This is a place for my ruminations on politics and spirituality, on truth and ruin. Occasionally I discuss of-the-moment political events. I live in Florida. I am conservative, which means that I adhere to principle, not racial tribalism. There’s nothing else for you here.


2 Responses to About

  1. Roy says:

    Greetings………………………you recently criticized me, which is fine, but upon challenging your ‘critique’ you tucked and ran.

    So…………….are you man enough to back up your criticism?

    You said –“….. How to tell that your hatred is destroying your ability to think: when you start arguing that Jews/Judiasm is responsible for Islam.”

    First…..my use of the cartoon had nothing to do with your assertion that the cartoon, nor myself, believes that “jews are responsible for Islam”. So, for whatever reason, you completely mis-read the cartoon; and or anything that I may have said. You then accuse me of having ‘hatred so severe that it has destroyed my ability to think’.

    Ok. So, what do you “think” about the Protocols?

    Have you read Henry Ford’s “The International Jew”?

    Have you even read the Protocols?

    So…………..Criminal Jews were primarily responsible for 9-11. See — http://www.bollyn.com; and or search — “Israel did 9-11; all the proof in the world.”

    We send Israel 5 Billion dollars a year. And will be charged ‘interest’ if we are late on that payment.

    Myself, and many, many others are simply pissed that our money is going to a Nation who were primarily responsible for 9-11. Not to mention the USS Liberty.

    You ridiculed our objections. Why? Are you Ok with the fact that criminal Jews were responsible for 9-11? And now we give them 5 billion a year without fail? We fight their wars; and send them money. Does this make any sense to you?

    In Summary — What is your opinion of the Protocols? Have you even read them. What is your opinion on Henry Ford’s “The International Jew”? Have you even read his book?

    Or are you simply going to call me an anti-Semite and the conversation will be over?

    If you don’t want to post this conversation on your blog, you can email me at hobsroy@gmail.com


    • Poster says:

      No, I didn’t read your critique, because I said what I wanted to say and moved on. I almost always do this — it’s not personal.

      You are a 9/11 truther who also wants me to read the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. I have no need to read that book. It’s a known literary rip-off, and was not written to expose the truth, but rather to serve as a convenient means for the government to oppress and murder an easily identifiable people group.

      Ok, I was wrong about the point of the antisemitic cartoon. The cartoon’s point that all these other things (Islam, etc) are not as important as the threat posed by International Jewry/Judiasm/Zionism. I find that perspective risible as well. In order to agree with that, I would have to whitewash terror, think Pali street theater was credible, forget Islamic history, and ignore all I know about the Koran (kitman, taqqiya, etc). In short, that’s not happening.

      Now please stop commenting on the about section. Why don’t you write your own blog and link back here?


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