Why the GOP is not a National Party

In short, because Republicans are afraid of their own principles. They claim things to get elected, and when the voters give them the world — the Senate, the House, and the Presidency, still, they can do nothing. Ben Shapiro lays it out in detail here.

This is not the behavior of a national party. It is the behavior of evil, small men who bribe, threaten, blackmail, and only God knows what else to the few men and women of conscience in the party. Their goal? To hold on to power and to enrich themselves as their country goes down in flames.

There are few people more evil in politics than Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan. Yes, Trump is a vacillating fool, but he’s new at raping the country. McConnell and Ryan have been screwing us over for years. Yes, I am aware that the majority of Democrats are deceptive and promote evil as well, but they are a known quality. I have never expected anything else but lies, child-murder, and America hating from the party of Maxine Water, Pelosi, Schumer, Biden, Kerry, and Clinton. I had expected much more from the party of Reagan and Cruz.

What is new here is that I have seen why the GOP simply does not have the stomach for the fight and furthermore, never will. This is not a temporary thing. This is the end. Some have left the party before I did; I held out hope against hope that things were not as bad as they seemed, but now I see that not only are they, but they will never get better. There’s a reason why southern primaries are open, folks. There’s a reason why McConnell got away with screwing over McDaniels in Mississippi. There’s a reason why Trump isn’t keeping his promises. There’s a reason why the GOP will never stick to their guns.

Enough with the company of cowards and knaves. I am now way more interested in building something new than complaining about the known problem. I will not fulminate like Mark Levin. It’s time to build anew. It’s way past time.

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