A New Dark Age

One side effect of Trump’s election is the hordes of people who emulate him and his appointees, as National Review points out. Culture suffers, but then again, this is just the most garish fruit of our decay.

Here are two more personal examples. Many times I have been standing in line in a restaurant, or eating in a restaurant, or in line shopping, and blaring over the radio are songs that describe the sex act. No-one pays heed. No-one notices. Is it because they have become so numb that they can eat and converse and not be in any way affected by it? I am struck by the discovery at Pompei, that the Roman houses and restaurants and places of businesses were all crowned with phallic symbols. The Roman culture had become so inured to turning the private public that no-one cared then, either. Eventually Rome was felled by the barbarians who felt more loyalty to their own native filth than the filth that had paid them to be soldiers.

Also, recently, I was watching a 10-year-old child play a video game, whose name is unimportant. This game featured, in addition to rather detailed violence, an abundance of profanities. In the room with me were children six and eight. Again, have parents become so inured to “filthy talk from your lips” that they pay this no heed? Are children so desensitized to this that they don’t think anything of this, that perhaps this is normal? What stops them from emulating this behavior? The parents in question here are born-again Christians.

What have we become?

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