The Leftist Crying Circle

I loathe politics on Facebook. Loathe it. One of the reasons is that I am forever being exposed to political idiocy — that is, the same rehash of leftist talking points that the ignorant throw around as if it were Revelation, part 2. To wit, this idiocy.

Imagine it – a man in Texas gets drunk and goes on an anti-Muslim rant. But wait, there’s more. Later on, he gets arrested for being drunk and disorderly. What do people do? Post this as though it’s a sign of a racist epidemic!

The lack of connecting the dots here almost has me at a loss for words. First, why is a drunk man behaving stupidly NATIONAL NEWS? It’s not rare. The fact that he says stuff he (assumedly) regrets isn’t new. And if anti-Islamic sentiment were EVERYWHERE, then this would be so common as to be unremarkable. So what gives? The narrative must be fed.

Second, if all you can find is a pretty typical event (drunks acting drunk) and then claiming that this typical event means that bigotry is everywhere, what’s ignored is that THE MAN WAS DRUNK. Drunk people do things that they don’t do when they’re sober. Some people are mean drunks. Some people are fighting drunks. Some people hide under tables. Drunk behavior is not indicative of normal behavior. Sorry, folks, but alcohol is not magic “truth juice”. If it was, it would be administered to every witness before he or she took the stand. Drunk people are not themselves, so a drunk man yelling about Islam doesn’t mean much if anything.

Third, the very event undercuts the narrative AOL is pushing. If Muslims had something to fear from everyone, then 1) these Muslims would not be alive to tell the story, or 2) they would be in the hospital. Fourth, the fact that these Muslims were involved in making this national news, instead of brushing it off (as 90% of people in the world would do), or handling it themselves (like the other 10% would do), means that one thing is at play here: feeding the narrative.

The media narrative – the big picture – is obvious. Every incident that happens to a Muslim becomes sucked into the all-purpose Muslims = oppressed minority vacuum cleaner. This fits the way that political Islam works, too; political Islam in its early stages gins up sympathy for the “poor oppressed” Muslims and then starts to use lawfare to demand invented rights. If you’re “woke” then you know what happens in the later stages.

People who can’t see the forest for the trees need to wake up. You are being played. Your mercy is being sucked dry, because the objective is to make America weak, crippled, and unsuspecting. How do you think that terrorism happens? People don’t expect it because THEY HAVE BOUGHT THE NARRATIVE. Muslims are harmless, so I have nothing to fear! I’m not a bad man who practices Islamophobia! That’s why they never see the knife or the bullet coming, and the bloody scythe-star of Islam continues its massacre.

Finally, I hate politics on Facebook, because I’m expected to turn off my brain and not point out the pattern. I’m expected to say “Bad men are bad!” and join the leftist crying circle. The incident is not the important point. The point is the pattern of taking common incidents and blowing them up into national stories showcasing poor, defenseless Muslims — when the reality is that they are uncanny at media manipulation, and they do so because they are involved in unending jihad against all non-Muslims.

If you think these sympathy articles are not part of weakening America, you are wrong. If you think it isn’t paving the way for Sharia law, you’re wrong. If you think there is no pattern, you’re wrong. Again, the examples are numerous, starting with Dearborn, Michigan — oh what the heck am I thinking? Anyone who wants to see has already done the research.

All that’s left to do is to sledgehammer those who refuse to see patterns and tell them that when trouble comes to them, that they are going to be left on their own. There will not be enough bullets to save everyone from the street gangs or the morality police. But I can tell you this — where I live will not become another Egypt. Get educated and arm yourself now, because there’s not enough of us to save those who refuse to care for themselves.

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