If You Cave Now…

It never ceases to amaze me what people will cave on. The smallest challenges to their faith and they immediately surrender — to their friends, to their spouses, to their boss, to their friends, to the culture; all hail the world’s friend who is also known as Christian, the two-headed beast most unnatural and duplicitous! The legacy that the modern church is leaving is one of Babylon and Lot — anything goes as long as you think it’s about love. Yet love has standards and love has its disciplines or it is not love.

I never thought that being a Christian was a simple thing. In fact, I always expected it to be difficult and something that required more than a backbone. I thought it required strength beyond strength, a power not our own to even come close to all that the name covers. Instead, I find people who flagrantly sin and stand for nothing and who call themselves Christians. If you stand for nothing, why bother with the pretense of calling yourself a Christian? The church would grow and prosper if its attendees were cut in half, because then it would not spend so much time trying to motivate and work around the dead wood.

I think it’s so funny to see these relativists who think they are Christians trying to lecture others. You point out that nothing they say has any eternal ground to it and you will find them denying anything and everything about Christianity. What we have in this grim times are impostors — wolves.

If you cave now, while things are still relatively easy, then you are just accelerating the culture trend of reversion to paganism. Where Christians go, they sow life — hospitals, universities, the printing press, charities — which is to say, caring for the health, the mind, the body, the soul of all men, whether aged or young, healthy or defenseless, upholding the innate value of humanity as the image-bearers of God. Strip that from a culture and you will find men without standards oppressing whomever they wish, doing whatever they wish, a tyranny of the weak by the strong in a world without law, without order, without justice, and without hope. Life will once again be nasty, brutish, and short; the death of the soul and the decline of a civilization both start with the same step of compromise and when many march in lockstep over the cliff, then the path gets steeper and steeper for those behind them. Thanks to the cowardly, the fight for the brave gets harder and harder. Nevertheless, we will reap if we faint not.

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