Not Your Friends

Stacy McCain shares this story, a sad and predictable story of how tolerant those who sport the badge of tolerance really are. In the end, your intentions (or your heart, or your motives) count for nothing — not to the author of all benevolence, and neither to the modern-day inquisition, always willing to punish you for any deviation from liberalism. People need to understand that the politically active left is not for you. They are narrow-minded bigots who stand at the ready to curse you, dox you, send you death threats, turn your friends against you, ruin your reputation, and even get you fired. They are not your friends.

Note: this is a one-sided hate. Conservatives do not behave like that, by definition. Those on the right who behave that way to people expressing their opinions do not have the principles shared in common by conservatives. So there is no “what about…” or “But the right” in play. No. The ends-justify-the-means SJW set has no opposite. So what does this mean? It means that the common man should understand that the greatest enemies to freedom are those who demand adherence to a narrow set of political and spiritual beliefs. Understand that you have a limited supply of political oxygen. Understand that you are not safe. Understand that there is a war already in play and the side you are on will devour you.

Such it always is for those who are not aware and have no interest in liberty. Just wait. Your ox will be gored and then you will understand what we all know. Then, you will join us and we will take you in with open arms. The left speaks a love made up of misery and license, while the right speaks at least liberty if not the greatest freedom the world has ever known, a liberty that flows from divine love.

Come on over. It’s beautiful over here.

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