Girl Power Vs Hollywood

It’s sadly funny, the contradictions that people accept. For instance, girl power encourages women to take risks, to better themselves, to not allow themselves to be mistreated or abused, and I salute it. However, where are women oppressed the most (besides Islam — congrats to those paying attention)? Film. Whether it’s porn or network or cable or YouTube, the way that many projects are sold is primarily through titillation, that is, female skin.

So what is society telling its daughters? Be strong! Stick up for yourself! Don’t let men mistreat you! Oh, but it’s ok to strip before millions and show your bits to the world? What is that, then, but whoredom? Take the money and show everyone your body, or copulate on screen for pay. Hollywood wants whores.

Funny, isn’t it, that the empowerment sold to teenage girls disappears when the girls get out of high school? Then “girl power” becomes this vague and murky fog of “personal choice”. If you like to have your sex acts filmed for money, well that’s completely ok. Not like porn or Hollywood oppress people — oh no — we can’t go there. It’s like people have no idea what most set conditions are like or what women do to get a starring role or what people are willing to do for money once the bills and the addictions pile up. Is that taking advantage of the vulnerable? You bet. Is that exploitation? You bet. Is that oppression? You bet.

So where are the proponents of girl power before the towers of Bablyon, at the intersection of Hollywood and Porn? They are silent, just as they are silent before the rapist polygamist cult known as Islam.

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