More Pictures of Coffee Mugs and Food, Please

The main thing about social media that defines it and repulses me, is that it is so frankly stupid. Who thinks that you taking a picture of your breakfast is interesting? What kind of friends do you have that are spellbound by your choice of bagel spread? Are you surrounded by stalkers who can’t wait for you to post endless cliche`s of your humdrum existence followed by overused hashtags? If culture is drowning in this endless sea of stupidity, maybe it’s time to be different. But is that even possible for the mindless hordes of social media addicts that will click, favorite, like, love anything as long as its marginally different than what they saw recently? I wonder.

Part of the stupidity of social media is the implicit assumption that you have a right to infect everyone else with your thoughts and feelings, as if you had a right to broadcast everything all the time. Why would someone else sign up for that, unless they were equally as stupid? I say stupid because the perspective that nothing is private and everything is public is ill-considered and it will bite you in the butt. Just wait. Whatever is public (or shared among too many people) will find those people or many people using it to their advantage and not yours. The exhibitionists of this digital age will learn the value of restraint eventually. In the meantime, it’s time to tune out, drop out, and get some peace in this endlessly-chattering vapid digital world.

#TheStruggleIsReal 🙂

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