The Virtue Show

Chris Coons, (D – Liberal – Delaware) whines here. This reveals a few things.

One, whining is something that doesn’t persuade other people. It is best left to children. When adults whine, it makes them look childish. Strangely, Democrats think that acting like children makes their logic impervious. Who is swayed by this? Even young mothers know the difference between children acting like children and adults acting like children. You don’t expect a two-year-old to be able to reason logically. You do expect that of a standing US Senator, however.

Two, acting like the sky is falling all the time – keeping people in a constant state of alarm about everything – is really a bad way to go. People tire of the alarms, and they get burned out when they discover you have been lying to them.

Three, what liberals fear most is their god dying – government shrinking. Because they believe only in government (writ large: man’s ability to do things), then anything that even threatens a smaller government provokes in them the childish cry of falling skies. Liberals are scared little children at the core.

The country did just fine with last year’s EPA budget.
The country did just fine without an EPA.
The country did just fine before them.
The country will do just fine without them.

The last one is the death nail. Because liberals worship government, they cannot think of a world that doesn’t need government, and by extension, themselves. That is why self-reliance, self-defense, God, and private organizations are all existential threats to liberalism, for they whisper of people who do not need them and of a whole way of living that does not need government for permission or existence.

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