Why is Christian Radio So Pathetic?

Where I live, there are two Christian radio stations. One is disgustingly mainstream. The other is disgustingly mainstream, with a minus. The minus is that the radio station simply repeats a feed it gets from Tennessee. I am not kidding. That radio station’s whole existence is just to repeat what it hears from somewhere else with meaningless info-blobs of weather and local news.

That such radio stations exist stunned me when I first discovered them. When I discovered that this radio station was one of those, I was not surprised. “Of course. It all makes sense.” Why should they bother with original programming? Their audience either doesn’t know any better or doesn’t care. So why not just ladle the same goop to everyone and call it by different call signs in different markets? The irony here is where I live, people care about local things a lot. I’m surprised nobody has burned this station down or spray-painted it with graffiti or something.

However, this reveals a sorry trend. Not only can such radio stations exist, but apparently they are profitable. That means that people don’t really care about hearing original things or new things on the radio. They’re totally ok with hearing something mainstream and uninteresting regardless of market. Worse, that Christians are responsible for running such a station is nothing short than an abomination. We should be startling the world with creativity and passion, not repeating safe as milk music from some other place. What is wrong with the local churches? Why don’t they care about local music? Why don’t they care to do something so good that it shames the world? Why are they content to cower in the shadows and put out the most tepid and tenuous efforts when people are literally dying all around?

I must have been spoiled, for when I grew up, there were such radio stations. Now, even the boring DJs have been replaced by routers and retransmitters. Raise the antenna high to receive the pabulum! Play the sirens of mediocrity! All hail the safe and general, the tepid, the great call to blending in. We are ruled by coward kings and their courts of knaves and fools.

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