Let the Dead Bury Their Own Dead

I have never seen so many people discard all of their own thoughts, all of their own ethics and morality, and even surrendered their own faith all for a last, desperate grasp at earthly power. This astonishes me, and I have seen politics for a long time.

The time for investigation is past.

The time for convincing is past.

The time for reasoning is past.

Now I stand like Lot, far away from Sodom, watching it erupt in flames. There is nothing left to do now but stand at a distance and watch the whole perverted carnival collapse in on itself and be dragged down to Hell.

I am reminded from the eye-witness testimonies in Foxe’s Book of Martyrs, where those who denied Christ to save their earthly forms at once suffered horribly in spirit, so much that they longed for death.

We might see some repentance on November 9th, but it will be the shallow, stupid, godless kind where people repent of not winning – not of taking thirty pieces of silver for discarding their faith.

If they have had all this time to research the qualities of the candidates, and they are still swimming in the shallow end, is there any hope for them? I write this, knowing that these words apply to even my family members. I don’t understand and I probably never will what kind of thinking moves people to give up what is most precious in life for a man who has the character of a pornographer. And even if such words place me in the lonely place of the abolitionists who carried on despite fear and flame for a cause they knew was right, then let it be.

If we lose the Senate because of the RNC marrying Trump, then let it be.

If we lose the House because of the RNC marrying Trump, then it will be.

I will be standing far off, laughing, laughing through tears, because I knew what would happen and shouted until I was hoarse, yet no-one listened.

Sean Spicer said that the GOP is now the party of Trump. If so, then own it and scream as this loss is etched in unbreakable granite of history and you are forever tarred with the stain of this most worthless man.

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