When the Slope Gradation Changes

I have seen them popping up, and at last count, there are four of them: often garish, large green crosses — medical marijuana dispensaries. Cue the hue and cry from the 1% who want to legalize their fetish. I know, I know — this is the only way out for you. I’ve heard it all before. Just like so many other things that ended up having terrible effects upon society, you claim that this is different.

Everyone knows how this works. You find something you want to do, and then you prepare the mercy drills — leading with sob stories and painting everyone who opposes you as cruel. So now, we have medical weed. Just like we have abortion. Just like we have protection laws for transgenders. What happens to the rest of society? The advocates are always mum, but they laugh as the chaos from their Pandora’s box spreads.

The first goal is legalized drug use.

The next goal is to make others pay for their treatment drugs.

The next goal is to enforce public support.

The ultimate goal is to punish those who oppose them.

Where have we seen this tactic used before? Where else is it being used now? The playbook is always the same for the left, and what’s so disheartening is that few recognize it.

So what happens when you have enough people who use, medically? The opposition to recreational use grows weaker and weaker until it becomes nonexistent. Then what?

“I have seen the future and it is murder.” — Leonard Cohen.

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