Filter Bubbles

“Filter bubbles” are apparently a thing, and surely something to worry about, according to this site, and others. Strangely, all this concern is from the left, and as usual, it is concern trolling par excellence. To wit, they never cared about any such thing as long as they were dominating the discussion. Now, however, when their dominance is threatened, out come the concern about the public mental space and “filter bubbles”. Few people have noted that the person behind this concern is a former head of, the leftist political organization who wanted people to “move on” from discussing Clinton’s moral failings.

So now I’m supposed to care what a leftist says when his empire is collapsing? Sorry, but no. You didn’t care anything stopping pornography or ending the ruinous attacks on public displays of Christianity — personal or otherwise. Forgive me if I don’t think that your concern about the public space is sincere or anything but self-justifying. The internet has finally allowed people to find information without having to go through accepted leftist sources and they are angry about it. They see that there is a real chance that control will finally slip free from them; home schooling, indie everything, more choices than before in food, political parties, the death of mainstream denominations, the rise of internet news and talk radio — all of this is a world of wonderful options, but the left sees it as scary, because it means there are so many moving parts that they cannot hope to control them all. To which, I say, good. Having you as our gatekeepers and slaveholders was never the point of America, so long live whatever filter bubbles that exist.

Also, do you think that people don’t understand others’ perspectives just because they don’t choose to read them all the time? Guess again. That’s the big lie here. I know very well what leftists think, how they think, and what drives them. I have no wish to refamiliarize myself with the droolings of fearful and uninformed children. I already know. Now I am going to surround myself with things I like. Take your fake concern and jump off a cliff.

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