No Excuses, Just Results

Many people engage in a toxic self-deception that manifests itself in making excuses; they give themselves all the leeway they wish and manufacture excuses which they tell other people to elicit sympathy. However, these excuses rarely work and if they do, they do not hold criticism at bay for long. All they do is make others think that you are a weak and lazy person. Because weak and lazy are characteristics that a person becomes due to choices, other people do not dispense an endless supply of mercy. Imagine these replies over time.

“Oh it’s ok to eat desert every night, Mathilda. Don’t feel guilty!”

“Oh I’m sorry your clothes don’t fit, Mathilda.”

“Oh I’m sorry that you can’t get a date. Guys are so shallow!”

“Oh I’m sorry you’re in the hospital.”

“Oh I’m sorry you can’t do what you used to.”

“I’m so sorry you’re dying. I wish there was something I could do!”

This is the sure end, the unavoidable destiny, of every single person who lives by excuses instead of by faith and diligence.

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