Turn Them All Away

It’s weird to watch conservatives get all bothered about the fact that an immigration freeze was done messily or wasn’t done perfectly. Commenters on my usual hangouts are pounding the execution as if the unintended chaos – that affected 200 people, sum total – is something on the order of say, Nagasake. Wha-a? It isn’t, folks. Do I care much if 200 people with green cards are inconvienced? No, not much. Should they have been inconvenienced at all? No, but mistakes happen. Incompetence happens. Maybe it was sabotage by DHS personnel. I don’t know, but neither am I inclined to scream to the skies about it. Only the folks over at New Zeal are on the same page as I am. I’m quite pleased to see folks from terrorist-sponsoring countries turned away. In fact, if I were president, I’d turn away ALL immigration requests except for asylum – Syrian Christians, Cuban escapees, etc. America isn’t exactly short on people, and we’re definitely not short on workers. Every time we import someone, that’s a job that someone who already here doesn’t get a shot at.

The reason I find this behavior puzzling is that they are expecting perfection from someone they know is not perfect. They are expecting a cow to act like a horse. Then they run around worried what the left will say, as if what our enemies do or say should be guiding our actions. The left are infant terribles – let them protest. They are not good for rational discussions. They are interested in theatre displays for their bedfellows in the media. Ignore them.

And so much has been made about whether or not this singles out Muslims or no. Sure, it does so as a result, but it does not do so by intent. I don’t think it should matter which way the cards fall, for the following two reasons: 1) Islam is a bloodthirsty “religion” that is not spiritual at all. It is focused upon conquest of women, of land, and of other people’s stuff. It is not compatible with the bedrock of ideals that gave birth to the American Revolution. Islam has rules for those who are not Muslims, which makes it unique among major religions, if not unique among all religions. In the Western understanding of religion, Islam is not a religion at all, but a bloodthirsty death cult. 2) A nation can decide who gains admittance, and nothing in our Constitution speaks about the requirements of immigration. It should be obvious that immigrants are first, citizens of other countries. Second, they are not (yet) citizens of ours, so they have zero rights under the Constitution. What madness it is to act as those who are not (yet) citizens are in fact citizens!

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