Actors are Whores

Hello, I am an actor. I wear clothes I did not buy, have other people arrange my appearance, and have another set of people tell me what I must say. I have trained myself to lie for a long time, so one set of words to say are as good as any others. In fact, by this time in my life, I’m pretty good at being convincing. Give me any words and I will say them like I mean them. Any words at all will do, as long as you’re paying.

And the money is great, but it’s really not everything. I need everyone to believe just what I believe. And what I believe is the same thing all my friends believe, because we get to do all the fun things in life. Yes, we work hard at being believable liars, but after that, we can party all night and sleep with whomever we want, act however we want, and even do things other people can’t do. People even follow us around and want to be like us. Why shouldn’t they? Our lives are so much better than theirs. We’re gods and they believe in us.

We are a better class of people than they are, even if we’re not really all that happy. I’m on my third marriage and I have two kids I hardly ever see, but there’s a new script I’m working on that will make everything all right.

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