Dr. Neal Dunn is a Liar

I get why people are burned out on national politics. Really, I do. You tire of hearing all the great speeches, all the promises, only to discover that when you send the new guy up, nothing changes. Oh, and for the cherry on top, you get told what he’s doing is exactly what you voted for. Sorry, Dr. Dunn, but I’m not that stupid. You are a liar.

You said you were sent by the people to repeal Obamacare. Instead, you voted for it. Then, you told us that you had done what we sent you to do. Uhm, no.

I told this man that I would not be voting for him again. Instead, I would be voting for someone else next time around. I do hope that FL-2 can send someone else up in his place. I have no hope in the FL GOP, the spineless d-bags who voted to make Florida a winner-take-all state in the presidential primaries, in an attempt to shut out anyone not feted by the GOP ahead of time. The Libertarian party is relatively strong in our area, but is there any hope in that party between their abortion and drug rhetoric? I don’t see any.

It’s so sad, really. All the man had to do in order to secure his seat was to NOT go along with Ryan-led establishment suckups. He had ONE VOTE to get right. ONE. He couldn’t even do that. Instead he thinks he can pee on us, tell us it’s raining, and then trot out the rest of the usual useless show votes.

Dr. Neal Dunn is a liar.

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