The Lies of Spiritualism

The supernatural has always fascinated me. I have experienced evil. I have family members who have various gifts. I have experienced and do experience the Holy Spirit. One thing that unites all of this is a relentless honesty. Because I am saved, I do not lie. However, others without the moral code of the Christian feel no such scruples about truth. They claim great powers, strange visions, gifts, and they have no problem at all shading or lying outright. In this camp fall people such as the adherents of spiritualism (false prophets I leave for another day).

This is at once sad and predictable. It is sad because there are gifts that are beyond the ordinary. It is predictable because those without the truth not only lie about what they experience but they lie about the nature of reality itself. If you look up the history of ectoplasm for instance, you will find some interesting things.

One, the spirit mediums were so lacking in confidence about their own gifts that they required an arena where faking and deception were easy (dark rooms). Two, they didn’t police their own. The spirit medium community, such as it was, didn’t care anything about the truth. They just let people do anything and claim anything. This made them extremely susceptible to expose`s, such as those of Harry Houdini.

Then you have the legions of the gullible, who without any fact-checking at all, peddle these deceptions as being the whole truth, places like Angels and Demons, as just one example. The site owners continue the deception because they don’t want to interface with reality, and so they attract others who don’t wish to, either. This does a disservice to everyone, because it creates misinformed hordes who promulgate things they have never examined themselves. Then still others popularize this and so lies become weaponized and everyone walks about thinking, “I need to prepare for the zombie apocalypse.” Really, people?

Three, because there was no truth, just a collection of people trying to get rich by defrauding others, spiritualism as a movement collapsed when the slightest outward examination was applied to it. Contrast this with Christianity, as the Bible itself tells Christians to examine themselves, and to test all things. Those in the truth need not be afraid of questions. However, liars fear questions, because they fear that someone will discover that their story is not complete, that there’s some detail they’ve forgotten or some eventuality they haven’t covered. Philosophers have the same problem, as they embark on building the perfect system.

If the truth will set you free, what does the lie do? It enslaves you.

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