Straight Pride Week

Demanding equality and special treatment in the same breath is the haven of hypocrites. This behavior is often performed by children and by those who are mentally children still. This is the week where the perverts have taken their flag of twice-borrowed colors to throw it in the faces of the world, yet the effect is one of boredom or mild annoyance, the same reaction that greets the Party-approved messages dousing marketplaces in Vietnam. Most are distantly aware of the thundering of the societal approval apparatus, but it does not affect their lives. So much for the grande plan of indoctrinating us all. Maybe someday those who crave equality so desperately will argue that no week should be singled out for distinction by any sexual group, but I cannot see that ever happening as long as they remain children. As long as they make it their business to tell others what to think, what to accept, how to behave, what we can and cannot do, the interference will continue, and it will remain this way until enough people get tired of being “made to care” of the sexual disorders of the 1%. Odd, isn’t it? That being one of the 1% who are very rich is something awful, yet being one of the 1% who is sexually disordered is something that needs constant attention? And there is still no end state to all of this, is there? There is no vision of what constitutes “enough”, and so, enough is never enough; the perpetually dissatisfied and eternal infants demand that everyone else change their diapers lest they pitch another social media fit.

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