Misplaced Veneration

Values are stark. They are revealed in what you do, you say, and the words you use. That is why discovering the perspective of the news you consume is as easy as shooting fish in a barrel. However, past that salient point, is another. Whom or what do the writers of such news trust in? We know already that whom they perceive as the enemy they identify with adjectives, so that the reader understands who the bad guys are. Whom, however, do they trust?

One way that the journalists obscure and at once lionize whom they trust is by removing the identity of individuals. Thus, it is not one person whom they trust, but rather some monolithic organization consisting of its disciples speaking en masse. You can find this easily enough by noting the noun/adjective combination: “Analysts say,” “Studies show”, or the most commonly-used-one of all, “Scientists say”. So it is not one scientist, but rather many (presumably all) speaking in one voice. What does this mean? You are a fool for disagreeing with what so many smart and degreed people say; you must accept what they say as the truth.

If accuracy was the goal of journalism, then the individual scientist or the group of scientists would be identified. However, many articles are written to obscure that data or omit it entirely. Why? So as to prevent anyone from fact-checking the fact-checkers. You, dirty little stupid peon, cannot possibly grasp the intricacies of Science! Science is above reproach! Bow down! Obey! Worship!

And like the Romish priests who once refused to translate the gospel into the common tongue, journalists bandy about scientific words, often without understanding them, but to the same end – preventing challenge to their position in society, safeguarding their jobs, and protecting their heroes, idols, and whole worldview of man-centered religion. For science is infallible, you see, and science can only be funded by the government, you understand. Thus government must grow forever so that we can understand so that journalists can explain.

Government by the people, for the people? How can you stupid ignorant people even understand government? You don’t understand science, do you? Now buy our product and believe everything we say, or we’ll accuse you of being an ignorant rube who believes every word of the Bible, instead of every word of ours.

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