There Will Come a Day

There will come a day when all the fake things that people do to suck up to others will be shown to be worthless. Then people will be stripped bare and all of their weakness will be exposed to them; they will not be able to withstand the awful, terrible truth. They have cohabitated with lies, and they have played one faction against another, and it was all for naught. In that day, all men’s trifling vanities will be revealed as hopeless. I burn for such a day and I tremble for such a day, for I want for people to leave their lies, to divorce their demons, to abandon their schemes while there is still time for them. Yet I know what is in man and few people will leave their foolishness behind; they will cling to their teraphim until those idols superheat and fuse their melting skin to them, plunging them into the everlasting furnace. If you will not have love, if you will not accept the greatest love of all, then all that is left is judgment, an unyielding iron judgment under which no man is found guiltless. The fools who think that they will be evaluated by their own personal moral code will find themselves separated from all love for all time. The final barb? It was completely their choice to reject or accept love.

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