The Childish Tyranny of Emotionalism

This article is typical of the uncontrolled lives who eschew personal responsibility for their emotions. Throughout this sob piece, the author never takes into account her own responsibility for her emotions. As a result, she is heartbroken; she is this; she is that. Why? Because someone out there (Trump) has wrecked everything!

People like this are doomed to live miserable lives and will end up being controlled by external events. That is not overcoming; that is not victory. That is defeat. If you cannot learn to overcome in relatively easy times (compare now to living in England at the height of the Black Death), then when harder times come, you will be annihiliated. And really, I have to wonder, what is the value of reading screed after screed of the weak?

It used to be that “The world is hard, mommy!” type works were roundly deplored as the effluvium of children. Now they are praised to the skies and held equal to ageless wisdom. No culture that continues to misperceive value and detritus will endure, and the ones who will perish first are the weakest.

Be glad that you live in easy times, woman. Better yet, get strong now while it is still easy to do so.

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GOP Rope-a-Dope Starring Adam Schiff

This is funny. Schiff is complaining about the memo (a legally released thing), while he is suspected of illegally leaking information. The leaks about Mueller’s probe have to come from somewhere. If it’s Schiff why is he calling attention to himself? Is the GOP smart enough to play rope-a-dope and Schiff just can’t help but string himself up?

The Dems are hoping that Mueller will turn something up, and while he might, it’s been two years with not much to show for it. To keep the media wolves fed, it looks like Schiff has been leaking info. That this compromises the investigation doesn’t matter. The goal is to keep the narrative alive, I guess, and get a little fame from it — not really find anything or do anything.

Schiff has put himself under the microscope, and while the memo certainly isn’t conclusive, it does point to some problems with the FISA court, the DOJ, and the FBI. In response to the at least somewhat informative memo, Schiff is pontificating about possibilities.

“I think it’s very possible his staff worked with the White House and coordinated the whole effort with the White House.” — Schiff.

However, his thoughts aren’t really that important. Until you have some proof of this, well, what are we supposed to do? Get a deep sense of awe that he is thinking?

I hope Nunes isn’t simply being hyperbolic about the nearly 100 leaks. I would love to see the people responsible for undermining an investigation in jail or at least tossed out of Congress.

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The Unseriousness of Politics

One crucial thing has been lost in the modern era of politics, and that is a sense of seriousness. When did politics become more about optics than about substance? I think it began with Bill Clinton; Bush “W” brought some gravitas back to the scene, but he could not reverse the trend of circuses, presentations larger than life, and the endless din of alarm.

Now we are greeted with grown men and women who throw themselves around on television like they were Charismatics at the latest fad theology outbreak. The passion bordering on madness, the outlandish claims, and the lack of consistency are eerily similar.

Why has politics become mostly cheap theatrics devoid of substance? Liberals have never run on reality, but instead have run on presentation, emotional manipulation, and lies in order to get elected. Then they did whatever they wished, rewarding their friends, and even breaking the law to punish their not-friends. Liberalism was already fundamentally dishonest and was nothing more than a name for in-group enrichment and out-group punishment. On the other hand, the GOP channeled conservatism in talking about absolutes but didn’t govern accordingly at the national level. The Tea Party rebellion, however, convinced the leadership that they needed more drama like the Democrats, not results or absolutes. Thus, Trump and the mini-Trumps.

The seriousness of governing disappeared. This is the presidency, people. Have some decorum. You are a senator, elected to serve for 6 years, sir. Please don’t claim outlandish things. You are a representative, madam; stop railing about the world ending over a memo.

It weighs down my heart to see such immaturity and such over-the-top lies on display. I don’t care if they actually believe the impossible things coming out of their mouths; many of these people have held power for many years and there is no way that they are suddenly unhinged. If drama is the price of whatever you hold secret not coming out, then you have to ask yourself, “Would it be worse if those secrets came out?” You look like a fool already, dancing by the strings that Trump pulls.

Trump has a childish desire to dominate everyone, even those on his team. Remember how he accused Carson of being a child molester? Remember how he took a picture with Falwell Jr in front of a porn mag display? Who else gets pleasure from seeing grown men and women act like grade-B soap opera stars?

I see through the act and I know — deep down — that the only way people would sacrifice their dignity is that they think the folks back home are all idiots dumbed down by reality TV, or that they have terrible things to hide.

We need to take note of who is auditioning for the Jersey Shore and remove them from office, regardless of their ideology. For these perilous times, we need those who are not only upright but those who are sober-minded.

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Moderation Earns You a Target: David Brooks and the Matter of Life

This is interesting. In arguing for moderation on the stance of child murder, David Brooks stirs up a hornet’s nest of leftist Twitter responses, which include one senator. It is interesting the responses border from personal hate to censorship. No death threats yet, but watch your back, David Brooks. Those will be coming.

How can I say this with certainty? On the left, absolute fidelity is required. Dissention is betrayal. For even daring to suggest moderation on abortion, Brooks must be shamed and punished, if not erased completely. I own it would be suspicious if he turned up dead, but you cannot underestimate the propensity for violence among the infanticide set. Their gruesome ideology demands lockstep fealty and any who leave are Trotsky — to be hunted down across continents and finally disposed of.

This is true tolerance, is it not?

The left is ghoulish in its insatiable appetite for dead children, cultish in its demands for absolute loyalty, and deicidal in its belief in a utopia made by man.

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Variation Leads to Isolation

The smarter people are, the more different they are from each other. This is not just a numerical difference, but also a divergence. That is, two people of IQ 100 are more likely to have more in common than those of IQ 130. Thus, the smarter you are, the more lonely you will be.

You will have less in common not only with those of lower IQs, but also less in common with those of the same or higher IQs, which means less of a peer group. No wonder why smarter people are susceptible to megalomania. So few are like them, they think that they must be then in charge of everyone, and so try to imitate God in terribly fallible ways, in the end becoming only more like the adversary and nothing like Him.

Sadly, differences bringing about isolation is not restricted to intelligence, but occurs in every field where talent and creativity play. The better you become at X, the more you will differ from someone else who also enjoys doing X. That is why musicians, writers, polo players, jewelers, or anyone good at anything say, “It’s lonely at the top.”

So, if “celebrate diversity” wasn’t just a political slogan meant to spread homosexuality, it would be a cruelty. The more diverse a populace is, the less the members have in common with each other. Diversity leads to isolation and social fragmentation. I’d much rather celebrate what we have in common and practice unity, because that’s the only way that society holds together. Now, everyone is their own differently shining light, and no two are alike. Corrosive individualism leads to not only isolation, but vanity, and in the end, not only an inability to communicate, but a destruction of the commons — the cables, the computers, the keys used to trumpet the individual.

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The Forerunner

Where did Trump get the idea that constantly lacerating your enemies and not really DOING anything would be a great way to govern?

Dial back the years for minute. Remember when Obama was in office, and the Republicans controlled the House? Remember Trey Gowdy, laying into the IRS, conducting all those hearings, and yet whatever came of that? Nothing.

The results were not what sold. People were hooked by Trey smacking people around verbally. What nobody heard or knew about was what happened after the cameras were off and the bloggers went home. Was it all kabuki theater? I wonder, because if what Trey said was true, then action would have followed.

Trey Gowdy was a trial balloon for a new style of empty populism. Do I have proof that Trump was inspired by Gowdy? None. However, the parallels I find extremely convenient. When you look at the so-called “splitter strategy” (which I suspected all along was designed to keep a conservative out of the White House and to make sure an establishment candidate squeaked by), then from that moment on, the stage was set for a campaign-by-media, not by issues, not by truth, not by following the process. Trump made an empty storm across the United States, belching lies and wild accusations, but the people ate it up. Like they thought of Gowdy as strong, even though he was toothless, they thought Trump was strong, even though he was compromised in many different ways.

What sold was the sound and the fury, not the character, and not the actions.

Gowdy was the forerunner and Trump is his political scion.

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The Reality TV Show President

I have never followed or cared about reality TV. It was obvious early on that it was scripted and edited. You don’t get good video by accident. You don’t get good audio by accident. Mikes must be placed. Light must be correct. Yet what drives reality TV is a constant sense of uncertainty — what will happen next? You don’t know and you cannot predict, because what you’re being shown isn’t the whole truth. In other words, you’re being manipulated and constantly kept on the edge of your seat, and the same thing drives this presidency.

Trump is flash and bang, sound without substance, generating constant attention. To his credit, he has done a few good things, but really wouldn’t the average man on the street done as well or better? It is hard to argue that Trump brings any experience to the table that has enabled him to do better than average.

You must understand how the man works to understand what is happening and why. Recently we have seen senators acting like Trump, and representatives hogging the mike to make great pronouncements. Trump has played dirty his entire life. He traffics in lies, threats, and blackmail. I would bet good hard cash that the application of these tactics is responsible for a whole host of mini-Trumps. Look and see who is not caving and you will see who cannot be bought or blackmailed. The rest can and are, so Trump calls the song and they dance like fools. Sure, some of it is buttkissing to get power. Some of it is egotism and vanity. However, the party of Trump (Sean Spicer’s words, recall) is somehow convincing people to act just like Trump. How? What could Trump have discovered to persuade the lukewarm and the antagonistic to fete him and emulate him?

You know it’s not about principles with Trump, and you know that he must have agreement or favor. He’s getting it the only way he knows how. As someone who has been a lifelong Democrat (i.e. liberal), his behavior is not at all surprising.

Cue the mini-me cultists in 3,2,1…

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To Speak of Life is No Crime

The Right Scoop has good news on the issue of first amendment rights of crisis pregnancy centers. All Americans should be happy with this ruling, as it finally recognizes that the city cannot compel you to speak contrary to your own values. However, all Americans won’t be, because there are some among us who are not of us.

Meaning this — to be an American means to hold sacred the right to speak freely. Of course, you cannot yell “fire” in a crowded theater, and obscenity is not free speech, but outside of those two long-held understanding of what constitutes speech, speech is free. Those who do not cherish the right to speak for everyone are only happy when people they dislike cannot speak. These small men are the ones behind the city of Baltimore’s laws. Why is it necessary to force a crisis pregnancy center to say anything at all? If you enter the establishment, don’t like what they say or offer, you leave. Who is harmed? Further, as comenters on the article above have noted, who is under the impression that abortion must be advertised even by people who dislike it, lest people forget about it? Isn’t that simple weaponized insecurity? If you are insecure in your position, if your position is losing ground in the public eye, to demand that everyone speak for you is nothing short of cowardice.

And that is the real nut of the issue — the people who would force others to do their speaking for them, to provide gratis advertisement, even to the point that others would be forced to speak against their own beliefs — these people are enemies of freedom. I say that because that is the point — it is never acceptable to compel someone to speak against themselves, and the fifth amendment lays out that principle in the case of guilt in court.

Of course, no freedom can exist for those whose security depends on having a world purged of anything that could upset them.

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Pornography is a Thief

You rarely hear about the evils of pornography anymore. Everyone assumes that everyone else has seen or continues to see images of strangers or dates or girlfriends or boyfriends in suggestive positions without clothes and everything continues fine, as this is merely dating in the second millennium. Lost in this facile wish is the uneraseable facts of how the human mind, heart, and soul function; they function in fixed ways.

Pornography is a thief. It steals from the viewer the expectation, the delight, and the shared secrecy of beholding the spouse wholly unadorned. It places such an experience right beside all the other experiences of virtual stripteases of women with stage names, who undress for anyone. How then is the wife special? How then is the husband special?

Pornography implicitly devalues marriage. It whispers, “Here, you can have all of the pleasure and none of the pain at a fraction of the cost.” Of course, what it gives you is not a real experience, but a commodity which you can only enjoy through autostimulation. It can give you nothing of the emotions, the physical sensations (except one), the romance, the heart, or the experience of two souls connecting.

Pornography trains the viewer to view people in terms of what they can give, and what the viewer can receive. It makes users selfish exploiters, and goads them to lie so that they can get what they want. It does not teach men how to be men; it teaches men how to be animals. And it lies to women — it tells them, “You’d better be as alluring as these images or you stand no chance.” In all, it coarsens and cheapens the human soul.

Pornography robs intimacy. Because pornography urges people to think carnally, it makes sex itself into something not special. You don’t have anything special to give to your future spouse, because you’ve already given it away to all your other relationships, relationships you would not have pursued had your mind not been corrupted. Even if you somehow abstain from the deed with others physically, you have still given yourself to others.

Pornography haunts you. This is another grande and awful secret, that few are willing to speak aloud. Once you choose to use pornography, stopping is not easy, and even when you stop, the images you have enjoyed (however you may) remain, sometimes for decades afterwards. No, it is not a harmless, victimless crime. No, it is not an activity that has no effects. Pornography is a long-term poison.

In better times, in a gentler age, pornography was illegal to distribute through the US Mail. That is because the United States’ citizenry had a firm conviction that the distribution of such materials was harmful to everyone involved. Since pornography has been classified as free speech, whom has it helped? Whom it has harmed is easy to see, but whom has it helped?

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We Don’t Get a Say In Whom Kisses Whom

I think this is obvious, but apparently transsexuals don’t understand that “no means no”. Forcing someone to kiss you is called sexual harassment, and if the other person isn’t interested, then he or she isn’t interested. That should be the end of it, but in the perpetual whine-storm and constant Twitter tantrum, somehow, it’s not.

No-one alive gets their own way in romantic situations, regardless of equipment. Your own experience tells you this. Also, not wanting to engage with (insert the blank) romantically is not bigotry. No, it is a personal choice. You can stand up for XYZ rights, but that doesn’t force you to date or marry an XYZ person. Why is this hard to understand? Why do the #LoveWins bigots think they get a vote on whom kisses whom? Why do they think that they get to choose other people’s lifestyles for them? Last time I checked, we were all free to engage in consensual relationships with anyone willing to do so. Why can’t I have my own desires and my own preferences? Why do I have to run them by some unelected cabal?

This is the problem — these activists want to regulate whom I love, yet these very same people have already stated that no-one has a right to look into other people’s bedrooms. You see, if homosexuality must be tolerated because it’s private choices by strangers, then whether people have romantic relationships with transsexuals is none of our business either. In fact, to demand that anyone else make the choice you want is both childish and Orwellian. Again, no-one is stopping you from doing whatever you want. You just don’t have the right to choose for others.

In fact, that is a linchpin of freedom — you don’t have the ability nor the right to choose for others. You don’t have to agree with their choices, but you do have to defend their ability to make those choices. Whatever happened to respect? So if my love doesn’t look like yours, it’s bad?

Isn’t it strange and creepy that people demand that famous people or anyone, really, choose X or Y in their romantic life? Isn’t that the ultimate kind of bedroom spying? Isn’t that the very definition of playing God? Isn’t that the ultimate form of tyranny — that we cannot even choose whom we love? These activists have demonstrated they have no love of God because they are too busy trying to be a degraded version of Him, choosing the whole world’s romantic and sexual partners, jettisoning freewill completely in the process.

If #Lovewins, then why can’t Ginuwine or me or you love whomever we want? Why does #Lovewins have to be about forcing people to do stuff? Oh wait. It always was, wasn’t it? #Lovewins has always been soft tyranny, because it sure didn’t care about the expressed will of the voters on homosexual marriages. I guess it is a matter of course that they are also about choosing people’s romantic partners as well.

Hint: you’re next, #Lovewins bigots. Soon your romantic choices will be mandated for you, too, and you won’t like it one bit.

When freedom evaporates, we all lose, eventually.

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