experts in the field of journalism can do. They have shown that all the education in the world is no match for their own biases, which also tells you something about their degrees, their schools, and their own personal integrity.

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The Mark of the Beast

Revelations 13:17 discusses the mark of the beast, where no man may trade or do business without it. The mark of the beast in our current day and age is a required action, a price that people can be bought for; once you have done this act, then you are marked as one of them. This action is direct blasphemy of God or of Jesus.

Have you noticed how often the GD or JC used as an epithet shows up in movies now, and how Netflix does not even consider this strong profanity? The idea is desensitization, and all who willingly put this phrase into their movies or films are marked by the Hollywood syndicate as acceptable. All actors who do this are marked as acceptable. Furthermore, if you object to this, you are relegated as unacceptable, unreasonable, priggish, or worse. Not only accepting, but paying for profane speech is the new requirement for Christians.

PG-13 movies were originally designed to be something that fell between PG and R — for violence (Red Dawn). What constitutes something landing in PG-13 territory now? Often it is the mark of the beast. There are literally too many examples to list.

It is curious how this mark is being required; if you do not say it yourself (as did the Rock in the latest Jumanji film — again, no reason required by the plot, but just a way to get Christians to fund Christ-hatred), then you must be OK with it happening around you, as Mel Gibson was in producing Stonehearst Asylum, or as Russell Crowe was in Cinderella Man. The latter film is interesting — set in the 1930’s, the main character never curses, but the people around him and throughout the movie talk as though they do currently. Guess what words they use? Yup, and so everyone on the set and involved with the production gave their implicit acceptance to the blasphemy of Christ.

This is only the latest domino to fall, as civilization crumbles, slow-motion into paganism. As sexual practices went, so went culture, so do cultural artifacts. Compare even political discussion boards now to those ten years ago. Now few understand and those who do understand, do not care what they speak — I have caught even Christians doing this. So much of the world has washed off on them that they make no headway.

You may not regard this as too high a price to pay. You may regard this as no big deal. You may laugh. However, the the increasing verbal coarseness of our culture is measurable, and it flows one way — not in mocking of Judiasm (Holy Moses as an epithet is extremely rare), and definitely not of Islam (do you know anyone that uses Mohammed as an epithet?). It flows only in the direction of attacking and requiring others to attack Christ. Even those who are not Christians should stop and think why this is being required.

Even now the arms of the mob are reaching out for you.

The only question is whether or not you will bow down to their desires.

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Telling Stories Vs Solving Problems

If you’ve worked for any length of time, you’ll know the endless stories that go around that result in rolled eyes, laughter, and a weary sense of resigned futility. The tellers and the hearers get worked up as to how anyone could be that stupid, clueless, ill-informed, or illogical. Now these people are in fact actually all of those things, but that is not the point. The point is that as long as others tell these stories as therapy, the disease is never resolved. What needs to happen for the business to thrive is to fire the people who give rise to such stories. It is beyond obvious; it is banal, that this is the only solution. No amount of education, training, or counseling will work, because these approaches are just throwing money at the problem, the way that liberals think you can cure any ill in the political sphere.

Too often corporate workers console themselves with these tales because it allows them to feel better about themselves, or they need a break, or they want to assauge their own feelings of what it feels like working on the Titanic. However, rather than getting the kind of relief like a druggie gets, their time would be better spent working towards a solution. The environment should be altered so that the ill-fitting leave of their own accord, or they are “promoted out” as I read once. In no way should this story-telling be the response of choice, for as long as it is, the workers are celebrating their own powerlessness — they are merely singing the song of the cog, the replaceable part, deep in the inner workings of the corporate machine, the nameless fools who continue to work at places that expect little and deliver just as much.

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Government Must Not Discriminate But Individuals and Businesses Can

The government (whether state or national) differs from private individuals and businesses in three distinct ways. It is jurisdictional, representative, and compulsory.

First, the government has a defined area over which its rules apply, and its rules apply to all within that area. Second, the government represents and consists of citizens within its jurisdiction. It is representative of all and thus equinanimous. Lastly, the government has compulsory power. It can force you to appear in court, pay taxes, and drive cautiously (among other things) because the citizens have given it that power. To abrogate any of these features constitutes an injustice to the citizens it serves. That is, if it chose not to enforce its laws equally within its jurisdiction, that is injustice. If it refused to allow some to vote and not others, at the highest level of analysis, that is injustice. Therefore, for the government to exercise prejudice — to forbid access or to provide inferior service to some amounts to defrauding the citizen of what he or she is owed. To do so is unjust.

Businesses and individuals, by contrast, are not jurisdictional, representative, or compulsory. In providing services, or selling goods such entities are constrained, or limited. A business or individual cannot provide all possible goods or serve all people, for doing so would be not only impossible but at odds with the reason for existence of the business. Businesses are by nature designed to provide specific goods or services according to the wishes of their creators. The freedom of businesses is something that exists, at least in part, due to their non-representative, non-jurisdictional, non-compulsory nature. This understanding of different natures is fundamental to understanding the role of business and government.

Therefore to use government (via its law-making or enforcement power) to force a business to satisfy what some group of noisome complainers wishes is simply reducing the freedom of one group for the scruples of another. This is always a dangerous proposition and can only be justified upon broadly applicable moral principles. To do so for principles which are not broadly applicable is unjust.

Say that I believe that I should not provide hotel rooms to unwed couples. The state has no interest in forcing me to violate my own conscience. My business choice, born of free will, harms no-one. I offer a voluntary good or service and others are free to reject that good or service. People reject goods or services every day, often for trivial reasons, and they are wholly justified in so doing. No-one compels them to purchase; likewise, no-one should require others to serve or offer.

What is unjust is for others to constrain me from offering my good and service in the manner that I choose. They have no right to be economic censors, nor can they be ecclesiastical authorities, demanding that I believe what they believe and act accordingly. The first amendment puts the concept of a national church to death, and it thus puts to death the very concept of people using the law to enforce the jot and tittle of a law upon others. If we are to get along, we must be both a moral people and a tolerant people.

As an example of the government being suborned to enforce the fantasy of some is non-discrimination laws. These laws murder organizations who wish to serve specific people groups or communities. Whom does it harm if a grocery store requires you to make $25,000 or less to shop there? Whom does it harm that a scholarship fund wants to help low-income black men? What does it matter if a hotel, car store, church, or bakery refuses services? And what of the fact that receiving a refusal is annoying? Now who is really to blame if you don’t do your research on wherever it is you are trying to purchase a good or service from? Is it worth amputating someone else’s freedom because you are offended? Obviously not.

Those who demand that others violate their own moral beliefs are not practicing tolerance. To be tolerant is to let other people conduct their businesses or lives as they see fit without the law pouncing them should they do something you don’t like. To demand that others conduct their business as you would is not the attitude of a free man or woman. It is the scream of the tyrant.

Again, if we are to get along, we must be both moral and tolerant. Those who are not tolerant are so because they first are not moral, and so they look to external force to make everyone else in their own image. In short, they create endless laws and regulations in an attempt to reinstitute the old Testament without a loving father in it. And because they are not tolerant, they confuse the role of government and the role of business and so attempt to micromanage both.

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