The Two Layers of Barbarization

There are two ways that a culture becomes barbarized, that is, disdainful of ethics, gross, selfish, narrowly-focused on carnal appetites, and animalistic. The first of these is a turning away from first principles. When individuals, groups, and then cultures decide that the knowledge of God is really not important, or that it takes a place in the pantheon of all other human needs, then the aspirational goal of culture vanishes and nothing unites the mass of men except a framework to pursue their interests; the act of pursuing their own interests with no higher meaning eventually corrodes the framework as well.

The second way in which a culture becomes barbarized is in its rudeness — its lack of concern for manners, politeness, self-restraint for the sake of others. When the first goes and this remains, you have a hypocritical quasi-Victorian society of decorum uber alles, when there is no longer any real reason to be polite. You have people trumpeting “manners” (a la Miss Manners), “order”, “tradition” and other such empty shibboleths, but those will never restrain human lust, in all of its violence.

No, I am not calling for a society of polite rapists and child abusers. The only way towards cultural rescue is to promulgate far and wide the knowledge of God; that will lead to not only to better individuals, but also a more polite society for then society is aiming at things that matter. If meaning has left the building, gentility follows quickly thereafter.

In short, if you are a barbarian individually, you cannot complain when someone cuts you off in traffic or flips you the bird.

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