Farewell, Meetup

Recently, Meetup thought it was important to take a political stance and start #Resist groups all over the United States. Their blog post is here. Tellingly, it allows no comments. So a company that wants to encourage community divides community by taking a divisive political stance, funds groups to resist (what?) but doesn’t allow anyone in the community to comment.


In response to their antics, I deleted my account.

Not because I think that Trump is benign. He is not. Not because I agree with government via fiat. I do not. It is because Meetup does not understand that Trump’s immigration ban applied to the very same countries that Obama’s did and used identical language. Did they say anything when Obama did the same thing? Not that I can recall.

Meetup is a company run by hypocritical opportunists and I have no desire to be part of their temper tantrums.

Finally, an executive order temporarily putting immigration on hold from known terror states is reasonable. It is not something that should inspire blowing your goodwill and founding left-wing agitation groups across an entire nation. The reaction is way out of proportion to the cause. Will this end well for Meetup? I doubt it will, but those who won’t learn from the mistakes of others will have to learn it personally and painfully.

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