I Want the Antibiotic

I am grateful that modern medicine is not relativistic. Aren’t you? Isn’t it great that when we are infected, that the doctor doesn’t just pat our heads and say, “You have achieved a new state of consciousness! Celebrate it!” Instead, he or she recognizes that we are sick, and offers a prescription intended to make us well. This is a good thing, because I want to be healthy. Don’t celebrate my disease! I want the antibiotic!

As much as modern medicine is absolutist, culture is relativstic. Instead of counseling people and giving them medicine if needed, culture affirms their disease. If someone posits the insane belief that they are a man born in a woman’s body or the reverse, they are screaming out for help. If such a person then says that the only cure for his/her condition is bodily mutilation and taking hormones of the opposite sex until they die, surely an intervention is necessary. Culture’s response? Affirm the individual’s faulty thinking and make everyone else pay for his/her mutilation and hormones. What such individuals need is the antibiotic. They need a cure to their disease, not an affirmation that they have no disease at all.

Yet culture consistently has made the same faulty diagnosis and the same faulty prescription — that there is no disease and everyone else must pay to help you continue in it (culture here meaning “most people”). Yet how did this come to be? Fear and a lack of courage. As the madness spreads and accelerates, what America is headed for is ruin, not redemption. What is coming is increased segregation as media and lifestyle options proliferate. Once again we will see homes without TVs, people on one side of the street having nothing in common with those on the other side, communities becoming conclaves. This is all a natural reaction, because some splinter, some fragment, will endure the cultural crash that is hurtling at us, and even now, we are separating ourselves from the corpse. The bigots and the frightened tyrants will insist that we partake in the same rituals of self-destruction that they do, and they will persecute those who will not, but they know that their kingdom is coming to an end, and so they must live outrageously now; afterwards, they will not have the power to dominate the conversation as they do now.

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