What is Equality?

Considering this, brings up the question, “What is equality?”

First of all, equality is not its opposite. Men don’t (usually) get paid maternity leave. Why should women? Men don’t get to breastfeed in public. Why should women? All men aren’t paid the same for the same position. Why should women be? You see, it IS equality if men and women are treated exactly the same. So feminists cannot both argue for equality and then argue for its opposite.

Second of all, not all differences are bad. I personally don’t mind being paid less than another guy doing the same job. Nor do I mind being paid more. It doesn’t hurt me nor help me that I am not receiving the same exact financial input as someone else. Why so jealous, feminists?

In other news, America is a big country. I’m not going to get paid the same as some guy who’s been doing the same job for 20 years who lives in NYC. However, I don’t mind. My cost of living is a lot less. I don’t mind not making the same as a guy who has the same exact experience who lives in the same town I do, either. He chose to work at that company. I chose to work at mine. I’m content. Why should I let someone make me discontent? Why should my peace be stolen because some activist out there is unhappy? Get saved and stop carping about money!

Third of all, a sign of spiritual and mental disorder is consistent and constant unhappiness, especially when it is built upon faulty assumptions. Are women equal before the law? Yes, except in divorce court, where they have an advantage. So what else remains? Jealousy, spitefulness, and unhappiness that someone out chose to accept a job that paid her less than someone else somewhere else. Why hate someone else’s choice? If you want to spend your life being angry at other people and their choices, you’d better have a compelling reason, and economics isn’t it. Some people make more than others. Other people make less than others. So what?

For example, do you think that paid maternity leave costs the business NOTHING? It’s a lot of time where the woman (usually) is not working. Think how that messes up deliverables, deadlines, and the business’ ability to please its clients. Some businesses pay everyone less and offer maternity leave to both sexes. Some simply pay the same salary and offer paid FMLA as a perk, which in reality, pays women MORE than men. However, you don’t see men’s rights activists screaming about that to any reporter who stumbles by, high on their own supply.

Are women oppressed in America? No.

Are women unequal in America? It all depends on what you mean by equal. If you mean, equal before the law, and having the same rights, then no. Women are equal. However, if you mean that some statistically-generated average woman is not identical financially to some statistically-generated average man, then yes, women are unequal.

However, you can only get to that point by refusing to honor the choices that people make (women often take different jobs than men to have the flexibility to bear children) and by making the fundamental mistake of thinking that equality means being identical.

Women have always been equal to men and always will be. However, women will never be identical to men, and no amount of law will ever change that.

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