Now I Am Free

This weekend, I left the Republican party.

I have been in the party since the days of Reagan and I have seen it make good decisions and bad decisions, but I have never seen the level of political skulduggery exhibited in the presidential primary and general election of 2016. I saw a candidate who became president hurl vile epithets at a man twice as suited for the office. I have seen the RNC members cut the microphones to the convention representatives to deny them a voice. I have seen the FL GOP throw away proportional representation for winner-take-all. I have seen conscience mocked and fealty demanded. I have seen racism winked at and anti-semitism flirted with.

Thus, after much prayer and consideration, I submitted my change of party affiliation to the Florida Secretary of State.

This leaves me politically independent or homeless, depending on how you see it.

I was looking forward to the Federalist party being registered here; now I am not so sure. In any case, I am no longer associated with the filth that is Trump nor his insane cult members.

Now I am free.

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