Polygamy Kicks Down The Wall

Marathon Pundit has the scoop. I knew this was coming, as did anyone else with an ounce of foresight or wisdom. Once marriage is redefined to be based on love alone, then of course, any kind of love is acceptable. Love doesn’t discriminate, haters! The saccharine “love wins” catchphrase can be applied equally to homosexual love, pedophilia love, polyamoric love, and interspecies love. That is the problem – the people who push down one wall are surprised when others push down walls after them. But they are simply standing on their own relativist sand and dislike being exposed as haters of some smaller, less-well-accepted perversion. Thus homosexual fascists won’t support transsexual activists and surely not pedophiles, but pedophiles support homosexuals and the furry crowd. As the culture insanity picks up speed, like a snowball picks up snow rolling downhill, what we will get is a more inefficient government, for lawyers will need to be consulted about everything. This is an outsourcing of decision-making to “experts” instead of allowing people at the local and lowest level, make decisions. This pleases the “experts” who are in need of constant reassurance and security (for they are the most unnecessary men) and it tells the non-experts – i.e. the people, that they need not bother about government. Thus, what was intended to be a representative government instead becomes a front for Washington D.C with its tentacles in every state and small town across the nation, all which communicate the same message – “Submit or Die”.

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