To Live Inspired

One thing I realized as I was careening into 2017, was that I don’t spend enough time being inspired. To understand that you must do the projects that call out to you, that you must design, write, code, the things that are yours to create is one thing. To be inspired to do them – to be inspired to reach beyond the humdrum everyday is something else.

I spend too much time in horizontal living, and not enough in vertical living. I do not serve a God of frustration, but a God of endless possibility. Beyond the formula, beyond the staid and stale machinations of the mainstream, there is life, wild, free, and pure. Those are the songs I was born to sing. Those are the stories I was meant to tell – to not chart out the familiar hackneyed and trite, but to bring life to art, to bring life beyond mortality to living. I want to thrive. That is my goal for 2017 – to live inspired.

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One Response to To Live Inspired

  1. Pete says:

    ‘To live inspired’, a lofty goal when everyday life pulls at you every minute of the day. However some are fortunate in that inspiration can revel itself from the most mundane moments in our lives. Good post thanks for sharing.


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