No Thank You, Google

Yet another reason why Google sucks:

There are so many things wrong with this social justice warrior activism, but the biggest one is that there is no real reason for it. I don’t think a single American exists who isn’t aware of (somber newscaster voice) America’s history of racial injustice. We’ve all been bludgeoned with guilt over the past actions of other people for almost two generations now. We’ve all been raised to believe that our own country is evil because of racial injustice. This subject has been trumpeted in every medium constantly for over 50 years. If this is still necessary from someone’s perspective, then either previous attempts have not worked, or some people feel their grip on power fading, and so its time to rev up the guilt engines. When you have to force your views upon uninterested people, and when you have no reason for it but to keep alive a dying political movement, then you have no right at all to preach to me.

* I use Google only occasionally at work to find images. Otherwise, I’m helping kill it by using Duck Duck Go on every device I own.

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