Compromise or Victory – You Cannot Have Both

You can have either compromise or victory, but you cannot have both. This is a lesson I’m convinced more and more people are learning, and because all they have ever done is compromise, they find themselves washed out to sea. Just a little further from shore, just a little each and every day, and eventually, you will lose sight of land. For one person, this is a shame; for an entire state, it is a tragedy; for a country, it is ruin.

The small corners you cut with yourself leads to doctor visits and strange diets.
The small corners you cut with your children leads them to being found with crack pipes and needles.
The small corners you cut with your wife leads to counselling.

And people wreck their lives because they cannot understand that tomorrow will come. The consequences are inevitable. Some are so vain that they think that the universe will work differently just for them. The hypocritical will live like garbage and then expect Jesus to get them out of it. Here’s a hint: He will not have His grace treated cheaply.

And when you have a large group of people who do not understand that actions have consequences, and who do not understand that their choices affect others, that is how we got here, folks. That is how the land of the free and the home of the brave is one of the most expensive places to do business in the free world. That is why so many government representatives lie on the campaign trail and vote opposite to their words and are still reelected. That is why there is no difference between entertainment and the exploits of barbarians.

Ruin is here, because people have compromised their entire lives and now we live in a trash dump. Digging our way out will be a lot harder than living disciplined and free. That is because it is always harder to overcome years of sin than it is to never have sinned. The real problem however, is that some — many — have mistaken a garbage dump for paradise.

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