Demand for Tolerance is Always a One-way Street

Isn’t it sick the way that the left corrupts the meaning of words to further selfishness? Take for instance the word “tolerance”. Tolerance used to mean “agree to disagree”. Now, however, tolerance has come to mean “you must agree with me or else.” That is not really tolerance; that is intolerance. And we’ve seen the same long, sad story where the Left claims to be tolerant but denies anyone else the right to disagree. Thus, it’s not enough that they excrete their feces across the airwaves and the cables and barbarize everyone and everything. No, they cannot rest until no-one remains who disagrees with them. Tolerance? As always, those who burnish their badges of tolerance are actually Stalinists, and they are smiling only when there’s no-one left to oppose them. Me, I’ll take “agree to disagree” any day of the week, because that is true tolerance and that is peace. If I don’t have to agree with you then I am free to follow my own conscience. In the mindset of the Left, not only is there no economic freedom, and no freedom of expression, but there is no spiritual freedom either. The demand for tolerance is a one-way street, a clarion call to submit, not a cessation of hostilities nor an agreement to live peaceably but differently, and their endless quest to make identical what God has made different and beautiful continues.

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