The Ouroboros of Envy

This article is instructive. In it, Buzzfeed demonstrates that liberalism is a creed for the perpetually envious.

Here, we see that liberals cannot be happy at someone else’s success. They must attack, tear down, or destroy. Live and let live? No. Celebrate diversity? Oh no. Christians are not allowed to be part of the diversity parade. Leaving others alone to pursue their happiness as the Declaration of Independence spells out never even occurs to them.

This is not an unusual occurrence, sadly. Liberals created the Occupy movement, which was not-so-secretly envious of other people’s money. They must be envious, because they themselves are failures and they believe in a finite economic pie (if someone wins it must be at their expense). So the successful must be stealing from them. Now what better to do with that envy but hate those who succeed, especially if those people follow Christ? Liberalism is failed thinking and liberalism is against freedom of association.

They are an ouroboros, consuming themselves in spite, in jealousy, and in envy over the success of others. Thus they lash out like rabid monkeys, trying to reduce everyone to the same slough that they themselves inhabit, never content, but flailing and spitting in a fever dream of the damned.

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