Rape Culture Strikes Again

Only in feminist crazytown can a culture devoted to men forcing themselves on women produce creepy dates where men do not force themselves on women. Check out the nonsense here.

I found this story hilarious, but the kind of laughing you do when you’ve narrowly escaped death, or you’ve struggled up a slick muddy incline, sodden with mud.

First, the woman displays an incredible lack of awareness. Yes, there are scuzzy men out there, and you’d better learn how to detect them. Writing passive-aggressive post-op stories on feminist hangouts doesn’t help. Most women that I know would have detected this guy’s sleaze a mile away and early on. Yet the author did not, and then turns to the old hoary myths about rape culture; whatever invisible, all-commanding God substitute she can find to explain her poor decision making works, I guess. This isn’t nearly as exonerating as she thinks it is. It makes her look weak, foolish, helpless, and powerless.

Feminism simply loves to paint all men as bad because of a few bad apples; feminists keep running into the bad apples because they don’t know how to find good men or they don’t care to; they shout their disorders to the world and act surprised when disorded men seek them out. Maybe, just maybe, you should have some standards and shut the guy down at the first sign he’s a creeper? Surely that would work better than blind trust?

Second, the “rape culture” is not to blame, because it doesn’t even exist. Funny how massive society-wide problems like this and global warming only start showing up when people are both affluent and have lots of leisure time. Feminists created “rape culture” to stampede single women into the arms of lesbianism because most feminists are lesbians and scary scary men is a great psychological bullwhip. That’s the backdrop here. Lesbians can’t reproduce, so they must indoctrinate in order to grow their numbers.

If “rape culture” existed, it would be easy to find and everpresent, not isolated to affluent colleges or interpreted from video games. That is the most salient and obvious point: if something exists, evidence abounds. You wouldn’t need to find it in textbooks or feminist theory classes – you would know it. You wouldn’t have to make it up, as so many feminist hoaxers have done. Again, there is no rape culture because there is very little rape and the men that rape end up dead or in jail.

The author is another member of the special snowflake brigade. The endless lunacy from her and her fellow travellers makes me want to start up my own satirical victims’ rights group for men wounded by cruel women. It could be called “Female Date Survivors.” We could run posters of movie-star men captioned, “If you will only date him, you will miss all the men who aren’t substance addicts and haven’t slept with 1000 other women before you. Look around. Hot guys are everywhere.” It could be such fun.

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