The Hollow Harvest

To all those who betrayed principle for power, you will be stabbed in the back soon enough. Keep your gaze fixed over your shoulder, for it is coming. You will feel empty. You will be disillusioned. You will cry, for the man you thought was everything you painted him to will instead be someone else. In those days, you will long for comfort, but not find it. You will instead be haunted. You were warned. Now the hollow harvest is yours, and such is the reward for betraying principle.

The Spirit will leave those who not only support evil, but those who make excuses for it. Self-delusion is only the beginning of your descent; can you feel your fingers becoming numb, your mind slowing, your heart hardening? And you thought there was no price for your advocacy. The investment has been made and now the returns are coming due.

In your ears, like wind, you hear a constant refrain of “You were warned. We told you so.” Perhaps you will wake one day and turn away from this. Perhaps not. Perhaps you will become like the pigs you detest; perhaps one day you will awaken and find yourselves indistinguishable from them.

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