Obsessed with Leaders

I have noticed that the Left is obsessed with leaders. How leaders are made or arise, they remain ignorant of, but they hyperfocus upon leaders, because they view all leaders of other tribes but their own as snake heads – take them out and the snake is harmless. Thus, they think of people as simply followers, easily-controlled rubes who are manipulated by leaders.

So why does the Left think this way? It is because that they themselves view humanity this way. People are only good for massing around leaders, who control the them. The Left only needs to manipulate the leaders and they can get what they want, so goes their thinking.

Thus, so-and-so is the leader of this, person Z is the leader of that. Read through your usual dog-vomit collection of leftist news and see how often the term appears. Again, it is no accident. It betrays a worldview.

Why else would there be civil rights leaders, but to control the blacks?
Why else would there be conservative leaders, but to control the conservatives?
Why else would there be Latino leaders, except to control the browns?

And the chess game goes on, with the Left making them offers to sway leaders, dragging them into the Left’s orbit. What happens to the people is tangential if not wholly irrelevant. What is important is that the Left obtains and keeps hold of power, and they do this by filling the air with glittering generalities, but doing nothing that helps.

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