When you see image after image of perfectly displayed items, whether it is food, home decor, clothing, or people, you experience a fake toxicity event, and you simply want to throw up or poke your eyes out. Clearly, a large number of people are dead set on convincing everyone that they are living the perfect life (TM). Why? Why are they afraid to show the imperfect photo? Why are they afraid to be seen for who they really are?

Yes, I am tired of seeing photos of perfect meals prepared by uber-handsome chefs. Even if I went to their restaurants, and the food did manage to look that good, how would it taste? The illusion doesn’t sell me, folks. I know how long it takes to create good images of food. What about the reality which is the taste? So whom are you trying to impress?

If we are our own brand, then why are so many brands indistinguishable from one another? Look at the hubs of all those social media darlings. Attractive host or hostess? Check. Great photos? Check. Breezy prose saying not much? Check. Great visual design of neutrals and brights? Check. Even problems or issues are presented in this synthetically happy gauze — today was a bad day; oh no, I fought with my husband; yikes, my kids are out of control. No worries, because everything will resolve by the next post and we’re back to happy-happy land.

I wonder how many people break when they see these fake sites lead by lying people who excel in the art of selling gentle illusions. How much damage is done by this retro trend of presenting everything as wonderful all the time? There is a store near where I live called Cotton Colors. Their slogan? Happy Everything! Yes, because that’s how life is — constant sunshine. Sigh. How has the web become overrun with this ridiculous untruth? Why have people built their lives around happy-happy and excrete rainbows?

I have no problem with optimism. In fact, I think it is critical to function in this world. We must not live downcast. However, what I hate more than anything else is deception, and when people cannot be real because they are busy building fragile empires, then I am both insulted and angered. Don’t lie to me. Don’t try to convince me your fakery is real. Hollywood with its billions cannot do it. Neither can you. All this will not come to anything and in fact it is already losing its grip.

Do you know what the latest trend in social media is? Authenticity.

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