The Time of the Children is Nearly Done

For now, the children throw fits on stage. The depth of their intellect shows itself in banning things, the physical corollary of censorship. If they were convinced of their ideals, no flag would deter them. But they are children, and so, are always threatened by the mere existence of something they dislike. Having failed to ban guns, they turn to softer targets.

Do not focus on the murderer – we all know no-one is responsible for his or her own actions. It is the fault of inanimate objects! Flags, guns, words! These are the dangerous things. This is the reasoning of children trying to keep other children safe, because they do not trust themselves, and so they trust no-one. If they are children, they reason, then everyone must be.

The end of a system is always shown in its desperation. When you are unsure of your position, you will do literally anything to keep hold of power. The time of the child is nearly done – is there any doubt that the dying gasps of political correctness are coming now, in the last year of Obama the emperor? No matter what comes, the left has already lost the Duck Dynasty fight. They have already lost the Hobby Lobby fight. They have also lost the support, the ardor, and most importantly, the interest of the common man. How many state legislatures and governorships belong to Democrats now? They are a party at low tide.

The children must act quickly before the adults take hold of the presidency, the board rooms, and gain any more power to decide things for themselves. Their time is short, and so they are acrimonious.

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