Has Politics Become Gossip?

I’m interested in what happens around me at every level of government, but I’m really tired of the constant noise, the endless smoke, the endless discussions of no substance.

Has politics become just gossip? Worse, has it become a gossip rag for men? I know there are some women who are interested in politics, but it seems that mostly men are (just a general observation). It’s more and more feeling like statescraft has become PR stunts and rumormongering.

It makes me sick in two ways — one, that such nothingness is served up in place of real food and we’re expected to claim that it’s filling and worth our attention. Second, the fact that it is turns people off and then the government uses the lack of concern as an excuse to grab more power.

I really do wish that Trump had never been born. I wish that all the fools that put him and his endless train of scandal into office would never vote again. He’s just the figurehead, but the sorry souls who lied about him and keep lying to themselves about the man, are the real problem. As long as people choose to sell out their own principles, we all will keep getting con-men as public servants.

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