Detonating the State Department

Recently, all of the senior staff at the State Department resigned. The article notes, in worried tones, about just what will happen now! Oh noes! The growth of government ad perpetuatum is imperiled! Whatever will we do?

Why not laugh? Why not rejoice? The State department is the single largest collection of anti-American vipers and excrement to stain the drawers of the US government. While Tillerson is no John Bolton, he’s received an unexpected assist in cleaning the Augean stables.

The State department has had its own gravity for quite some time. It slowly brought Condi Rice into doing its bidding than the reverse. To see this institutional “knowledge” flee out the doors is the veritable definition of victory. Maybe Tillerson can get to work slimming down the department and expelling even more busybodies? One can only hope.

Maybe, just maybe, the State Department will work on the goals assigned to it rather than serve as a sieve for illegals, an army of backstabbers and leakers, or a mob of inactive status-quo-ists.

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