Why Lesbianism Has Grown Popular

Why has lesbianism grown popular? Why did it make the jump from porn to drama and superhero shows? It’s not a hard question to answer once you consider the target demographics. It’s because weak men who do not want to prove themselves want to view situations where there is no competition. They want sexual gratification with no effort involved, and so they can be the sultan of a world without men where women make it with women for their entertainment. Similarly, insecure women are attracted to male homosexual stories and pornography.

This leads to the final ironic twist — that public support of homosexuality is even lower than the activist groups presume, because the people who consume homoerotic material are actually from the opposite sex, not the same sex, and the primary reason they do so is because they are lacking confidence and role models of authentic masculinity and femininity.

Homosexuality and lesbianism have only taken a hold because a lack of strong men and women, and only keep going because they aggressively indoctrinate. To counter that, to stop the lies of “you’re not a real man” or “you’re not a real woman”, flood the cultural landscape with strong, confident, and virtuous men and women in all forms of media. This naturally establishes a ceiling for the recruitment efforts of the sexually confused. When men and women see that they don’t have to be an action superstar or a sex kitten and can still be fully male or female, this establishes a pathway to happier futures where they then become role models of both sexes.

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