Songs About Sex

I was reading a book recently about the history of rock and roll; note the tense. I gave up after tiring of the author’s leftism. Anyhow, it struck me just how comical it is when people sing songs about sex (a phenomena that predates rock and roll by centuries). I mean, do you have to make a song about convincing a woman to give you some? It’s even more silly when that woman is your wife. Really, people? Why don’t you just work on your relationship instead? No, I know what we’ll do. Instead we’ll spend 400 hours on making a song, practicing it, recording it, touring in support of it, so that everyone can see how I can’t handle the relationship I’ve got. Or better yet I’ll brag about my sexuality so that I can impress impressionable women or men whom I can sleep with with no consequences and move on to try to fill up my appetite, because that always works.

Also, people who brag should be believed. It’s just comical when you think about it. The people who brag are the most insecure. Real people don’t need to boast about their sexual prowess. I really wonder who thought it was a good idea to weaponize some people’s insecurity and then expose us all to it. What good does it do? I mean here the content of the music, not its form, and yes, they are severable. Whom does this impress? Who believes it? Yet we’re all saturated with it, all the failed thinking and empty hopes of the world.

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