Cambridge Analytics is Nothing to Thinking People

So, it’s another day and another day of panic and pearl-clutching by the left, this time over the outfit of Cambridge Analytics. Did anything happen that actually manipulated the election? Well, no, but the left is unhappy that big data was used to microtarget people through ads on social media. Why is this a problem? It’s a problem because this was the left’s technique and they don’t want other people using it. This whole thing is so ridiculous it makes me want to explode.

First, can you see what the left thinks of ordinary people? It thinks that they are mindless info-zombies, easily controlled and affected by ads. Thus the left is always concerned with maintaining the proper image, as though people couldn’t see beneath the surface or just go offline! But this kind of thinking — others are dumb, only we are smart — is the DNA of the modern left, both in the US and in the UK. So if other people start using the same techniques they do, then it’s a crime against humanity! They act like this because they want to keep doing what they do without any competition, and if they can make other people think this thing that they always do is bad, then only the dishonorable people (like themselves) will keep doing it.

Second, the hypocrisy is a mile deep. Using this data to microtarget people is nothing more than the evolution of the ad in the hometown newspaper — you know, the same ad that may not be run in the next county over, or may be slightly different in the next state. It’s the same freakin’ thing. And oh, if CA started rumors? Why, that’s what the left and their friends in the press do every election. They’re just angry someone else is using their techniques.

Third, this is the “We didn’t REALLY lose; it was rigged” comfort story the left tells itself every time it loses. They pulled the same kind of thing in 2000, and didn’t believe the recounts there. Al Gore milked that loss for the next three years or so. So rather than face the fact that Hillary (and Al) were horrible candidates that lost fair and square, it’s time to bring out the conspiracy engines and see if they can close the doors on techniques that allowed them to lose. Seal off enough techniques and they’ll win next time, for sure! It’s never about running a better candidate to the left. It’s never about understanding what the voters really want. It’s all about getting their way by presenting the best illusion to those stupid hick voters and then partying with their cash once they’re back on top, like they deserve to be! Liberals are royalty, peons!

Fourth, this is the “I’m a murderer, but you’re a thief!” defense, that is, accusing someone else of something much less than what you do all the time. Let’s think back on how many crooked elections the left has been involved in. Florida 2000 was a huge one. In that election, the left stole votes, spoiled ballots, flooded secretary of state offices with bogus voter registrations (to immobilize the system — see ACORN), and tied up the system in bogus lawsuits, just to name just a few. In this, we see every angle of Democrat perversion, which is a quite a different ballgame than targeting people with ads. They knew it was going to be close, and so they cheated in the counties where they ran the voting boards, hoping to cheat just enough to swing Florida over to Gore.

Another election where the left stole the results was Coleman’s senate reelection in MN. There, strangely, Dem votes were found just as they were needed, just enough to push Franken over the top. And that’s just off the top of my head. There are more, because that’s the way that Dems play. They’re not interested in cleaning up voter rolls. They’re not interested in the right to vote. They’re interested in winning, and they will cheat, lie, and steal to make sure it happens.

So, Cambridge Analytics? It’s not the end of elections. It’s not anything out of the ordinary. There’s nothing wrong and nothing to see here. It’s simply more juvenile whining from sore losers.

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