They think that no-one could be that pure, because any display of purity shames them. Anyone who does what they chose not to do illuminates their excuses and without words, ridicules them. When they see the good, they marshal weapons of execution — to protect themselves, they say. They fear also the questioning crowd. “If Billy doesn’t do drugs, why do you?” All questioning must end. All investigations must be closed down. In this world of entertainment, no-one must question the integrity of the attendee, the viewer, or the reader. Any art that does so is doomed. Any person who speaks this must be silenced. Those who keep it up will have their own skeletons exhumed. However, what happens when there is no secret past of filth to expose? Then hopeless lies are circulated as truth and they know that their enemy cannot be beat, because simply he is a better — moral — person than they. They know it and so all they can do is sidle alongside and pretend to sing along while they plan their revenge.

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