Ruining Roleplaying

Sadly, human brokenness is much more apparent than it used to be, because now people are rewarded for confusing reality and imagination. Now people think nothing of claiming idiotic and insensible things like they actually are mermaids or witches. I’ve known people who were Wiccans and thought that they had spell books, and I’ve also had a passing knowledge of a woman who believed she was a witch.

This confusion of identity and role-playing infuriates me on so many levels. One, it takes what is great about LARP, RP, MMORPG, and that world, and makes it look childish and silly. You see, even the most lax DM had rules. Even the most forgiving online game allows you to die (or start over with a penalty). These people separate RP from rules and so they flounce about like the mentally ill. Thanks for nothing! Because you don’t understand the difference between fantasy and reality, don’t drag the rest of us down your drowning well! Fantasy is enjoyable because it is fantasy and it is safe; it is safe because it is bounded by rules, to some degree or another.

Two, it takes what is noble about role-playing and the aspirations to heroism, self-sacrifice, courage, and so on, and it overdramatizes them to the point of farce. No, your penny-ante problems with school are not the same thing as cutting the head off a dragon. Please grow up and stop making the whole world about you and your smelly little life! I can understand people being self-deprecatingly funny in this way, but I mean those who are serious, because they have so little concept of anyone but themselves. To these stupid prattlers, a hangnail is Hiroshima.

Three, it’s not real or even honest. These people will eventually grow up or move on to fantasizing about whatever is new today. They are trendoids or shallow souls who will find solace in whatever the excreta goddess of culture defecates out next. They didn’t really mean it. They may have emoted for a while, but it all is something that they used and now they’re using something else. Trendoids are like locusts, who devour everything in their path and only leave feces behind.

Stop trifling with great things that you neither understand nor appreciate.

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