The Invasion of the Insensitive Sandwich

Apparently, a chicken sandwich is something to be feared due to the values of the company that produces it (see here). What’s even more silly about this is that the student body wanted the restaurant there. Sound familiar? Having lost at the polls, now the activist group wants to get the student council to override the will of the people.

Next, this is a Catholic school. Oi vey. Hey Catholics, time to pull funding from universities who don’t want to act Catholic. It’s beyond weird that people go to a religious university and then complain that the university makes decisions based on that religion. If you’re homo, why are you going to a Catholic university? Weirder yet, why do Catholics let people who habitually flout their teachings into their schools?

I’m aware of the double standard. Anyone of faith apparently can’t set standards for those who use their services, but everyone else can. So of course you couldn’t screen out highly dramatic males because they bring shame to your school and make you a national laughingstock. But if someone, somewhere had the courage, think of all the trouble it would avoid! Yes, you’d have to forgo federal and state funding too, but really, shouldn’t the city of God be greater than the city of man in this regard anyways? Doesn’t the Catholic church have enough money to pull this off? And if it doesn’t, why not shut down a few tottering, doddering, institutions? No-one will miss them in the age of online education.

It’s sad that there are so many paths to victory and so many reasons to take them, but everyone is immobilized by a fear of being called names or being sued, except for the people who practice evil.

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