Filter Bubbles

“Filter bubbles” are apparently a thing, and surely something to worry about, according to this site, and others. Strangely, all this concern is from the left, and as usual, it is concern trolling par excellence. To wit, they never cared about any such thing as long as they were dominating the discussion. Now, however, when their dominance is threatened, out come the concern about the public mental space and “filter bubbles”. Few people have noted that the person behind this concern is a former head of, the leftist political organization who wanted people to “move on” from discussing Clinton’s moral failings.

So now I’m supposed to care what a leftist says when his empire is collapsing? Sorry, but no. You didn’t care anything stopping pornography or the war on decency or preventing public displays of Christianity — personal or otherwise. Forgive me if I don’t think that your concern about the public space is sincere or anything but self-justifying. The internet has finally allowed people to find information without having to go through accepted leftist sources and they are angry about it. They see that there is a real chance that control will finally slip free from them; home schooling, indie everything, more choices than before in food, political parties, the death of mainstream denominations, the rise of internet news and talk radio — all of this is a world of wonderful options, but the left sees it as scary, because it means there are so many moving parts that they cannot hope to control them all. To which, I say, good. Having you as our gatekeepers and slaveholders was never the point of America, so long live whatever filter bubbles that exist.

Also, do you think that people don’t understand others’ perspectives just because they don’t choose to read them all the time? Guess again. That’s the big lie, here. I know very well what leftists think, how they think, and what drives them. I have no wish to refamiliarize myself with the droolings of fearful and uninformed children. I already know. Now I am going to surround myself with things I like. Take your fake concern and jump off a cliff.

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Schemes of Classification

I detest being classified.

When people look at you and say, “Oh, you’re such-and-such” my natural reaction is to say, “Oh yeah? Watch this,” and then do something completely opposite. It’s not that rules of thumb aren’t useful within their limits, but I feel this horrible suffocating feeling when I am identified, pegged, classified, or otherwise forced into some schema. I feel that my ability to act except within some pre-mapped role is cut off, that because I am an EBZH or whatever, there are things that I cannot do. Because some site says that EBZHs are weak at this or that, then I cannot do this or that. As a result, I no longer visit such sites. I’ve researched all I need to research on Myers-Briggs (among others) and I know myself well enough to not need further conclusions.

However, it seems that humanity never has enough of these schemes. They multiply like locusts. Every year there is a new one. Every year there is a new way to feel fondled by the mental apparatus of strangers, to be saddled with all their expectations, to be sorted, binned, analyzed, and stored. Some people enjoy this; I do not. I feel some intangible part of myself is being exposed and therefore, eliminated, like I am being made into a marionette and the strings are being attached to my back. Now whenever I say or do something, I can feel the eyes upon me and the classification being applied, “Oh, he’s just being a puma”, dismissing and devaluing and diminishing me until I am nothing but an electrostatic charge whirring between NAND and AND gates on some deterministic electrical board, every move known before I make it, by those who are not God, but whom are imitating him for their own selfish and cruel reasons.

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The Leftist Crying Circle

I loathe politics on Facebook. Loathe it. One of the reasons is that I am forever being exposed to political idiocy — that is, the same rehash of leftist talking points that the ignorant throw around as if it were Revelation, part 2. To wit, this idiocy.

Imagine it – a man in Texas gets drunk and goes on an anti-Muslim rant. But wait, there’s more. Later on, he gets arrested for being drunk and disorderly. What do people do? Post this as though it’s a sign of a racist epidemic!

The lack of connecting the dots here almost has me at a loss for words. First, why is a drunk man behaving stupidly NATIONAL NEWS? It’s not rare. The fact that he says stuff he (assumedly) regrets isn’t new. And if anti-Islamic sentiment were EVERYWHERE, then this would be so common as to be unremarkable. So what gives? The narrative must be fed.

Second, if all you can find is a pretty typical event (drunks acting drunk) and then claiming that this typical event means that bigotry is everywhere, what’s ignored is that THE MAN WAS DRUNK. Drunk people do things that they don’t do when they’re sober. Some people are mean drunks. Some people are fighting drunks. Some people hide under tables. Drunk behavior is not indicative of normal behavior. Sorry, folks, but alcohol is not magic “truth juice”. If it was, it would be administered to every witness before he or she took the stand. Drunk people are not themselves, so a drunk man yelling about Islam doesn’t mean much if anything.

Third, the very event undercuts the narrative AOL is pushing. If Muslims had something to fear from everyone, then 1) these Muslims would not be alive to tell the story, or 2) they would be in the hospital. Fourth, the fact that these Muslims were involved in making this national news, instead of brushing it off (as 90% of people in the world would do), or handling it themselves (like the other 10% would do), means that one thing is at play here: feeding the narrative.

The media narrative – the big picture – is obvious. Every incident that happens to a Muslim becomes sucked into the all-purpose Muslims = oppressed minority vacuum cleaner. This fits the way that political Islam works, too; political Islam in its early stages gins up sympathy for the “poor oppressed” Muslims and then starts to use lawfare to demand invented rights. If you’re “woke” then you know what happens in the later stages.

People who can’t see the forest for the trees need to wake up. You are being played. Your mercy is being sucked dry, because the objective is to make America weak, crippled, and unsuspecting. How do you think that terrorism happens? People don’t expect it because THEY HAVE BOUGHT THE NARRATIVE. Muslims are harmless, so I have nothing to fear! I’m not a bad man who practices Islamophobia! That’s why they never see the knife or the bullet coming, and the bloody scythe-star of Islam continues its massacre.

Finally, I hate politics on Facebook, because I’m expected to turn off my brain and not point out the pattern. I’m expected to say “Bad men are bad!” and join the leftist crying circle. The incident is not the important point. The point is the pattern of taking common incidents and blowing them up into national stories showcasing poor, defenseless Muslims — when the reality is that they are uncanny at media manipulation, and they do so because they are involved in unending jihad against all non-Muslims.

If you think these sympathy articles are not part of weakening America, you are wrong. If you think it isn’t paving the way for Sharia law, you’re wrong. If you think there is no pattern, you’re wrong. Again, the examples are numerous, starting with Dearborn, Michigan — oh what the heck am I thinking? Anyone who wants to see has already done the research.

All that’s left to do is to sledgehammer those who refuse to see patterns and tell them that when trouble comes to them, that they are going to be left on their own. There will not be enough bullets to save everyone from the street gangs or the morality police. But I can tell you this — where I live will not become another Egypt. Get educated and arm yourself now, because there’s not enough of us to save those who refuse to care for themselves.

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They Speak So Much and Know So Little

I think it is an incontrovertible fact that few not from the South understand the South. Sure, they can put on airs and use high-falutin’ language to psychoanalyze things, but the answers for them are always the same: racism, exploitation, white men bad. They never look beneath the surface to understand complexity, because they have not the mind for it. They need simple explanations to avoid looking too much in the mirror. If the South wasn’t bad, then they could not be good. They could not take stock in the virtue heaped up by their ancestors and might have to deal with the difficult process of coming to grips with the truth for themselves. No, child-like dichotomies is what they need.

I say all this because there is no end to people who talk about the South, and Oxford American is just another in a long line of weary elitist lit-crit who pound out the same answers over and over again. Of course, in 2017, we need to talk about the slave trade. Of course. Let’s borrow our hate and pat ourselves on the back because we aren’t slave-traders or own slaves. Yet, the boring and trite world view that this magazine seems to want to impress upon us all neglects the fact of their own blindness. They spend so much time flogging imaginary or long dead people for their sins, that they never see their own. Nor do they have any idea about modern slavery, who funds it, and who practices it.

I am wearied by the ignorance. Speak what you know about and stop trying to convince us all of your moral, Puritanical, superiority. It didn’t work in the past two-hundred years it has been tried and it does not work now. If you don’t know, then admit that you don’t know. Get in touch with your own ignorance and stop filling the world with your self-congratulatory pabulum.

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Compromise or Victory – You Cannot Have Both

You can have either compromise or victory, but you cannot have both. This is a lesson I’m convinced more and more people are learning, and because all they have ever done is compromise, they find themselves washed out to sea. Just a little further from shore, just a little each and every day, and eventually, you will lose sight of land. For one person, this is a shame; for an entire state, it is a tragedy; for a country, it is ruin.

The small corners you cut with yourself leads to doctor visits and strange diets.
The small corners you cut with your children leads them to being found with crack pipes and needles.
The small corners you cut with your wife leads to counselling.

And people wreck their lives because they cannot understand that tomorrow will come. The consequences are inevitable. Some are so vain that they think that the universe will work differently just for them. The hypocritical will live like garbage and then expect Jesus to get them out of it. Here’s a hint: He will not have His grace treated cheaply.

And when you have a large group of people who do not understand that actions have consequences, and who do not understand that their choices affect others, that is how we got here, folks. That is how the land of the free and the home of the brave is one of the most expensive places to do business in the free world. That is why so many government representatives lie on the campaign trail and vote opposite to their words and are still reelected. That is why there is no difference between entertainment and the exploits of barbarians.

Ruin is here, because people have compromised their entire lives and now we live in a trash dump. Digging our way out will be a lot harder than living disciplined and free. That is because it is always harder to overcome years of sin than it is to never have sinned. The real problem however, is that some — many — have mistaken a garbage dump for paradise.

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Why the GOP is not a National Party

In short, because Republicans are afraid of their own principles. They claim things to get elected, and when the voters give them the world — the Senate, the House, and the Presidency, still, they can do nothing. Ben Shapiro lays it out in detail here.

This is not the behavior of a national party. It is the behavior of evil, small men who bribe, threaten, blackmail, and only God knows what else to the few men and women of conscience in the party. Their goal? To hold on to power and to enrich themselves as their country goes down in flames.

There are few people more evil in politics than Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan. Yes, Trump is a vacillating fool, but he’s new at raping the country. McConnell and Ryan have been screwing us over for years. Yes, I am aware that the majority of Democrats are deceptive and promote evil as well, but they are a known quality. I have never expected anything else but lies, child-murder, and America hating from the party of Maxine Water, Pelosi, Schumer, Biden, Kerry, and Clinton. I had expected much more from the party of Reagan and Cruz.

What is new here is that I have seen why the GOP simply does not have the stomach for the fight and furthermore, never will. This is not a temporary thing. This is the end. Some have left the party before I did; I held out hope against hope that things were not as bad as they seemed, but now I see that not only are they, but they will never get better. There’s a reason why southern primaries are open, folks. There’s a reason why McConnell got away with screwing over McDaniels in Mississippi. There’s a reason why Trump isn’t keeping his promises. There’s a reason why the GOP will never stick to their guns.

Enough with the company of cowards and knaves. I am now way more interested in building something new than complaining about the known problem. I will not fulminate like Mark Levin. It’s time to build anew. It’s way past time.

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The Invasion of the Insensitive Sandwich

Apparently, a chicken sandwich is something to be feared due to the values of the company that produces it (see here). What’s even more silly about this is that the student body wanted the restaurant there. Sound familiar? Having lost at the polls, now the activist group wants to get the student council to override the will of the people.

Next, this is a Catholic school. Oi vey. Hey Catholics, time to pull funding from universities who don’t want to act Catholic. It’s beyond weird that people go to a religious university and then complain that the university makes decisions based on that religion. If you’re homo, why are you going to a Catholic university? Weirder yet, why do Catholics let people who habitually flout their teachings into their schools?

I’m aware of the double standard. Anyone of faith apparently can’t set standards for those who use their services, but everyone else can. So of course you couldn’t screen out highly dramatic males because they bring shame to your school and make you a national laughingstock. But if someone, somewhere had the courage, think of all the trouble it would avoid! Yes, you’d have to forgo federal and state funding too, but really, shouldn’t the city of God be greater than the city of man in this regard anyways? Doesn’t the Catholic church have enough money to pull this off? And if it doesn’t, why not shut down a few tottering, doddering, institutions? No-one will miss them in the age of online education.

It’s sad that there are so many paths to victory and so many reasons to take them, but everyone is immobilized by a fear of being called names or being sued, except for the people who practice evil.

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