A Dim and Narrow Vision of God

Recently while surfing politics, I stumbled across a blog named “The Pulpit and Pen”. Their theology seemed sound at first, but I quickly discerned a real lack of warmth, grace, love, and simple kindness. It was all polemics all the time. Then I came across this article and it all made sense. I stopped reading halfway through because one sentence jumped out at me and seized me by the throat.

“But does God speak to us, or reveal things to us through any means other than Scripture? No.”

When I read this, I was saddened, for the article writer apparently hears from God (not audibly) only through Scripture. That means that he does not sense the Holy Spirit except through Scripture. He has no impression or sensation of God except through Scripture. God’s creation cannot speak to him, even though the Psalms clearly state that they do; even though that Romans states that God’s handiwork is made evident by his creation. So God, according to this writer, has constrained himself to speak only through this one book – granted that this one book is preeminent over all others. What a dim and narrow view of God! And I am speaking as an evangelical, Calvinist, Reformed, conservative Christian.

Why would anyone think this way? If God could not speak to us through his own handiwork, then the earth and its beauty is not a declaration of majesty, but just background, something needed to support life. This worldview reduces majesty to prop. It amputates the Holy Spirit. It denies the power of God in external signs or miracles. Again why?

These writers have fallen into the McArthurian heresy, which is believing that signs and wonders have ceased (a fatally flawed misreading of 1 Corinthians 13). Wherever the kingdom is advancing in power, you will see miracles, signs, and wonders from the hand of God. Speak to missionaries. You’ll see.

I am extremely grateful that God speaks to me through His word, and I am also extremely grateful that He speaks to me in situations that seem random to the unsaved, through the words of people, through His handiwork, through emotions, in sight, sound, dreams, and visions. And I am not proclaiming anything grande or novel. The same God who spoke to Joseph through a dream is the same God whom has saved me; He is the same yesterday, today, and forever, and His wonders never cease! He is not a shelf deity, a microwave figurine, a spent force who can speak only through what has already been written and speaks in no other way.

What is worse than living in the corner of Christianity is declaring that everyone else must also come and crawl into a narrow and dark place, where you see more of the shadows than the light. It makes you cold, insensitive, and calloused. While it is necessary, even urgent, to correct false theology, if we speak truth WITHOUT love, then we are simply an object used in pagan worship. If we do that, we are not leading anyone from darkness to light. We are communicating nothing to the unbeliever except a fragile and fraught anxiety. All of life is not correction. We also need encouragement, fellowship, and agape. There is life and life to the full in Christ Jesus, but there is no life in a dim and narrow vision of God.

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2 Responses to A Dim and Narrow Vision of God

  1. americanduckie says:

    oh wow, this was incredibly said.

    1 Corinthians 13 out loud. Thank you for such an encouraging post.


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